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DIESEL1000 is back after a long time!

Napisany przez DIESEL1000, 06-02-2021, 16:05
DIESEL1000 is back after a long time!

Offline DIESEL1000

Hi everyone im Johnny!Is been a while since i played on this mta server im pretty sure no one realised i was out of the radar because a jelaous person hacked my account and i just got it back after almost 5 or 6 months.
I've started playing on another server where the cars are modded with real cars and somehow i liked it and forgot about nfssa(shame on me kind of...XD).
Hopefully this time i will not get again a hacker in my account and messing up selling and spending and lowering my rp amount.>:-(
Maybe everyone had a bad and good 2020 but most of it was above and beyond bad.I gained a lot due to stress and sandess plus depression being unable to travel im my country and resulted in a fight with one of my cousins wich i met him in 2018 and im not talking with him anymore since august he said something wich i will never forget like "i dot let my friends to spend a week with you" i cried a lot, after that i bought a dog to forgot about him and depression but it dosent work i got used to the situation and i kept the doggy and im happy with him.2020 was a very rough and bad lesson for me and for everyone around me even you guys wich i dont met them.Meanwhile i gone at the high school where i learned the last 4 years i had to a psycologist just because the depression start to gain control over me and i had one more step and i wanted to hurt myself but i realised why i want to do this is too harmful and instead i prefer to do nothing to me and going to the psycologist and i talk with him hours i let him after my life with his jaw beyond ground level.That's all guys please every single one of you read this please dont be sad is just life.
See you on the streets of NFSSA!

Offline Orbacle

Welcome back

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