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Missing roads in police chase

Napisany przez nqno, 07-02-2021, 03:30
Missing roads in police chase

Offline nqno

Hello, in police chase when heading from los santos to las venturas on highway, there is a missing bridge and road, and you can fall out of the map

if you need more screenshots let me know

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Offline BDragon

That is just a bug on the model rendering, not a big problem, just a fail loading the asset from the bridge

Offline nqno

but it happens 100% of the time, because of that its no go zone for me

Offline broski0909

It's been there since believe it or not Halloween Event

Offline AbanomaliTheDemon

i had this glitch too and i really don't know why this one specific spot have issue with rendering. To make it worse, even the police cars fall out of the map, because of this glitch, like i had situation when roadblock apear at this specific area making some police cars fall out of the map, respawn and fall out of the map again

the only advice for now i have is to avoid this part of map and wait that someone would fix it

Offline Remolit

It's not a rendering issue

Offline dinoched



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