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bugged punishments (aka. demote Broski)

Napisany przez HybridDeath, 14-10-2021, 21:44
bugged punishments (aka. demote Broski)

Offline HybridDeath

hello, I won't fight today

just wanted to say that I would be able to fix those shit scripts from admin panel if I didn't hate Broski that much

seems that your muting script does sth else instead of just cancelling onPlayerChat event, and because of this it fails to provide all args for the function which results in interesting bug

it keeps looping the function because there is no player provided (just console which is not a player) and it takes me (the target) and when it detects I am online it mutes me again, I can't see my remaining mute time, as well as reason for mute

no trashing in comments plz
if you want to reply, do it wisely, if you have any clue why this may be happening

also I don't want to question best scripter's skillz, maybe I am wrong and Broski just isn't ripe enough to use adminpanel yet and have mistyped sth. ofc have some distance broski we still love u  Heart

keep giving 180 day mutes and server community will never be affected

mentioned unknown time interval bug:

mentioned looping bug:

Offline Bunny

The console mute bug is easily fixable though. As for your hostile attitude towards Broski, whatever you may have done, you deserve it. Closing.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

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