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[Drift] The Dockyard

Napisany przez Szumixx, 08-09-2022, 17:22
[Drift] The Dockyard

Offline Szumixx

(map name): The Dockyard

(location): San Fierro

(author): Szumixx3390

(map showcase): https://youtu.be/OeHdNvU5S5Y

Offline ivke

too tight

Offline kayra999

Pretty good actually.I myself tried to make a map here but couldnt finish it in the end.
Though you have to point what kind of races you want this map to be on.For circuit I can say its good enough for drift it may need some modifications.
Anyway a good map here
[Image: rita-rossweisse-houkai-impact.gif]

Offline Spotlight

damn getting pro street vibes not sure why
[Image: e232bd3a5b964ea4ade06115a0d745c8.png]

Offline halcyxn

If we'd need to add a new drift location or type, this would be flawless, reminds me of prostreet drift, very nice map

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