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You don't have where to spend your money?

Napisany przez kolibris326, 13-12-2022, 00:49
You don't have where to spend your money?

Offline kolibris326

Maybe some players will like this idea...

Most players have a lot of money and have nowhere to spend it because they have enough of everything.
So my suggestion would be:

1. It would be possible to make garages that players could buy.

2. Airports could have the option of making one-on-one drag duels for an amount chosen by the players. (Winner takes all).

3. Duel in free run could have the option to choose the amount from which the players will race.

Offline Tofu

Being able to buy extra garages conflicts with premium giving you infinite garage space, I doubt it will happen.

Offline Akatoyaa

LOL this game is still alive?
U can just do as i did 5-6 years ago...
Buy 1 premium
Buy all cars x5
Make url tunes that u cant use cuz no one doing races anymore
Make "Class tunes" u cant use cuz all u can see are a class races Big Grin

Im here just becouse im bored, have nice day Smile and play forza instead Smile

Offline scaftz

Neither of those 3 are going to happen. People earlier explained why purchasable garages is out. 2 and 3 is not going to happen because that opens a way for in game money transferring, which is always a bad cause in games and avoided since ever on this server. Reason: aids. Nobody should be able to beg for money in global chat or feeding money their mates so they don't need to play the game to get something.

No idea where to spend your 1 million cash? Get premium (free right now) and just buy 250 Moonbeams or whatever.

Offline MatthewChow

I know it's been a month, but I have to reinforce that buying 250 Moonbeam is a very... no, extremely good idea! Please buy some Moonbeams. Everyone!
[Image: TEgVg7dMvlbFQYoF3YFE_iT3-MR9op3yBLZV4K_a...jfcQ=w2400]
I invite you to eat a sock.


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