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Sprint Leaving Docks

Napisany przez relaxxx, 25-08-2023, 21:21
Sprint Leaving Docks

Offline relaxxx

Map Name: Leaving Docks
Author: Supra98
Map Type: Sprint
Location: LS docks

Map showcase: https://youtu.be/H3zh6jkLwIc

This map have don't have reverse you gonna know why but this race is inspired in some races of most wanted / nfs world.

If you enconter some issues on the map say i try to resolve.  Big Grin

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[Image: BLIwOo9.gif]

Offline Raven.

That map looks pretty cool.

Offline Nicos21

nice ideas!
@ramolit add

Offline GuiLTheGr8

I really like the general layout, really creative! The ship section in particular was the highlight 👌

Imo you just gotta change some things and It'll be perfect:
-Use arrows more to indicate direction changes, aka in turns, than in straights. When closing off a straight section try to use props more often. A good example is 0:20 where the arrows are unnecessary and 0:33 where it would be good if they were used but aren't
-Some paths don't seem to be closed off like in 0:39
-Arrows and/or more "natural" props would fit better in the ship then those guardrails from a believability standpoint
-That big arrow wall at 1:26 is kinda... really bad lol, change it to props (something like a roadblock) or at least make it a regular arrow strip
-That jump at 1:48 could be problematic for A class cars specially due to the bridge and the truck at the end. I suggest revising it.

Good luck on your mapping journey, which is a journey I also embarked on recently Wink

Offline Remolit

You can DM me the map.

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