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Minor improvement (unlock cars in carlot)

Napisany przez Helomyname, 04-10-2016, 20:27

Minor improvement (unlock cars in carlot)

Offline Helomyname

The first suggestion is to add the Magazine Star to the map legend/key when pressing M, this is fairly self explanatory. Here is a badly photoshopped visualisation:
[Image: d0QRMNn.png]

The second suggestion is a little bit more important and makes the gameplay much, much more smooth in my opinion.

When entering the Car Lot, all cars should be displayed, however the ones you haven't unlocked should have a lock symbol on them. The player's FREE RP would appear in the top right along with their cash.
After pressing enter on a car that you have enough FREE-RP and RP for, a window asking you to confirm would appear. If you did not have the required RP for the car yet, a message saying that would appear.

This is all-in-all more smooth, allows you to preview what kind of car you're unlocking and saves time.

Shitty photoshopped visualisation:
[Image: 7ARUm9F.jpg]


Away Hexagon

Good ideas. agree.

Offline xEnjoY

GOOD ideas ! HOP HOP

[Image: 3T3WrTf.png]


Offline Goro

+1 we need this.
[Image: raw]

Offline Mad

Yep, definitely clever idea.

Offline Truth#

Good idea, I like it! Smile
[Image: raw]


Away bamers

L O V E    I T!
How come this thread hasnt got any response so long XD
[Image: loadcat.gif]

Offline tastieraqwerty

+1 We really need this

Offline Maselkoz222

goooood i like it Anyway rate my map ;p

Offline SkillZ

Nice idea imo.
[Image: ekFGzXx.png]
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