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>> NFS:SA Booster <<
New developers wanted!
We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

More info here: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-10798.html


Napisany przez gynkys, 03-09-2017, 19:07

Offline gynkys

Nickname: gynkys

Age: 18

English skill (1-10): 10

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA: 2 days, 5 hours, 165k RP

How much free time do you have to moderate server?: Around 2-3 hours per day, it really depends, I'd be able to spend as much as 5 hours if I'm really feeling like it.

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages on chat?: Issue a warning, if the individual keeps spamming, mute him for 20 minutes.

What do you when someone starts insulting other players?: Try to calm both sides, and find the perpetrator. If they continue arguing mute both for however I feel is right.

Do you have any experience (if yes, describe): I've been an admin on two SA:MP servers, as well as one Garry's Mod server, and a few Counter-Strike servers.

Which language channels can you moderate?: Romanian, English.

Why do you want to join moderators team? (at least 100 words): There's quite the community of Romanians on the server, and I believe that there is a lack of moderation in everything they do. Romanians are quite gullible, and toxic at times, and because of our nature, tend to get into arguments quite easily - That being said, I consider it necessary for there to be an admin to keep it under control, as the lack of a Romanian admin is quite obvious. I also consider I've garnered enough knowledge to efficiently help new players in terms of everything server-wise. I believe I'm right for this as I'm quite calm, and manage to be empathical in arguments, as to see both sides, and give appropiate punishments for bad behavior.
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Offline deadboy

You are a pretty active player and behave mature all the time. I rarely saw you in the chat, but neither I have seen any childish behavior from you. Even your English skills are obviously really good and you got enough knowledge about the features on the server. You meet all conditions and I think you could do a good job. So I hope to see you as moderator soon.

Good luck
also known as: Bones, Hitmane, YungLean, Leandoer

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Offline GangstarCat

Never knew you are Romanian xd well I hope you will get mod because the Romanian community really need someone like you, good luck :3
[Image: tumblr_n3twyc0D1r1tvtfjoo1_400.gif][Image: 151130.gif]GangstarCat was here :3

Offline bartekPL

Please PM me with your ingame account name and serial.

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