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Sell Vinyl Point option....

Napisany przez Akamataa, 05-01-2018, 10:24
Sell Vinyl Point option....

Offline Akamataa

So we can sell bodypoints, but what with vinyl points? i have 105vp, all vinyls unlocked and 20+ saved paintjobs... i think 3vp to 1000$ exchange ratio will be good

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Offline Sardyna153

10vp = 1000$ would be better, cuz vp are easier to get than bp
[Image: list_by_kouno_b-d7hdfxh.jpg]

Offline Akamataa

i don't think so, i probably get 2x more bp [all parts for everycar unlocked and ~160 selled] than vp on my account. ofc if u not doing races then u will make more VP than BP

But still 10 to 1000$ is better than nothing Smile
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Offline Madman

I want that
hundreds of VP are useless for me :d
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Offline scaftz

Agree with this. VP spending are quite rare on later game if you unlocked all vinyls already. Even there'll be updates with more vinyls i am sure i can still unlock them right away with this lot amount of VP.

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