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W temacie: Complains About Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 29

28-01-2020, 16:42

(21-01-2020, 14:05)yokou Wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l74Tqkn8nRA

Lolllll XDDD

W temacie: Complains About Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 29

20-01-2020, 17:41

(20-01-2020, 02:07)Bunny Wrote: Anybody else wants to contribute to this meme thread or should I close it?

Why do you close? Is there something else wrong? Let people talk.

W temacie: Complains About Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 29

19-01-2020, 13:35

(18-01-2020, 12:42)HanzoITS Wrote: Matt, my friend, I see you're being honest with your feelings, but the whole stuff in here seems childish, as that's a talk of a bloody Globalisation here. These are Turkish people, they do have different mental standarts, if I'm saying it correctly, so do my nationality, so do slavic people and so on, so forth, far beyond our understanding of tolerancy. For instance, Indian people don't usually suffer from insults towards them, as many of them may bury the one with disregard. The point is, the author and the supporters utimately refer to their principles, being teriibly insulted by the one, who doesn't mind his manners, just because the server administration "overlooked" that moderators should be disciplined while talking to players. They are the administration, no excuses, no personal, nothing beyond or below neutral, - that's the primar reason canpolat is burning down.
As to support Bunny, he might have a nice persona, but he's not the deal here, as, you know, NFSSA Team, you should pick it up already. Decide, whether moderators should have a look of businessman or they're gonna be free to talk to players in the way their personality dictates.
I'm not standing for any of sides.

I just love your way of being objective. Thank you for your replies.

(18-01-2020, 13:51)susis Wrote: yall gay dont be gay just play the game  bunny didnt break rules

He did.

W temacie: Complains About Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 29

17-01-2020, 23:18

(17-01-2020, 21:09)MatthewChow Wrote: Can you guys, like, play a game like a game instead of bitching to each other all the time? You really have a weird sense of joy, I gotta say.

Yeah say that to bunny, who is blaming people without any evidence.

W temacie: Complains About Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 29

17-01-2020, 20:42

(17-01-2020, 09:22)HanzoITS Wrote: About Bunny's response, - that's genuinely what happens when you talk to slavic people xd

He is a staff. He should be kinder but yes xD idk, i dont know him very much maybe he is good as a friend, but not good as a staff.

Temat: Complains About Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 29

16-01-2020, 01:19

Hello dear NFS:SA players,

This is a thread about emptytalker Bunny.

Firstly, I want to start my post with this quotes from Bartek about game rules.

""""""This official statement belongs to NFSSA TEAM and may be changed anytime. Please be aware of that.
UPDATE: 13.04.2019

1. General
            a) Behave appropriately. Do not spam, flame, be offensive to other players.
            b) Any inappropriate behavior may cause you being muted, kicked or banned after being warned by the Administration.
            c) Being impolite to other players, abusing (harassing / trolling) may cause you being muted, kicked or banned.""""""

   """""" h) If you see any rule-breaker you must report him to the staff immediately, providing appropriate evidence. """"""

You can see from the screenshots i put how does he behaves and what kind of words does he chose. And thats not the only time that he talks that way. 
I guessed it from the starting of his moderation that his purpose was just to be a smod and unban his racist friend "yamato" which is banned for racist behavior, since I remember that he tried to talk to me many times for us, Turks to forgive him, so that he will be unbanned.
And I guessed it right. Yamato is unbanned, his job is done. And now he acts like that. He just calls people exploiter without proofs and anything. You cannot be a moderator that way.  He deserves a punishment as his racist friend Yamato. I tried to speak kindly to him at the beginning but you can see what kind of words does he chose.
And as i said thats not the only time that he have spoken that way.But thats enough of him to be rude.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

Temat: Last Race. Goodbye!

Odpowiedzi: 16

11-09-2019, 01:35

So. I think its time to say goodbye to NFS:SA. Sadly.

    I spent 3 years on this server, had many friends, many haters, many unforgottable memories and all.
Due to my university starting this year and its away from my home; out of my state, i have to leave NFS:SA.

    Im a guy who never let my friends down, who never forget them. People say ''dude they're not your real friends, they'll gone as you switch your computer off.'' but its not that. How they aren't your real friends who gave you good memories even if they're kilometers away? I love all of the people been nice to me. And take care all, whether you hated me or loved me, i'll never forget anyone. 
    I always talked about truth, nothing could make me shut up as long as i was right. I always protected the true things and always protected whom been nice to me; my friends. And there been times i been bad of course.. I am sorry to that people whom i broke their hearts. 
    So, good bye everyone. Take care. May the hapiness be with you! ^^ 

    Lastly, i will post some of the oldest pitcures that taken by my friends. Like.. uhh.. ending of 2016, and middle 2017's and pitcure from my last race. Enjoy! ^^

[Image: Crazy_Turks_.jpg]

[Image: mta-screen_2017-06-08_02-25-30.png]

[Image: mta-screen_2017-06-08_02-32-26.png]

[Image: mta-screen_2017-03-18_15-48-26.png]

[Image: mta-screen_2018-10-18_00-36-03.png]

[Image: mta-screen_2019-09-11_00-37-26.png]

Goodbye all! Thanks for the memories!

-From Lynx_ with kind regards.

Temat: Crew Wars

Odpowiedzi: 10

20-05-2018, 22:37

First Hello Everyone.
Today i'll talk about my crew wars idea. 
-For example there is "a crew" and "b crew". Firstly there will be crew reputations.
-There will be special times for crew wars. For example "20:00 At Monday, 20:00 At Wednesday, 20:00 At Friday."
-Crew leaders will pick 2 racers for each category of races. For example; I pick myself and "a friend" for circuit race. "b friend and c friend" for sprint race. "d friend and e friend" for drift race, "f friend g friend" for drag. And each categories.
-When there is time for crew wars.. "a crew" and "b crew" (based on which crew has closest avg. rp to each other for the first crew war) 2 sprint racers of "a crew" and 2 sprint racers of "b crew" will race on a mostly voted maps like url system. And if "a crew" wins the sprint. They will take 3 points and "b crew" takes 1 point.
-There will be a table system like url races after each race. Like;
                       SPRINT         CIRCUIT        DRIFT         -OTHER EVENTS GOT LEFT-
       A CREW :       3                   1                 1                            -------
       B CREW :       1                   3                 3                            -------

-And at the end which crew has more points, They gets 500 crew reputation and which one has lost gets 100. (for example)
Let me explain the overall now;
-A crew is first crew by 1.000.000 total RP
-B crew is second crew by 999.000 total RP;
When it is monday 20:00 game will put this both crews in war, and if B crew wins the war, they will take 500 crew reputation and A crew gets 100 reputation. So that makes B crew gets first crew.

-- That was my idea about crew wars. And it is best one is possible in my eyes. Im open to any questions. Have a nice day. Smile --


Odpowiedzi: 1

15-09-2017, 00:18

Even sultan had a new sound mod when it isnt needed.. But there isnt a sound for infernus yet.. Which it is a popular a class car.. There is a lot of honda nsx sounds you can find on internet.. It would be perfect if it had a sound mod.. For example.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYYK4gNMpU4 like in this video.. If infernus had a sound similar to that.. That would be great.. I wish that you will do it.

Temat: Lynx_

Odpowiedzi: 8

30-08-2017, 01:07

Nickname: Lynx_

Age: 17

English skill (1-10): Between 7-8 :p

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA: Right now i have around 460k rp or something.. I started play on this server since 7 or 8 months..

How much free time do you have to moderate server? Let's say 2-3 hours each day for that (: 

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages on chat?: Well.. First time of course i have to warn player if he contunies.. Mute for 4-5 min :p

What do you when someone starts insulting other players?: Give them a luck.. Just warn at first if they still dont stop then i will have to mute them 10-15 minutes 

Do you have any experience (if yes, describe): Yes i had a moderator experience on a dm server 3 years ago.. But after admin of this server leaved server.. All players left server then i left too.

Which language channels can you moderate?: Turkish and also check global chat.

Why do you want to join moderators team? (at least 100 words): Well.. There is a lot of reasons to write here.. Firstly and most basic one is that i got +230k rp and got nothing more to do.. Then there is a lot of instulters.. Spammers and stuff in Turkish chat so i want to moderate.. It is a fun server to play so why players should be bad to eachother?