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W temacie: exploiter mods? (plus some other curious things)

Odpowiedzi: 72

18-11-2018, 20:49

You're not discussing the Point of this Thread anymore, rather you are passively insulting each other. Closed.

W temacie: Osva

Odpowiedzi: 2

17-11-2018, 19:11


W temacie: A question I need answered by a nfssa team developer

Odpowiedzi: 15

13-11-2018, 20:02

No really, thats definitely not a Reason to remove the Racebanning System.

I have asked the Dev's, they have the same Opinon.

[Image: 7drxNBj.png]

W temacie: A question I need answered by a nfssa team developer

Odpowiedzi: 15

13-11-2018, 19:23

I dont know if there was a Time when Racebanning wasnt Introduced. Also, I dont exactly know how the Reward System works but I supposse it works like that at the End of the Race the reward system detects how many players are Ingame at the point of finishing the Race. Because, 1st Place still gets max amount of RP and Money after finishing race, but 2nd place gets lower RP and Money because e.g. 4th place left the Race.

And players already are leaving Races Despite having the Racebanning System. Removing it wouldnt help with Overpowered Players wrecking Newbies in all Races. They would leave anyways.
Thing is, the first Raceban is never an actual Raceban. It's a Warning, that tells the players if he leaves a Race again, then he'll be Racebanned. Racebanning itself doesnt discourage new players, just being the weakest having to drive against faster cars is.

W temacie: A question I need answered by a nfssa team developer

Odpowiedzi: 15

13-11-2018, 18:22

(Im no Developer but I can still kinda answer your question)

The more players in a race, the higher the reward at the End.
If we would stop racebanning and if the reward would stay the same no matter how many players have left, then players could easily grind Money and RP in a short amount of time.
Just imagine, 4 people start a race, 1 stays and the other 3 leave it. The 1 guy can easily win the race (the race will count as won then) and get max amount of Money and RP.
In that time the other 3 guys were able to start their own race in a matter of seconds.

Temat: ImYoNightmare

Odpowiedzi: 17

22-11-2017, 16:15

Nickname: ImYoNightmare

Age: 18

English Skill: 8/10

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA: Currently i have 1,047,433 RP and 27 Days, 4 hours playtime. 

How much free time do you have to moderate the server?: I usually have about 2-4 Hours free time per day, where i could use 3 hours for moderating the server.

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages in chat?: I'll give that Player a warning (or a 1 minute mute). If he continues to spam, he'll get a 10 Minute mute and longer.

Do you have any experience? (if yes, describe): I have been Admin and Moderator on several Garry's Mod Servers, and yes, even on Minecraft. I have never gotten demoted for my actions taken as a Staff Member. I've only left such communitys because of lack in interest and Motivation. Since im already about 9 Months into playing this server, theres a small chance of me losing Interest and/or Motivation.

Which language Channels can you moderate?: German and Global. (I can technically moderate Russian Channel aswell, just cannot send messages in it since I am not owning a Kyrillic Keyboard (Basically I can read insults etc.))

Why do you want to join Moderators Team? (atleast 100 words): Since Global Channel isnt getting Moderated by most Moderators, I see myself mostly doing that. Global Channel is a quite Loud and Noisy Channel, with people who dont follow the rules etc. Also I've noticed how players just dont care about rules etc. when theres no Moderator online. Im supporting the server in every way i can. Right now, the only way i can support the server is through simply donating my money and trying to contact bigger German Youtubers. And I want to extend my ways of supporting the server, by simply helping to keep the chat clean of trolls and unwanted behaviours such as players being insultive or rude to other players. (I know that I've had beef with Rei a lot, mostly in Global Channel, but since he's muted now, I dont think any kind of Beef between me and any other Person will ever happen again)
Thank you for reading my Application and I hope to read some Feedback.
Have a sexy day Smile

Temat: Didnt Get Money From URL

Odpowiedzi: 18

14-10-2017, 17:16

I was racing the XXL Endurance URL with some sexy guys, 
i was winning the race. On the last race, while having won the whole URL, my Computer sadly crashed and I was hoping i would have gotten the money and RP i should have. 
Like 20k$ and RP. Sadly i logged onto the server and didnt get ANY Money or RP, and I got URL Racebanned.

Also i experienced that there is a glitch with counting Points per race. As you might know, after the whole URL race is finished the winners have green Points. 
I won 2 out of 3 URL races, I should have 23 Points, and my opponent (second place) should have 22 Points. In the end we both had 15 Points. 

The Chat didnt say i timed out or quit the race or anything. There is a Log for the URL Racebans, right? You can look up my ban there.

[Image: mta-screen_2017-10-14_17-56-00.png?width=969&height=546]

Proof that this Race was on the XXL Endurance Event
[Image: mta-screen_2017-10-14_17-56-11.png?width=969&height=546]

(Pictures by Orbacle)

I would appreciate to get compensation for that, like atleast 18k (RP and $) for the win, since other people yelled out in chat they got 20k for second place..
Also i would appreciate to get Unbanned, but getting the money and RP is currently more important for me..

Temat: New Drift Maps

Odpowiedzi: 12

27-07-2017, 15:53

I'd really love to see some new Drift maps. The current ones are purely boring, and since drift races dont give a decent amount of Money and RP for the time spent drifting the map, i dont think its really worth it to drift anymore. For me its not even fun anymore to just simply drift on those same, repetitive and boring drift maps. So my suggestion is to open the Maps suggestion thing or i dont fucking know how its called, for Drift Maps.

Temat: Invisible Cars

Odpowiedzi: 4

28-05-2017, 15:57

So many beautiful cars

[Image: DcSyFxN.jpg]

Temat: Digits not correctly mirrored

Odpowiedzi: 0

21-05-2017, 01:47

Please fix this :v I for sure cant say if this was already posted, but i've looked for something like this, but couldnt seem to find it.

[Image: PRYSL8y.jpg][Image: qswdXqs.jpg]