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W temacie: Uchiha

Odpowiedzi: 34

25-12-2018, 04:33

Oh come on, this guy would be worse moderator than yokou, don't do this to me.

W temacie: The reasons why NFSSA is dying right now

Odpowiedzi: 37

25-12-2018, 04:30

It's actually dying, nfssa didn't gain any players because of the "long awaited" muscles update. You can't really tell, because of the small amount of players it's losing every day.

W temacie: for yokou

Odpowiedzi: 15

16-12-2018, 22:20

(16-12-2018, 22:13)Geimeris123 Wrote: mutes are given for a reason, does that needs proof too?

Well maybe that was a mute for no reason, I need proof to make sure it's not like that.

W temacie: for yokou

Odpowiedzi: 15

16-12-2018, 22:09

(16-12-2018, 21:55)Geimeris123 Wrote: your own fault you're getting mutes
now marcel goes: send proof send proof send proof send proof
do something else than provoking moderators, using inapropriate nicknames and being toxic
it's that simple

Blah blah blah. You can't say stuff that isn't proved, he didn't even upload a single screenshot of me provoking him, how can you say stupid shit like "do something else than provoking moderators". I can agree about the inappropriate nicknames, i deserved that muted from berkayy. I can also agree about being toxic to some players, but that's not the point in this situation. I'm just asking for proof of the mute, otherwise is just abusing once again. Can you please not reply to this thread when you don't even know the situation between me and yokou.


W temacie: for yokou

Odpowiedzi: 15

16-12-2018, 21:32

First of all, i never called you a retard and if i did, i wanna see proof for once. And you think i deserve a one year mute for this ? Damn.
Check attachment

Well, i guess i did, my mistake.

If you don't know what sarcasm is, please don't even send me that type of proof.

EDIT: I talked about myself, you can see "some retards trying to demote mods" or some shit and i said he(me) might be """"super"""" retarded. Because i was the one "trying to demote a mod".

Temat: for yokou

Odpowiedzi: 15

16-12-2018, 20:10

You were probably expecting some rude ass fucking thread post, but i'm actually here to thank you for this generous mute and also ask you for proof of everything that i've done to you. If you don't have it, i would like to get an unmute.

[Image: 4644d34c70276860816815718e6faf72870.png]

Heart Blush

Temat: can you please start working on the crew update ?

Odpowiedzi: 8

09-12-2018, 14:12

[Image: 4fdd9889da8ac3d8f1c7c8853c59f3d2253.png]
making logos is a pain in the ass, you just can't make anything with that stupid ass white outline around your shapes. How long has crew been in alpha ?

Temat: oi wtf is this alltime

Odpowiedzi: 9

08-12-2018, 23:58

can y'all fucking explain [Image: 00c70a3f7a42c4643b706561c2b55fb3912.png] look at the first one

Temat: Berkayy, forgive me.

Odpowiedzi: 3

07-04-2018, 17:50

Hello, i'm Moshido, i assume everyone has saw me in the game or at least saw me communicating with other players in global chat. Today, i got banned 7 days by bk_player for insulting a moderator (Berkayy.) by changing my nickname into very bad words. Yesterday me and BUNNY got muted for reporting a player by yokou, which isn't right in my opinion. I was very angry with that, so today, when i got banned, it all started with the nicknames. I didn't know what i was doing, until bk_player banned me. I have nothing to play, literally, i grind on this server 24/7, trying to look for friends and stuff. I know i made a bad decision, and i'm very sorry Berkayy for doing that.. I'm asking you for your opinion, unban me or not ? :/ That's all i had to say.