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24-10-2019, 12:01


W temacie: Your 3 favorite cars

Odpowiedzi: 8

30-09-2019, 20:25

To be honest i don't have a favorite car. Sometimes i try a new car and if it becomes my favorite then it will become boring to me. But there is some that have given me more positive emotions than other.

A-Type.    Unusual answer, huh? It has really insane acceleration comparable with average B cars. And it was really enjoyable to win C or even A cars with that bucket. Even if i lose because of sidewalks or collision bugs, feeling that it was possible to win the race doesn't make me feel upset. Besides this car is the smallest of all game that makes area 51 raid extremely easy, for example.

Club.    This car isn't very special but i've won a lot of races using it. In my hands this car can compete with an average B class racer and it makes the real challenge and a lot of happiness after win.

Elegy.    Almost the same as A-Type. Powerful car with poor handling nobody takes serious about. Also this car is my favorite drift car and one of the best looking. Besides I've made a lot of stunts using it. This car is just pleasant for me.

I don't use those cars a lot right now because they became boring Sad
Now you can see me driving Primo, Stallion or Bullet (that became interesting again to me) but someday I'll change them as changed others before.

W temacie: [SIGN UPS CLOSED] 24 Minutes Of San Andreas

Odpowiedzi: 10

26-06-2019, 17:41

Hey, im in!

W temacie: Shopping cart (Vehicle preview) for Body Shop (+ pictures)

Odpowiedzi: 20

21-05-2019, 22:13

(13-05-2019, 18:27)Maslanka Wrote: if im getting this right we can test out how our car will look with all the things we want like test how it will look with that body kit and spoiler for example

Right, first you check all new look of the car and only then you buy. Sorry for late answer.

W temacie: Car tuning in garage/storage (just like in NFSU2)

Odpowiedzi: 3

09-05-2019, 12:56

Seems good. But i'd rather prefer the system like in the performance shop.

Temat: Shopping cart (Vehicle preview) for Body Shop (+ pictures)

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06-05-2019, 15:30

Have you ever played, for example, in NFS: Carbon? If you tuned cars here, you probably know what the shopping cart is. You can check all the future external view without paying any money! Well, why don't we have this feature yet?

Since the tuning here is divided into different stores, vinyls are free, we can apply this new system for Body Shop and probably Accessories shop.

So, why we need this?
- Sometimes we don't even know how our car should look and we unlock and buy many useless things we change or remove. By this we are spending honestly acquired bodypoints and money.
- I remember when sultan had the update. I couldn't check new bumpers because i had wide body. You will be able to check incompatible parts 
without paying extra money.
- It is really great when we making bodykit variations to get a clean vinyl idea for each.
- At least, this is something fresh.

How i would like it to work.
I got some pictures for you Smile (Sorry for bad quality and resolution)

Look at this one.

You can pick everything you like. You can apply even locked things or things you haven't money on. If you ran out of money or bodypoints - the game will warn you and you will be unable to buy the things.
There is shown:
- Price of the choice
- Count of items you picked
- Bodypoints you need to unlock
- Warning if you can't buy this

[Image: mO2Lfez.png]

If you want to buy one or two things fast, you still can do this. If you press "Buy" button, item will be purchased without adding to cart. If you press "OK", item will be moved to your cart.

[Image: Z75c0cT.png]

So, if you are done, you can watch what you got.
"Shopping cart" is now standing instead of "Front Bumper". Press this button to summarize.

[Image: 2PzXhv0.png]

There will appear the cart menu. You can finally buy the things and apply on your car. If you haven't enough money or bodypoints or changed your mind - you can delete some items.

There is shown:
- The price of all choice
- The price of every single item
- Bodypoints requirement of all choice
- Bodypoints requierment of every single item
- Name and category of every single item
- Deleting item button

Cancel button returns you into the shop to continue choosing. Remove all button resets the choice. Unlock & Buy literally unlocks and purchasing.

[Image: TCoADQH.png]

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Also i hope pictures were cool and simple to understand <3
I'm always ready to discuss it
Thanks for the attention. With love.