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W temacie: Shopping Cart (Tuning preview) (Rewritten)

Odpowiedzi: 25

23-01-2020, 12:39

I rewrote the thread from a scratch. If somebody already read it, I will be glad if you will read it again. This is a comment to make this thread be first in "latest" list, don't ban for it Smile


Odpowiedzi: 42

24-10-2019, 12:01


W temacie: Your 3 favorite cars

Odpowiedzi: 8

30-09-2019, 20:25

To be honest i don't have a favorite car. Sometimes i try a new car and if it becomes my favorite then it will become boring to me. But there is some that have given me more positive emotions than other.

A-Type.    Unusual answer, huh? It has really insane acceleration comparable with average B cars. And it was really enjoyable to win C or even A cars with that bucket. Even if i lose because of sidewalks or collision bugs, feeling that it was possible to win the race doesn't make me feel upset. Besides this car is the smallest of all game that makes area 51 raid extremely easy, for example.

Club.    This car isn't very special but i've won a lot of races using it. In my hands this car can compete with an average B class racer and it makes the real challenge and a lot of happiness after win.

Elegy.    Almost the same as A-Type. Powerful car with poor handling nobody takes serious about. Also this car is my favorite drift car and one of the best looking. Besides I've made a lot of stunts using it. This car is just pleasant for me.

I don't use those cars a lot right now because they became boring Sad
Now you can see me driving Primo, Stallion or Bullet (that became interesting again to me) but someday I'll change them as changed others before.

W temacie: [SIGN UPS CLOSED] 24 Minutes Of San Andreas

Odpowiedzi: 10

26-06-2019, 17:41

Hey, im in!

W temacie: Shopping Cart (Tuning preview) (Rewritten)

Odpowiedzi: 25

21-05-2019, 22:13

(13-05-2019, 18:27)Maslanka Wrote: if im getting this right we can test out how our car will look with all the things we want like test how it will look with that body kit and spoiler for example

Right, first you check all new look of the car and only then you buy. Sorry for late answer.

Temat: Shopping Cart (Tuning preview) (Rewritten)

Odpowiedzi: 25

06-05-2019, 15:30

Hello there. If you played NFS: Most Wanted, Carbon or Prostreet, you must remember the system that allows you to look on your car with all tuning you would like without paying any money. In game its called shopping cart. Personally, i'd call it tuning preview. NFS: Underground 1/2 doesnt contain this system and that's sad, because external tuning in those games is one of the main features. And what about NFS:SA? It also contains a lot of tuning that is not cheap and also doesnt contain shopping cart. There I will explain why it must contain.

Reasons to have shopping cart in game
- Huge saving of your money. Sometimes you don't even know what exactly you want and you try different parts, spending a lot of money and nerves. After the update feel free to try any combinations without paying any money.
- Ability to check incompatible parts (example: bumpers if you already have bodykit) (Body Shop)
- Getting livery idea combining the body parts (Body shop)
- It's easier to make an URL car (Performance shop) (Additional Suggestion: would be interesting if we could check how the car drives without paying)
- Ability to get back to your previous livery you had before without spending VP on saving. (very useful if you have the slots in use) (Paint shop) 

Example of how it will be working
I made some pictures (sorry for quality). Look at the first one.

Pick everything you like. You are not limited at all, but if you ran out of bodypoints or money, there will be a warning. There you can see price of all choise, bodypoints needed, amount of parts you picked.

[Image: mO2Lfez.png]

Old system still remains and is useful if you want to buy one or two parts fast.

[Image: Z75c0cT.png]

You got everything you wanted? Time to purchase.
Shopping cart menu is now standing infront of "Front Bumper". Also you can click on the cart icon under parts amount number (check the picture #1).

[Image: 2PzXhv0.png]

The shopping cart menu itself. There you can finally apply parts you want to buy. There you can see price of all choise, of every single item, bodypoints needed (as for the all choise, so for single items), names and categories of items. You can delete some items if you haven't resources on them or changed your mind.

Cancel button returns you to shop and you can continue picking. Remove all button does what it says. Unlock & Buy button applies tuning to your car and removes money and bodypoints from your account.

[Image: TCoADQH.png]

Bonus suggestion
I think you know that in Body shop and Accessories shop, unlike the performance shop, parts you purchased before aren't free after removing. But the suggestion is not only about it, but about the ability to save your carts. What do I mean: remember the dyno presets. And now think about presets, but as the list of parts to buy. If you still didn't get it, it works already in paint shop with saving liveries! 

Performance shop example:
- URL Setup
- Drift Setup (Without tires or something else)
- Full Tuned Setup, etc.

Body shop:
- Drift Body
- GT Body 
- Drag Body, etc.

You can save the cart with parts you didn't purchase yet to buy them later, or you can save the cart you already purchased to switch between differend styles for example.

Will it cost money? Personally, i would like to see the similar thing to the dyno setups. 1,000$ for saving performance cart (1 is free) and 500$ for exterior (Body shop or Accessories shop), but the changing between carts is free.

Thank you very much for reading. Thanks for your positive feedback! Now we got more than 5000 views. I rewrote the suggestion from a scratch today, and someday I probably will remake the pictures (and also make some for bonus suggestion). 

Thanks again. I'm ready to discuss it (you can write me forum private message, write here or contact me in server (I am :Hyze) )

Good luck.