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  • Registration Date: 18-06-2016
  • Last Visit: 22-12-2018, 02:28
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  • Total Posts: 22
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  • Title: how do i spell spells ?
  • Date of Birth:: Hidden (15 years old)
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  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Poland
  • Bio: Elo bengzs, psycheu z tej strony. Życzę najlepiej przy patrzeniu profilowego, czy czego kolwiek :D
    *Maxed out cars*
    -Super GT

    *Fav vehicles*
    - Elegy
    - Uranus
    - Turismo
    - Fortune
    - Washington
  • Skype: agent0487

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W temacie: Yo, Dhxm here

Odpowiedzi: 5

07-12-2018, 16:13

Welcome to nfssa community mah boy. Have fun and dont get those cops on ya back alright?

W temacie: Update 5-6.12.2018 - Muscle Cars

Odpowiedzi: 31

05-12-2018, 22:02


W temacie: Automobili Lamborghini S.P.A needs good racers

Odpowiedzi: 4

30-11-2018, 13:09

The whole lambo thingy team is sorta dead back when i was there. Idk how it looks like it now, but if someone is interested in searching for some community happening in crew, ya should find other ones.

W temacie: Gambler

Odpowiedzi: 11

30-11-2018, 13:08

1+ Still waiting for that map to be added, also i smh found lv being a nice place for me to race lmeo.

W temacie: Jotaro

Odpowiedzi: 17

30-11-2018, 12:41

(30-11-2018, 02:03)Jamesrobinson Wrote:
(29-11-2018, 20:46)Sardyna153 Wrote: NIghtmare just left, and you are fighting for his position like dogs, have some respect for him

but what you wouldn't do for xXx FREE PREMIUM xXx

This might answers you
1.i only want to help
2.well,maybe there is nobody who is good enough to replace nightmare(which is the best mod imo)
3.(ok this one is a joke)of course,we can have another yokou/mefisto in server

(29-11-2018, 16:53)Z-Boy Wrote: This is some kind of a joke, C'mon moderator applications are not open and there's enough Polish mods.
Actually it's kinda true since im not so active in server anymore lel,and im not expecting to be hired because i have another better thing to do :p

Welp for you knowledge James like z-boy said, there is already enough of polish and even english moderators on the server. If ya wanna help, just try saying others to not to do those things n such. Also tf why there is already 2 ppl trying to get into mod staff, while bartek didnt even make any topic about new mods. Best lucks, i dont really hope for ya being even as a mod and if ya really need to be one, try saying smth more about ya that would interest others.

Temat: Psycho wraca na nfssa

Odpowiedzi: 8

27-05-2017, 15:39

Nowe aktualizacje ? Trzeba w końcu je ogarnąć!

Temat: Skarga

Odpowiedzi: 1

25-06-2016, 01:11

Jak to mi kiedyś ( nawet nie dawno mówiłeś Helomyname Smile
"Jeżeli będzie taki sam nick może dostać bana tak ?"
Jeżeli to będzie ważne ( bo pewnie teraz zmienił nick ) To proszę zajmij/zajmijcie się tą sprawa. To nie jest fajne Sal . Jeżeli to ciebie dla ciebie jest " śmieszne " to się mylisz Smile