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W temacie: The C word

Odpowiedzi: 14

22-02-2019, 12:33

(22-02-2019, 10:39)Jamesrobinson Wrote:
(21-02-2019, 18:03)HanzoITS Wrote: Don't worry for Remolit assaulting your thread, other's might shield you.

Nothing to shield at he might still get you,nothing can't stop a mad remolit except if you are being wrong and he's being right my man

And how does it works for me? I don't care anyway. He just don't see it, his problem, not mine

W temacie: Canyon Race

Odpowiedzi: 11

22-02-2019, 00:11

(21-02-2019, 22:02)HyDrA Wrote: I think it would be a good idea to have canyon races like in nfs carbon.

That's a very good idea. I like canyon races too, so I don't mind about it

W temacie: The C word

Odpowiedzi: 14

21-02-2019, 18:05

(21-02-2019, 18:03)HanzoITS Wrote: Don't worry for Remolit assaulting your thread, other's might shield you.

I know. I'm just explaining that conflict for these guyz to know that later. Thank you by-the-way

W temacie: The C word

Odpowiedzi: 14

21-02-2019, 18:01

(21-02-2019, 17:55)HanzoITS Wrote: dry ur tears my son
Will you genuinely be pissed off by a certain weirdo, while there are so many people who will keep supporting you?

I know, I know, but there are still some that don't understand it easily.

(21-02-2019, 18:00)BUNNY Wrote: Interesting thread. All I can say is all cars on the server are made up from more than 1 irl car, so that's that. As for being offended after a discussion, well idk, it's 2019 and it's not irl even.

At least you know that

W temacie: The C word

Odpowiedzi: 14

21-02-2019, 17:54

(21-02-2019, 17:48)HanzoITS Wrote: What exactly should I tell to him?

Wait, so you are kinda scared of his temper going all crazy? I can't get your situation.

i just said the only car that WAS a Corvette on the server before Phoenix was Monroe for me. When i said that, Remolit just exploded, dude. then the war started. i still don't get it too

Temat: The C word

Odpowiedzi: 14

21-02-2019, 17:01

yeah... it's me... the 18 years old kid, thinking only about these V8's... disappeared around the folks thinking about the only one imitation of each car on the servers. Just let's talk about that C class unique car that you hate that much for it's steering, it's weight, and for it's visual tuning options - Pegassi Monroe.
Yesterday I and few folks on Global Chat were talking about ideas of some vehicles class updates (only ideas and wondering - it ain't nothing new) on NFS:SA serwer: SUV part 2, Exotics, Muscle part 2, blah, blah, blah. Yeah i'm starting that topic once again, i know, but... Don't understand me bad, a'ight? At least for this time, okay?
After that a few minutes later someone said about adding GTA Vice City Banshee to the serwer as Invetero Coquette, then I said that true, because the only car that is a c... y'know (and you hate that car from that what i saw on the chat) is actually MONROE <- You can kill me, I mean KILL ME for this but HEY! You don't need to be triggered right after this fact like "I don't want to explain name of that player because he's still mad at me" - Triggered like a Volcano.
going back to the topic: If i said that, doesn't it means MONROE is seriously a c... - Ofc i know it's a Miura, it's a c..., it's even a Ford GT40 MK.I, but NO - Only one imitation on each car, and here's my advise... "Try to see some other cars on few uniques", a'ight? I can give you few examples about it (I'm not giving you photos about MONROE because you know it's look)
[Image: 3fin.jpg]
^ This is the true imitation of MONROE, right?
[Image: chevrolet-corvette-side-0-351518.jpg]
^ It's also familiar ONLY A BIT!!! to this car
[Image: LOGO_Ford_GT40_MK1_1964_Side.jpg]^ AND to THIS car too. Am I right? No? So i'll keep it going.
[Image: Ford-GT40-Mk-1.jpg] Headlights are from GT40 MK.I, yeah? Yeah. That counts that MONROE can be MIURA AND FORD GT40 MK.I. Now onto taillights
[Image: 47718632d1361311594-rear-exhaust-filler-...-panel.jpg] 
^ These are correct of MONROE's model, yeah? Yeah. And watching to it's classic sport, mid-engined shape and construction it looks a bit (I Repeat! ONLY A FUCKING BIT!) to THIS car which names has the same letter like the class of MONROE - The C word.
So? Monroe can be NOT only a Miura... It can be one of those 3 car (Choice is yours). Example? Here you go. I don't like Miura that much so i see a C... on it (a'ight i see GT40 too), BUT you don't need to trigger already at it. It's just mine words. Every player (i'm saying that speech for Thousands times, but nobody is seeing it) has it's own vision, right? You think it's Miura? It is a Miura, a'ight. I think It's a C... because That Sound of V8 is... how to say it? Wrong? i dunno... So it can be a GT40 with it or that Fucking C car that you hate. Still don't believe me it can be a C? No? Then another time of mumbling about it, okay :3
See this?
[Image: turbob10.jpg]
[Image: Turboblackleftrear.jpg]
[Image: Turboblackrear.jpg]
^ This is Greenwood GT C... which is similiar as hell to one of MONROE's bodykits - Armageddon if i still remember. With the Fishtail rear wing and double-v hood and THAT BODYKIT we can made a Greenwood GT C...
So MONROE Can be for me a C car just like Phoenix now with one of its bodykits (Phoenix is a Firebird) can be an other year of that C thing (MONROE 1969, and PHOENIX 1974)

Like i said, You can KILL ME for that, but try to see some mor cars in uniques, is that clear for christ sake? Don;t give admins and other players some stupid "DISCUSSION WARS" that doesn;t makes any sense to the server and don;t make you start insulting about it then getting a special mute after it. It seriously doesn;t make any sense. It was just a typical talk and then... ehh... I already wrote everything about it and about MONROE AND about that C word so... I dunno... Kill me or Mute me or EVEN BAN ME if you want...I apologize if I have insulted few players somehow what Ididn't want... I'm done here... passe... Topic Closed... Write what you want... I bet you even don;t care about it at all...


Temat: Mamba tuning kits

Odpowiedzi: 3

30-12-2018, 15:26

Some players had an idea for Mamba, so also I have one.
Here are the ideas what would be added for Mamba
[Image: jqnLF9D.jpg]
[Image: 62133992-770-0@2X.jpg?rev=1]
[Image: Shelby-427-Daytona-Coupe-3.jpg]
I think theese should work.