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W temacie: Stars under profile image on threads

Odpowiedzi: 12

12-03-2018, 22:52

Well, it depends on ur message count, also on ur general rank (Mods, Admin etc...)
For instance, normal players are locked to 4 i think, 5 and above are for mods

W temacie: Quickrace Suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 6

10-01-2018, 23:32

I'd say a 4th thing, maybe would be to add a little count just under the Quick Race button, with the number of player actually that are in quick race lobby, the dream would be for it to be desplayed as 200-300, 300-400, 400-500, that would maybe push some player to go in, if they see a decent ammount of player within the same range of power of their own car.
But i don't know if it's possible to do that.

Also, maybe if you want to be able to match let's say, 200 with 300 cars, because that's not fair, maybe you could have like let's say, 10% more earning for the slowest car, because of handicap, idk.

W temacie: About obtaining the Deluxo...

Odpowiedzi: 38

09-01-2018, 22:03

If you really want it more easy

We could argue about something like in world, when you loosed your streak, you could pay 250 speedpoints to get it back. So maybe there should be the possibility
Like paying 10k free RP to get it running back, in a defined amount of time after your first reconnexion let's say for instance :
one the 3rd, i wasn't able to connect (imagine) and then, i have one whole week, (4th to 10th) to pay someting to keep it running. (I would say 3 days would be more nice, 1 week is freaking long)

That sounds too OP, and even me that don't play everyday, i don't like this idea, because that helps people that are not often here to get something that shows who are the really dedicated player that logs everyday often in the server.

Edit : Need For Speed world had a car unlocked after 500 days of treasure hunt, you should feel happy it's already 10 times less here, even tho, it can still be considered long for less involved player.

W temacie: GTA SA-Road-Pack

Odpowiedzi: 13

07-01-2018, 14:14

You might loose a little bit of framerate, but i don't think it'll be that noticable anyway

W temacie: GTA SA-Road-Pack

Odpowiedzi: 13

06-01-2018, 16:54

Actually, if your games already run at 60fps, you wont be affected, this aren't the biggest texture ever, so if you have something decent, it shoud run, i think 4gigs of ram to handle the texture should do the work (i don't know that much)

Temat: On The Road Again

Odpowiedzi: 2

28-08-2017, 02:43

Sup boys, since i'm that kind of guy that really wants his maps on the server, i tried to fix it, i hope that you'll like the new way it tourns out

As always just keep in mind that the only maps i've already done are MTA:SA ones, so i'm a basic noob in mapping, and that i know some turns are really bad.. well i hope it's good enough tho

Tell me what you think ! Big Grin

Temat: On The Rail Again

Odpowiedzi: 4

25-08-2017, 14:09

Sup guys, today i'm going to present you my 4th map, but the name of "On The Road again" which is a sprint starting over the airfield all the way down to San Fierro. It's an 2 minute long sprint (i guess).

So here's the video of the actual sprint :

You might notice some holes at one point (2nd screen is what should have been there, which was actually used as a more "RP" barrier) 
I had trains originally planned for this map, just static ones, and except the one that is still on this build, all were speading all over the map, which was annoying.
So i had tu cut them, but i'd like to implement them, if you have any tips, i'd greatly like to know how to do this, because i don't really want to fill the void with too much arrows.

Here's the cut content :
[Image: 1503659871-mta-screen-2017-08-25-12-44-11.png]

[Image: 1503659871-mta-screen-2017-08-25-12-44-06.png]

[Image: 1503659868-mta-screen-2017-08-25-12-43-59.png]

Temat: "Demi-Tint" Black Window Tint

Odpowiedzi: 5

27-07-2017, 02:24

Sup Boyz ! Big Grin

So, as i remember, in an earlier version of this server, there was a demi dark tint, and now, as everyone now, only dark tint but now, there isn't, which obviously bring me to my point ;

Could you add a Semi black tint ? Because "only" having the choice between "limousine" or "pimped limousine" and stock is quite frustrating, when you know you have a roll cage, but still want to get that extra 2dark4u rep, that you can't choose that semi tint.

Category that miss the black tint :
[Image: 1501114862-mta-screen-2017-07-27-02-18-06.png]

"Limousine" :
[Image: 1501114862-mta-screen-2017-07-27-02-18-13.png]

"Pimped Limousine"
[Image: 1501114862-mta-screen-2017-07-27-02-18-16.png]

[Image: 1501114862-mta-screen-2017-07-27-02-18-05.png]

Thanks for reading my baguette suggestion guys, keep it up ! ^^

Temat: Crazy long map.

Odpowiedzi: 17

02-09-2016, 22:12

Okay guys, i've started a map few hours ago... and i got a really really huge idea for this map, but first i wanted to take your guys opinion
Because it'll be a map that will maybe take me 2 or 3 mouths to work on, and i don't want to waste that time if the map is rejected in the futur

For now on, it's called the "Project King Of The Road"

[Image: 1472847114-gta-san-andreas-map-empty.jpg]

Temat: Black Decals

Odpowiedzi: 6

01-09-2016, 19:23

I've got a pretty simple suggestion
[Image: 1472750102-mta-screen-2016-09-01-19-14-49.png]

Can you make some blacked out Decals ?
-For some cars white decals don't fit at all, and i was wondering if it would be possible to get black decals option like in Underground 2.
-You'll say to me "Yes But Mecha, you're an idiot, there is already the Manufacturer's Vinyls, and you can paint them!" But No, when they are scaled so small, they just loose so much visual quality that's it's pretty useless and to me awful to watch, they are like very pixelated (of course when they're bigger they're awesome), so i would
rather prefer blacked out to get the same visual quality and with that it would complete all the options from the real
Need For Speed Underground 2 Thanks for taking consideration of this suggestion.