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W temacie: Centrai City Market

Odpowiedzi: 2

20-07-2021, 23:23

0:22 those boxvile's really dont need to be there,replace it with arrows
0:50 pretty unnecesary imo because you cant really get confused on where you have to go,probably would remove those
1:18 on the left i would maybe put arrows
1:37 i mean does that orange thing really need to be there?you could have just kept with the fire truck there and it would have been fine
2:03 you dont have to do this but on the left i would maybe remove the arrows so there is a little shortcut there,it would be a nice corner to go through at fast speed
Also you could drive a bit faster lol no real need to go that slow,but thats just me
Overall,map is nice and would fit nicely into the server.Good job Cool

W temacie: Identity of LS

Odpowiedzi: 2

12-07-2021, 16:30

(10-07-2021, 19:56)scaftz Wrote: If not because of the small bits near the start and end lines of both direction and that alleyway under the highway junction i would find it a nice layout. Kinda seemed like you design routes by staring at a blank radar map and paint around instead of driving around.
Just opinions. The one near start is just weird and i find the airport area better off or changed into a more streamlined route. The one near end just appear as if you are running out of idea where to continue because you are blocked. As the under highway one perhaps you could make that alley a shortcut instead. This is just a matter of personal taste and i much prefer not taking alleys or unusual roads or unnecesary turns too much so you can take it with a bit grain of salt.
Not sure why you'd think it is a good idea covering Glen park with construction wall like that. Also using meshfence will be much better than guardrails to cover the canal openings but that's just cosmetics. And on reverse video 0:45 that alley maybe should be blocked.

Its probably the reason i like more techincal routes,im not a huge fan of high speed maps.And no,i dont just look at a blank map,ofc i drive in freeroam,looking for routes.And i also like weird routes and alleyways,and if i turn that alleyway into a shortcut i dont think it would save much time anyways.Yeah i removed the glen park thing,i probably thought i was being too repetitive with arrows so i used that,but anyways i replaced it with arrows.I might move the pole a bit so you can see its blocked,because that pole was there anyway and i thought it was good enough so yeah.And i am not the best at making decorations,i just focus on the route being fun.

W temacie: Identity of LS

Odpowiedzi: 2

08-07-2021, 19:10

Probably need to take a break from maps lol

Map name:Identity of LS
Map type:Sprint
Map location:LS
Map author: :Ivkeee
Map layout:
[Image: hlkjhsaljkfhasg.png]
Map showcase:

W temacie: Dogfish Rising

Odpowiedzi: 6

01-07-2021, 17:30

Huge thanks to scaftz for making these changes:
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-29_02-14-29.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-29_02-25-23.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-29_02-32-58.png]

W temacie: Dogfish Rising

Odpowiedzi: 6

28-06-2021, 16:26

I made some changes:

0:04 - Remove this grass maybe. Starting place is odd enough and visual obstruction just doesn't help.
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-28_15-48-57.png]dont know how to remove the grass,if you know how to tell me please

0:14 - Remove guardrail, make the arrows coming out from the building, snaking left then right to the grass patch.
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-28_15-53-40.png]dont know if this is what you meant,if it isnt i will make it better

0:16 to 0:17 - Too many cones. Should not be cones even. Try lighthouse barrier or bollards.
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-28_15-53-54.png]though adding arrows would be simpler and a casual player wont get confused as much

1:11, 1:15 and 1:16 - Shabby wall could be a better in-between for the guardrails, better yet make the guardrails as one.
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-28_15-54-25.png][Image: mta-screen_2021-06-28_15-54-44.png][Image: mta-screen_2021-06-28_15-54-51.png]again dont know what you meant,but i placed the guardrails better

1:19 - This right corner should be using arrows i think.
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-28_15-55-03.png]
1:33 - (The right arrows) Do it like what i told you at 0:14.
[Image: mta-screen_2021-06-28_15-55-15.png]i might look lazy coz of this but i added trees instead of arrows,i tried adding arrows for 30 minutes but i could not do it properly and make them look good and natural
1:46 - Must this path even exist?

i made a better route:

[Image: San_Fierro.png]hope it looks better

Temat: Identity of LS

Odpowiedzi: 2

08-07-2021, 19:10

Probably need to take a break from maps lol

Map name:Identity of LS
Map type:Sprint
Map location:LS
Map author: :Ivkeee
Map layout:
[Image: hlkjhsaljkfhasg.png]
Map showcase:

Temat: Dogfish Rising

Odpowiedzi: 6

26-06-2021, 14:04

Map name: Dogfish Rising
Type: Sprint
Location: San Fierro
Author: :Ivkeee

Map layout:
[Image: San_Fierro.png]
Map showcase:

sorry for the cheesy quality it is better to watch it on a phone

Temat: The Fast Lane

Odpowiedzi: 5

25-05-2021, 23:43

Another map after a while.Took a little break from nfssa now im kinda back i guess.

Map type: Sprint

Map name: The Fast Lane

Location: Las Venturas

Author: :Ivkeee

Map layout:
[Image: dgggggggg.png]

Map Showcase:

Temat: Endurance Challenge Series

Odpowiedzi: 10

16-03-2021, 19:08

Hello players.

My suggestion for the next/future updates is to add a Challenge Series that has 3 endurance races.

Here is how it would work:

1.You can go in to the race with any car you own.That means your dyno,your setup and so on.

2.There will be no time limit,or to set a specific lap time.All you have to do is finish the race.

3.All classes are allowed.You can do the event with all classes,since each class you do will give rewards.For example,if you have done all the races with A class,you can do all of them again with a different class.B class,C class,D class,E class,SUV,Vintage and Muscle class.Once you have done one class,you can not repeat the same class again.

4.The rewards for completing all 3 races races will be 50000$,30 bodypoints,15 vinylpoints and 5 taskpoints.

5.There will be no RP requirement to do the races.

6.The 3 main maps for the endurance races would be:

1)Fierro Madness-70 laps
[Image: 160582694_240257884485664_96205461337986...Mw%3D%3D.2]
2)Ambassador Ridge-100 laps
[Image: 161067182_121985579935377_47823241134527...NA%3D%3D.2]
3.Black Vincent-50 laps
[Image: 160106689_330104398670306_61435994726456...NQ%3D%3D.2]

Let me know if you like or dislike this idea.

Temat: Up To Speed

Odpowiedzi: 2

11-03-2021, 19:44

Map name: Up To Speed

Map type: Circuit

Map length: 2.0km

Location: Las Venturas

Author: :Ivkeee

Map layout:
[Image: 158726976_889809225131207_16216503568358...Mg%3D%3D.2]

Map showcase: