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W temacie: More Tuning parts for Futo

Odpowiedzi: 11

05-01-2019, 15:48

OMG these pop-up lights in Uranus look hot af!

W temacie: Body kit list

Odpowiedzi: 5

05-01-2019, 15:47

OMG these pop-up headlights in Uranus look hot af Cool

W temacie: The Ultimate NFS:SA Challenges

Odpowiedzi: 21

02-01-2019, 18:05

Nothing else left but wait for someone with mighty power of locking threads then.

W temacie: The Ultimate NFS:SA Challenges

Odpowiedzi: 21

02-01-2019, 17:35

Yokou shouldn't this thread be just locked and kept clean and tidy? People could be added to hall of fame by sending you SS on PM? Really, just one desperated scum here, who can't even play the game, ruins all the fun. He shouldn't measure other people by his own yard-stick cause it is DO possible to be a good player without using dirty tricks.


W temacie: The Ultimate NFS:SA Challenges

Odpowiedzi: 21

02-01-2019, 17:18

(02-01-2019, 05:21)Lefty Wrote: to get even 3kk you need tons of patience and skill to get, but this exact score of 4kk and 14 something, is very very weird... If he proved that score with a video instead of just a ss, then everything would've been fine.
Haha that clearly shows that you know absolutely fuc*ing nothing about drift so you shouldn't even waste your time xD 300k per lap on Bullet Train can be even made using wheelchair lol.

(31-12-2018, 21:52)Lefty Wrote: Not even fatality made 3kk+ in one go in any track.
Dont' act like utter asslicker. Who is he that you compare others to him? The truth is that his tops are history Smile I've beaten his records long time ago including highest combo ever (before 4kk) which was around 3,8kk.

(01-01-2019, 08:52)Akamataa Wrote: U can make 4kk on every drift map, u just need enought space to make donuts, and proper setup + enought grip, awd cars have advantage ofc but it is also possible in rwd


3,55kk on at5 is totally legit, but as far as i know... sultan can make unlimited donut drift score on any map. even if map is narrow af.
So there are two of us trying to make an exploiter out of me, nice. I just want to say, you should deal with the fact, that BEST drifters here CAN actually score over 3,5kk, without your funny donut tricks etc.

Omg really, haven't been in this thread since posting screenshot and what a shittalk started here :o the truth is i can score over 3kk in every class on Bullet Train. SKILL is the only thing you need for it and it doesnt even take too many tries to get a decent scores. The main reason between top3 is that people just got mad with this track and dont even try full distance as it's time consuming.

It deeply saddened me lefty, that your lack of skill leads to instant accusing other players of cheating. All of my tops (i guess i still have some of them :>) were scored in a fair way, without pathetic things such as Aka's donut exploit (well, it would be even hard for me as i use only rwd cars). Whoever thinks different, either is jelaous or just frustrated banned kid Smile)

Temat: [HELP] Domyślne ustawienia graficzne serwera

Odpowiedzi: 5

04-07-2017, 12:04


Poratowałby ktoś screenami domyślnych ustawień graficznych z menu serwera? Trochę tam narobiłem bałaganu w poszukiwaniu recepty na lagi na driftach, które pojawiają się pomimo liczby klatek na poziomie 50-60 FPSów w trakcie grania (wyłączając Doherty oczywiście Big Grin). Pytam bo nie znalazłem opcji, żeby przywrócić pierwotne ustawienia grafiki.

W załączniku screeny, żeby zobrazować o co mi biega Tongue