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W temacie: 1 month ban (pls unban)

Odpowiedzi: 12

01-02-2019, 20:13

(01-02-2019, 09:43)Dr.Wpierdol Wrote:
(01-02-2019, 08:08)Akamataa Wrote: U should think about that before u advetise porn webside in your nick name, this is disgusting and childish.

How do you know this is a porn site huh? Cool

Becouse i checked it ^^

Everything depends on, if u get caught, and who caught u Smile Mod's can't ban, Admins can

W temacie: 1 month ban (pls unban)

Odpowiedzi: 12

01-02-2019, 08:08

U should think about that before u advetise porn webside in your nick name, this is disgusting and childish.

W temacie: 1 month ban (pls unban)

Odpowiedzi: 12

31-01-2019, 20:37

Well don't unban him Big Grin

W temacie: URL Abuse

Odpowiedzi: 40

30-01-2019, 21:15

Unfortunately, whatever game u play, most of player will do everything for better efficiency, whatever they need to do, using assists, ramming [im not talking obly about nfssa], wallriding, using only meta cars... using exploids or cheating, and u cant do anything about this... just play your game and beat this fucking noobs Wink with your skills and knowledge.

W temacie: Everything is possible

Odpowiedzi: 3

18-01-2019, 10:54

And? Locust is not that bad at drift, and 1kk on 7th lap? it should be ~2kk

Temat: Unfair RaceBan

Odpowiedzi: 0

27-05-2018, 15:21

It happens to me 2nd time when Mod Berkay give me race ban w/o even reading report.
I leaved race after making sure that all players already completed this race. And they reported me probably in next race [Yes u can report "late" leavers in your next race]
I dont care to much about this raceban, but becouse it happens 2nd time.. Berkay pls learn how to read reports. so its all.

Temat: How to repair "Out of memory" +FPS Boost

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30-03-2018, 14:15

Hi everyone. So it's all bye... Big Grin

I see lot of players have problem with "Out of memory" or "Loading..." [with booster], even players with 8+gb ram. So i want to show u how to repair this. I have 4 gb ram, and even after 12h of nonstop playing i have no problem with this. So what u need to do is:

1. Change your ingame settings to something like that:
[Image: knSjcuX.jpg][Image: OTazYim.jpg]

2.Use external program to reduce your ram usage eg: [u can easly "buy" them for free XD]
   -https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-game-booster.html [it's turn off useless windows services tempomary]
   -https://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarefree.php [Turbo mode in this program do same thing as wise game booster, but also this program can improve a little your pc perfomance]

3. if u want to reduce RNG freezes/lag spikes install booster but it's not necesary [i don't use it]

4. To increase fps u can change vinyls quality to medium/low/very low, or if u realy don't care about how car looks u can increase your fps a lot by turning on Graphics debugging option in mta advanced settings, it will make all cars white:

[Image: GA5DcnU.png]

5. u can also turn off 3d sound's to increase fps, but u will lose ability to hear other cars Big Grin
    f11-> audio -> car sounds settings -> and disable "hear other cars [3d sound]"

Temat: Akamataa Dyno Guide and my Dyno Setups??

Odpowiedzi: 20

24-03-2018, 20:39

Hi everyone, it is time for first real dyno Guide. I will try to explain all dyno aspects as detailed as i can. But at first i have to tell, that this will be "Work in Progress" guide, cuz i need some time for proper translation. Additionaly if u want i will write here, my setups and Dyno tunes [with example race video if u guy's will want]. Of course, everything here will be based on my "feelings", cuz i don't have access to server scripts and i don't know what exactly dyno settings change, thus, misunderstandings may occur.

But before u get into Dyno, u need to upgrade your car, so i will show, how to make "good" setup for url, and similar score limited races. [Ofc some players have better methods, but this is how I make my setups :3]
  • First, u need to get CORE upgrades, I always use this as my Setup BASE: Tires 3, Nitro 3, Weight Reduction [WR] 1. If u can't fit in score limit with this, start upgrading your car from Tires, then Nos, and last WR. This Base will give u grip  boost and let u to change most important settings in dyno [tire pressure, center of mass and downforce].
  • Ok now your upgrades will be based on, race type, if u want to focus on acceleration, u should upgrade first Drivetrain > Turbo > Ecu > Engine, if u need more v-max upgrade first Engine > Ecu > Drivetrain > Turbo, when u need more grip, or just better turning upgrade WR first, u can ignore Brakes and Suspension [upgrade to street if u realy need one eg. Suspension for Vintage and Jester]
  • Generaly for lsap u should upgrade your car this way; BASE > Drivetrain > turbo > ecu > WR > Engine > Brakes > Suspension. For Bay is similar, but u need start from BASE > WR > Drivetrain ...
  • Ofc for Street-x Races u don't need NOS and grip is most imporant, so for s-x u should upgrade your car this way: Tires > WR > Drivetrain > Turbo > ECU > Engine > Brakes > Suspension.
If u have problem with braking power, just use handbrake tap metod + normal braking.

Dyno Guide

  1. Drivetrain setting: ok this is simple one, move bar to left side for better acceleration, or to right side for better v-max, it's generaly all, but there is 1 bug, suv cars and maybe [not confirmed] low tuned cars with low acceleration and v-max are getting better acceleration on "top speed" setting, so in suvs always put your bar to +10. In nfssa races more important is acceleration than v-max, so if u will not use this car for races like ambasador, just put your drivetrain bar to -10. For Lasp, and bayview u need to adjust more carrefully, cuz here u often drive with max speed, so suggest at first set bar to -10 and then every time u hit your v-max for more than 3-5s, move it a little to top speed side.

  2. Suspension 
    -Stiffness: More stiff = faster Suspension reaction to road unevenness and better drift controll, softer suspension prevents from sliding, but if your car knock over on curbs, u should increase supsenssion stiffnes, but if your car is
     shaking"  when driving on normal road, u should decrease stiffness.
    -Ride height: Generaly lower car = better, lowering your car increases stability on flat road, but your car can knock over on curbs or lose grip on road unevenness, if u have problem with this u
     should increase ride height.
    -Bias: This one change what side of car is higher rear of front, if u move bias to rear, your car front will be lowered and rear will be rised. Also moving bias to rear will increase oversteer and
     cornering speed, but can make your car sliping over on curbs. Moving bias to front will increase stability [controll] and makes car understeer. Additionaly moving bias to far to front or rear can
     make your car sensitive to curbs [knock over], after some additional test, best setting is to set Bias to 0.
    -Steering angle: Its simple, wider steering angle = higher MAXIMUM wheel "deviation", it's not visible in normal driving [grip] becouse steering angle is limited by gta sa scripts [higher
     speed = lower steering angle], but it can change your drift characteristic, change handbrake characteristic [when u use handbrake your car turn wheels to maximum], and increase cornering on
     realy LOW speed 0-50.

    How to make best suspenssion setup by Akamataa:
       1. Set up your stiffness, ride height and steeting angle to maximum.
       2. If your car is "shaking" on road reduce stiffness.
       3. Test your car on "Seamen" race track, if your car is NOT knock over curbs, reduce ride height.
       4. Repeat step 2 and 3 untill your car start knock over curbs, and back to last not knocking over settings.
       5. I generaly use "- bias" in suspenssion only for flat races like street-s and urls. In normal races i set up bias to 0.
       6. Some cars like washington are still knocking over curbs even on +10 Stiffnes and +10 Ride height, this cars supsension are imposible to repair.
  3. Tire pressure: Most important setting, but also simple one, just move bar to "drift" side as far as u can control car, it's becouse moving bar to "drift" side will decrease grip and stability, but it will increase cornering speed ofc as far as u don't lose grip.
[Image: efyKhA6.png] <- that useless chart Big Grin

  1. Brake bias: Another simple setting, move to left to increase power of rear brakes, move to right to increase power of front brakes. Generaly setting brakes to front should increase stability during braking, but u can't turn when your front wheels are blocked, if u put more to rear, your brakes will work like handbrake [it's not good] xD, The best option is to find perfect balance where wheels are not blocking during braking [if not possible > reduce brake grade and try again] 

  2. Areodynamics: [u need to upgrade WR] 
    Center of mass: This option is responsible for changes in grip between front and rear wheels [move center of mass to rear to increase grip of rear wheels]. Additionaly moving mass balance to rear will increase your cornering speed on inclined corners, and will give u strange cornering boost on curbs. Generaly is suggested to put all RWD cars mass balance to Rear [-10], all FWD cars to front [+10]. For AWD cars u need find perfect balance point [50/50], but if u want to have fun with drifting in races or just want better controll use 50/50 weight balance in RWD cars too, but this will decrease your grip, it is also suggested to use 50/50 balance in DRIFT setups. How to make 50/50 balance:
  • [Image: Q2wzUuh.png][Image: ZimeCa3.png]
              -Set your center of mass to -10 and try to overhang on the edge like on screen nr 1, as u see your car is not fall forward.
              -Move your mass balance to front by 1 and repeat falling test, repeat falling test until u get to point where car start to fall forward like on screen nr 2, remember this point [eg. -6]
    [Image: RNsnNhM.png][Image: 8TpAqMN.png]
              -Now set center of mass to +10 and try to overhang on the edge like on screen nr 3, as u see your car is not fall backward.
              -Move your mass balance to rear by 1 and repeat falling test, repeat falling test until u get to point where car start to fall backward like on screen nr 4, remember this point [eg. -2]
              -Now u have 2 point, one for starting fall foreward, and one for starting fall backward, now u need just calculate AVG of them [eg. (-6+(-2))/2=-4 -> for this example u get ~50/50 balance 
                at point -4 in center of mass.] Advaice: lower suspension = lower difference betwen point 2 and 4 on pictures.
  • Downforce: More downforce = more grip, just make sure to always have it +10 in races [it's not reducing v-max] 

Example Dyno

Shortcuts in setup:
E = Engine, D = Drivetrain, T = Tires, S = Suspension, B = Brakes, ECU = ECU XD, WR = Weight Reduction, Tss = Turbo, N = NOS; 1 = street upgrade, 2 = race upgrade, 3 = pro upgrade.

   Washington "all race" setup [make useless car little better]:
  • Setup: E=3, D=3, T=3, S=3, B=2, ECU=3, WR=3, Tss=3, N=3
  • Drivetrain -10
  • Stiffness +10, Ride Height +10, Bias 0, Steering Angle +5
  • Tire Pressure -1
  • Brake Bias -2
  • Center of mass -10, downforce +10

Temat: Sell Vinyl Point option....

Odpowiedzi: 4

05-01-2018, 10:24

So we can sell bodypoints, but what with vinyl points? i have 105vp, all vinyls unlocked and 20+ saved paintjobs... i think 3vp to 1000$ exchange ratio will be good

[Image: 7NWTTg9.png]

Temat: How to Delete B class from max 300 URL

Odpowiedzi: 31

04-01-2018, 11:40

So this is simple, just increase stock v-max from ~230 to ~250 [like impreza[evo] / skyline / rx-7 / supra / 3000gt and even Camara Iroc-Z[240km/h] have]
and with that incease stock score, but u need to reduce the increase of v-max from parts for class B so theres is some work to do. 

Ah additionaly u can make buffalo more muscle and decrease v-max to increase acceleration similar to locust [but locust have not even good acceleration ;/]

Sultan don't need any nerf becouse SGT is even faster...