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W temacie: Cars Showroom subforum

Odpowiedzi: 9

13-10-2019, 13:51

Join the NFSSA discord server. There is a showroom channel there. Kinda don't want to see "Here's my garage" thread bumps every like an hour. Anyway you can already even check out other's car on your forum userpanel if they have their account synced and car pictures uploaded.

W temacie: End of NFS Sa is near

Odpowiedzi: 12

13-10-2019, 13:44

Drift paradise is old.

W temacie: Game balance suggestion

Odpowiedzi: 11

12-10-2019, 00:44

(11-10-2019, 18:32)Nabatse Wrote: And if you nerf 1 car, players will find another car to dominate the meta, then you nerf that as well, then there will be another car and so on. It's a constant loop that lives until every car get nerfed to trash. 

Used to think the same. But with a very specific handling value a balanced stats is possible. Sultan vs Super GT is the closest to it.

(11-10-2019, 19:18)Tekk Wrote:  Also, I think it's impossible to balance the cars just for the URLs. Maybe you could do that with drift, since it makes your car switch to a different handling. AFAIK, other modes don't do that.

Please no. It would kill the handling sense of the car.

Class based lobby URL wouldn't be that bad and all but yes as Nabatse said, best car on each category would still be exist. Unlimited URL is the best example of how maxed A URL would be since it is literally the same thing lmao. Cars on each classes needs to be balanced as well to make this happen but I would like to see every car on each class being competitive at something anyway so it's overall a win for me. Something like class B have SGT and Sultan being decent on most tracks and Elegy being good on some specific tracks. 

Though while i am lowkey liking the class based lobby, i don't want the current score based to go away. it's really good seeing cars from different classes racing against each other. Having class based and score based lobby on rotation doesn't seem like a good idea either since it will fuck up players with the schedule and having players to prepare with more cars.

One thing to blame about this higher class supremacy imbalance is the car scoring system which is apparently broken as fuck. Car scoring calculation needs some rework. I mean, now take a look at this, a 300 score E class can out perform 300 score B class in acceleration and top speed, but not its handling. You see where is the problem? yes it is handling. People throw all the upgrade on handling because it is the most powerful stats at this point. It is very score efficient and higher class cars are taking huge benefit because the lower classes can't have it. 

Handling upgrades should be treated different to power upgrades. Power upgrades can have it score raise linear while handling upgrades should be weighing more as score getting higher. For example something like stock,street,race,pro tires upgrades for E class gives +0,+5,+11,+22 while on B class it is +0,+9,+19,+39. With this formula, players will need to upgrade their tires to fit their car score range to have better score efficiency instead of putting most grip possible to their setup. Not sure whether acceleration and top speed should follow this formula as well since currently balancing between both of them is more viable to play competitively than bulking up whole on either acceleration or top speed.

Other than that, broken specific part upgrades like 3rd gear bug should be gone. A new dyno slider to tweak braking power would also come in handy since some car benefit a lot by not having locking brakes on maxed brakes like Infernus. I know you can downgrade brakes to reduce the braking power but that also affects something else as far as i know. Correct me if i am wrong. I heard that from Nightmare (that german prick, not that soa member) which he said he got such information from Venom.

That's all i am going to say. In conclusion, car scores needs a rework.

Also welcome back Tekk

W temacie: NFS:SA Circuit Luxurious Run

Odpowiedzi: 2

06-10-2019, 13:35

I think i have seen this one before. I see no problem with it.

W temacie: NFS:SA Circuit Racing - Till - The - End

Odpowiedzi: 1

06-10-2019, 13:34

Everything is ok so i will just nitpick instead.
This would be unsetting for reverse probably but whatever nobody is going to drive on that lane.
[Image: 5fe01b5c39.png]

Temat: No car classes

Odpowiedzi: 14

25-02-2019, 11:42

As we know already, cars balance on the server is a total whack. Balancing is doubtfully would make a big success, as Bartek already said: "Nerfing OP cars will make the 2nd best car OP and the cycle goes on". What's the point of classifying cars into classes while they perform so much different from each other in the same class? That's where this idea came from.

Currently we have very minimal car to choose with if i want to play competitively. We are forced to drive Deluxo if we wanted to score C class toptimes because every other car just don't stand a chance to be as good as Deluxo. I like to drive Uranus more, it's far from what you would call as a bad car but you can't do much with it. Sure, every other car may have scored couple of toptimes too, but you will need like 10 times more effort on your setup and driving while I can easily score a -1 second toptime by just 2 days of starting to drive and tune Deluxo competitively. 

With car classes removed, we will rely on car scores to determine which car's faster than which. We don't even need cars handlings to be tweaked (only to certain broken cars) to apply this, we can just use current handlings and give them scores accordingly based on how well they perform. Example, Infernus would be having 380~ score on stock and 500~ when maxed while Turismo would have somehing lower such as 370~ on stock and 490~ maxed score considering it's Inferior to Infernus.

With car scores not being tied to match to cars within it's class, this will hopefully open an opportunity for previously non URL meta cars to be competitive on URLs since they would have different stock scores. Making better car variety on URLs.

How about toptimes? Well then, EVERY single car will have it's own toptimes board. Due to toptimes will be more rarely set, we can change weekly toptimes into monthly toptimes. Giving better competition opportunity and preventing people using rare cars getting free toptime money easier. Rewards and maximum toptime yielding rewards will need a slight change. This will certainly make the previously non best car on it's class to be more driveable and seen driven more often since they have fair toptime to beat with rather than trying to beat the impossible. Making better car variety on regular races too.

On casual player's POV, no car classes will barely give them any impact. They can still determine the performance of their car compared to their opponents by the car score and chose who they will want to race with.

This won't completely eliminate car imbalance. Certain cars may be better than the other car despite having same score. But at least we can easily balance it by raising the said car scores.

Still need to think a way of how unlocking cars works, probably old method where you unlock certain car after hitting certain player RP would work.

Give me your opinions about this.

Temat: [Sprint/Drift] Desert Rose

Odpowiedzi: 1

11-12-2018, 21:21

Repost. Old thread here.

Name : Desert Rose
Type : Sprint/Drift
Author : Scaftz, Remolit
Location : Countryside

[Image: uyuv1uu.jpg]

Temat: Gambler

Odpowiedzi: 2

11-12-2018, 21:16

Reposting,  old thread here.

Name : Gambler
Type : Sprint
Author : Scaftz
Location : Las Venturas

[Image: N2umUer.jpg]

Temat: Gambler

Odpowiedzi: 11

30-09-2018, 19:55

Name : Gambler
Type : Sprint
Author : Scaftz
Location : Las Venturas

[Image: N2umUer.jpg]

Temat: Additions for Custom Cameras

Odpowiedzi: 3

03-09-2018, 01:14

Not so recently we got new Custom Camera feature, and i have to admit it's really helpful and made my playing experience a lot better, howerver it's still lacks minor things. Here's some idea i would like to have for the Custom cams.

1. 3 Chase cameras
We got only 2 Chase cameras, far and near, while the Original got 3. Would be nice to have more if possible since i got some problem with using various cars. i got my near camera works perfectly nice and fitting to drive with cars like Infernus, Super GT etc, but it's not really usable for other taller cars like Manana, Uranus, Intruder and so on. And using far cameras don't help much either since i got this camera set for driving SUVs.

2. More precise camera settings value
3 chase cams wouldn't work well without this. Latest update gave us possibility to move vinyl more precisely using a manual input and adding commas down to 0.001 digit. Would be neat to have for cameras as well since moving camera tilt/height by 1 move your camera too far away from the desired location.

3. Dynamic FOV
On original cameras we got FOV constantly changing depends on how fast we are moving, although it sucks since they don't grow any further after reaching around 170 kmh because that's how fast GTA SA cars supposed to travel. Varying FOV is nice, they can give you feel of speed so that you don't have to always check your Speedometer upon approaching a turn.

4. Joystick or Mouse movement.
As already discussed a bit on the other thread i don't remember which. They are nice to use on peeking cars or scanning Diamonds when doing Diamond Hunt.

5. Swerve and Swerve limit.
Currently swerve slider changes how fast the camera turns back to straight in static speed. It's nice overally but it can be better. Rather than turning on static speed, it would be nice for the camera to turn progressively faster as the camera is more further away from the straight position. And additionally, a new Swerve limit slider to let you control how significant the progressive camera turning speed is (0 will be static speed like how it was). These will be very useful for very low speed sharp turns and hairpins since the camera tend to not being able to catch up the pace, and setting current swerve to low value is so unpleasing to look at.