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W temacie: My suggestions based on experience and observation

Odpowiedzi: 7

09-05-2018, 18:08

1)The Cops aren't even a threat when you are not trying to do a pursuit, so it's unecessary.
2)Hah, yeah no.
3)Ok, suggestion.
4)If you press "F2" while in a track it will show up the track top times.
5)Dyno is not hard to work with, cars aren't being nerfed because of dyno, the only car that was nerfed because of it was Mamba.
6)Very hard to do on GTA SA engine, so it's unlikely to happen.
7)Meh, it's already good enough.
8)I suggested something similar already, it would increase server competitiveness indeed.
9)First, you're not supposed to enter a unlimited score with manana against A class cars, you're obviously going to be destroyed, What I would suggest is, warn the player that his car is slower than the average on the lobby he is entering just like on custom races, Second, you can atleast try to finish the races, 1 point for a afk player is too much.
12)Yeah, it would be usefull for begginers.
14)Nein, people already have discord to share their tunings, and also people already copy paste too much.
15)That's stupid actually, people can see the rules everytime they log in.
16)Seens pretty ok for me the way it is rn.
17)Not saving and deleting, what's the difference? What's hard about accessing a menu on garage and delete some photos?
18)Yeah, vinylpoints are useless when you already have all vinyls, 10 points per 1k$ would be cool.
19)Nein again.

W temacie: Drifting limits

Odpowiedzi: 8

07-05-2018, 18:42

The speed limit for scoring drift points is 25/30km/h so yeah.

W temacie: Car types like in NFS Carbon (Exotic, Tuner, Muscle)

Odpowiedzi: 7

02-05-2018, 17:17

Useless info really.

W temacie: Let's increase the player count

Odpowiedzi: 11

01-05-2018, 05:21

If I had a good pc, I would make content of/for this server all the time, I have tons of ideas for this project, I just don't have how to put effort in it sadly.
BTW, this server will not die so soon.

W temacie: Decreasing confusion for new players, so they dont ragequit the server after 1 minute

Odpowiedzi: 24

01-05-2018, 05:16

Or simply BOT's in custom races, racing with then would give less money than players (obviously) but it would help begginers to learn the tracks and also learn to drive their cars.
Write a path finder for A.I isn't that hard, as we can see how smart cops are in the game (kinda), It's even easier when the track follows a single path.
The A.I would have similar score to the player's car, and difficulty settings like the time trial has.
(Server is online, why bots blablabla) As the topic of the thread says, begginers need help, and need to learn how to play first, the tutorials in game aren't enough, playing "offline" with bots is somewhat enough for the person to learn how to drive their car, avoiding getting destroyed by 200k+rp players.

Temat: Crew System Ideas

Odpowiedzi: 1

14-03-2018, 20:57

I though about 2 things that could improve the crew system and make the server more competitive between crews.

1- Crew Tournaments
This is simple, monthly a tournament is open, crews can submit to the tournament(with the money on the bank), crews are matched against each other (obviously), but the race can have 5 ways of matches:
Since the max players on url is 12:.
1v1 - 1 player of the crew versus 1 player of other crews up to 12 crews
2v2 - 2 players "" up to 6 crews
3v3 - 3 players ""  up to 4 crews
4v4 - "" up to 3 crews
and 6v6 - "" up to 2 crews

The race would be similar to the Juiced games, on races appart from the 6v6 one, the group with the best places on the race earns more points, making a total on the end, the crew with most points wins the tournaments. Avoiding the last place is necessary (most on the finals 6v6) if your crew is last one it will be eliminated to the rest of the tournament.
The type of match can be defined according the the amount of crews submited, if 3 crews then 4v4, if 6 crews then 2v2 and so on.
The sets can be weekly to avoid issues with inactive members on specific days.
And for example, if first set is a 2v2 race, when the last crew is eliminated, the other set can be 3v3, and when there are only 2 crews left it will be 6v6. This can incentive crews to recruit members and players to get better.
Also there can be multiple sets on one day, if the crews are up to do it.
The races would be similar to the URL, 3 races with the tracks and directions being matched by the system.
If your crew don't attend to the set with the requirements, your crew will get Disqualified.

Ok, this seens simple enough, but to avoid some issues, there are rules:
1- A Member can race only 1 set of the tournament, this same member can not race again, another member need to race on the second set this is to avoid crews to abuse their best racers, and making opportunity to other members of their crew to participate. But when the finals come(6v6) the crew can use their best racers, even if they raced already on earlier sets.
2- No mixed classes and always maxed cars, to avoid unfairness, so mods will need to set a specific class for the tournament.
3- To avoid the (Oh my crew dont have that much members), first make sure you have atleast 8 members, so that the tournament can get to the finals, the tournament would adjust to 2v2 up to the finals.

So, the issues with that idea:
Lack of tracks, bayview is kinda boring now a days, and lsap will get soon, we would need more tracks for this kind of tournament... Or not, but still, more tracks to race would be cool.
Spectator mode, we would need that so that other members of the crew can spectate the set and also other non crew players.

The prizes, could be:
1- A special car to the crew that reaches 12 wins(one year of wins)
2- A throphy shown somewhere...
3- A special effect for the members of the winner crew on freerun.
And money and RP for each race ofc...

2-Raid System
Weekly a track is picked by the system, crews need to race on that track and score times, the crew with the most best times on the track, wins a amount of rp and $ on the weekend. (Working similary to the weekly top times.)
It works this way, to participate on the raid you need to be in a crew (obviously), as soon as you race on the track, your score will be on a leaderboard.
The times are not accumulative, 1 member will have only their best time on the leaderboard.
On drift raids is the same, the drift scores are not accumulative, only the best score are added on the leaderboard with the other members making a total for the crew on the end.
To avoid some issues, only the top 10 members with the best scores/times will count on the leaderboard.
And yes, it will be a leaderboard for every class(so multiple crews can "win".)
Issues with that:
Too much work to barteo.

Well, the ideas are there, tell me what you would change.

Temat: Meta Cars(URL "Best Cars" List)

Odpowiedzi: 8

08-01-2018, 18:24

This thread is a list of best cars for each score in Underground Racing League, separated from my general tier list.
Here I will list the top 3 cars for each score in each track.
(Will update with future handling changes aswell.)

Bayview Speedway
250 Score:

300 Score:
Super GT

350 Score:
Super GT

400 Score:

450 Score:

Unlimited Score:

Los Santos Airport Speedway
250 Score:

300 Score:

350 Score:
Super GT

400 Score:

450 Score:

Unlimited Score:

Temat: Meta Cars(General Tier List) (Post DH update)

Odpowiedzi: 29

07-12-2017, 03:25

This is a tier list of the cars on the actuall patch.(Will update the list with upcoming updates)
(List focused only on General Racing(URL, Circuits, Sprints, Street-X) Drag and Drift are not Included)

S- Overpowered/Best of the class/Unbeatable.
Super GT
Beejay XL

A- Good Performance/Can compete well/Can't win all.
Locust-69(LSAP URL Only.)
[i]A-Type(Street-X and LSAP Only)[/i]

B- Decent Performance/Not very useful/Not made for competitiveness.
Cartel Cruiser
C- Underpowered/Needs adjusts

Temat: Dyno fixes and Car Nerfs/Buffs

Odpowiedzi: 5

30-10-2017, 06:00

I will talk here about some fixes that could balance things.

Tyre Pressure Fix
This dyno configuration is the thing that is making the majority of cars OP, some cars with crap handling like Elegy or Mamba, are gaining a huge boost with the Tyre pressure to "-", making then turn a lot faster than it should, and the majority of the cars that is benefiting from this boost are cars that have tons of acceleration like Infernus, a fix to this would be making the tyre pressure to drift less strong on Tires Pro.

Transmission Acceleration Fix
This configuration is not making any difference, having your car stock or with -10 to acceleration doesn't change anything, the car accelerates the same way, you only lose top speed doing that, but putting the transmission to top speed does help, and also doesn't change acceleration.

As said before, the OPness of these cars are just because of the dyno tyre pressure setup, changing the values of the tyre pressure to drift it would already make these cars less OP, also Infernus and Cheetah are already heavily nerfed, they are almost useless without dyno setups, so no need to change anything on then, but mamba should have less acceleration in my opinion.

This car is having the same performance as Mamba with the tyre pressure thing, it should have a change too.

This car has the same suspension behavior as Monroe, it oversteers when goes over a bump, but doesn't lose traction like monroe does, this behavior makes it turn very fast, so fixing this suspension issue should make the car less op, and also with the tyre pressure fix.

Even not benefiting too much from dyno, this car has the same performance as old futo without dyno, it has way too much acceleration to it's class.

BeeJay XL
Performance way too much higher than other SUV, this thing is faster than some class D, needs a fix for sure.

If other cars gets nerfed this car will dominate again, it needs some adjust to not make it op over other cars again.


Grip fix.

Acceleration and Handling buffs, it's pretty slow and handles very badly for a D class and for a FWD.

Acceleration buff, it handles well, it just doesn't have the acceleration to keep up to the rest of the class.

Literally a joke, it has nothing good, and is also very hard to get, needs a huge buff for sure.

Underpowered SUV's.

Grip buff.

Suspension oversteer fix.

Acceleration Buff, it's the saddest B class to drive at the moment.

Locust 69
Traction fix, it likes to lose traction and spin everywhere everytime, it's very annoying.

Other cars seens fine in my opinion, some of the other op cars like Primo should fix itself if the tyre pressure thing is changed.

That's what I think it should be changed, Appreciate the attention.

Temat: VC Banshee as "Coquette"

Odpowiedzi: 16

11-10-2017, 03:17

Well, I know no new cars will be added that soon, but, since Heat 5 AND 6 already uses VC Banshee, I though this would be pretty simple to add, and since VC Banshee seens more like a Old Corvette, and Coquette is based on Corvette, so, why not? :v[Image: 9ad55010d71cfe37cadeb70c521f9237800c6835...30cc62.jpg]
(Random image from google)