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Halloween 2020 + Server Update

Napisany przez Orbacle, 31-10-2020, 00:14
Halloween 2020 + Server Update

Online Orbacle

Server update
Halloween 2020

Server will be closed for some time to apply the update

Halloween 2020

[Image: 0s0NHGt.png]

On the occasion of Halloween, from October 30 until November 2:
  • For all races: 1.75x RP, $ and BodyPoint chance
  • Time trials every 45 minutes
  • Limited-time Halloween Challenge Set, where you can unlock a new Halloween Speedometer
  • Numerous thematic spooky Halloween changes

Other changes
  • New global and police pursuit mapping changes and fixes by Remolit (and JN)
  • New garage/shop interiors by Remolit
  • Added Quick Restart option thru F6 for Challenge Series (beta)
  • New dyno circuit test track
  • Rollcage coloring option is now available only for select cars (there may be some errors/wrong cars)
  • Removed showing nitrous bottle when using it
  • Changed location of LV Car Lot
Huge thanks to Remolit, Broski, JN, syaan, Klampy, Jov and other players who helped with the update

Pics TBA

See you on the server and Happy Halloween!

Offline takigosciu

[Image: 20181107_234030.gif]
~ powiedział niegdyś mądry człowiek

Offline Andr3zESP

[Image: TestySkeletalEasternnewt-max-14mb.gif]

Haha, Lotus goes brrrr

Offline SamCordYT

e.e nice bro

Away bamers

1.75 rate up, i like that
[Image: loadcat.gif]

Offline 86DrifterYT

[Image: aesthetic-anime-girl-in-car-kec6xn59xrnvwuoh.gif]Mayonaka no Cruisin'

Offline Momo90246

When halloween jumpscare
No, just fuck you, thanks  Cool
[Video: http://https://youtu.be/dOY6dv4_mKs][Image: 5d2e9d7b63c336cb7ad5a3064653845cb93997cf_hq.jpg]

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