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Farewell NFSSA!

Napisany przez TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory, 27-04-2021, 13:24
Farewell NFSSA!

Offline TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory

Hey, guys. Heckie here...for the last time
Just wanted to say goodbye with this server.


I'll be straight. Situation with this server...hell, with MTA is terrible, but honestly i've enjoyed my time spent here ::This server shaped me up pretty good and i want to thank all those person who took care of this server as much as they could... of course, not always they could, that is.
I've met really nice person and those retarded ones. I've made some cool cars and new paintjob that are important to me for my own reasons. And i'll remember some of those many cool moments here for sure. Of course it wouldn't happen if i wouldn't like GTA and NFS at the same time, right?


So... I'm leaving with 1,700,000 Reputation Points, over $150k and <according to my stats> 72d 22h 44m 28s of full gameplay on NFSSA. How do i feel with that? Great. Believe me Really really great. I could've play longer, but you know how it is right? There's no sense of staying on almost dead server. It's like bringing a barely living patient with very low heart rate. I didn't want to say it earlier, so i'll say it now.


Me and my car - Willy, have decided to leave this server. It's time to put it back and go further. It's time to rest.
Maybe one day we'll meet on better server, or even this same one but in way better condition? who knows Smile


Farewell, guys. I hope you'll have fun and take care



Here's how Willy's really looking like and it's fully drawn by me Smile 
[Image: ?imw=512&imh=288&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter...erbox=true]
"URBAN LEGENDS will never die, if people still talk about them." ~Heckie

Offline iZic

Farewell, good luck to you!

Offline Sen

Farewell, and good luck!

[Image: 117173444_660333821270244_3613918725912000100_n.jpg]

Offline MatthewChow

Okay, the story with that named car and the drawing is pretty funny, ngl.
Farewell. I'm glad our work has left you good memories. For me, that, exactly, is one of my biggest objectives. Maybe the future will still hold something cool.
On another note, if the issue is lack of players, maybe be on a lookout for a big update in the next few months. Usually, player counts get a big boost during the first, and sometimes second week, right after an update.
[Image: TEgVg7dMvlbFQYoF3YFE_iT3-MR9op3yBLZV4K_a...jfcQ=w2400]
I invite you to eat a sock.


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