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Server Update 2023-08-05 - MTA:SA 1.6

Napisany przez Orbacle, 05-08-2023, 21:26

Server Update 2023-08-05 - MTA:SA 1.6

Online Orbacle

Server update 2023/08/05

Server will be closed for some time while we are applying the update.

Minor update, but we are bringing some nice fixes, convenience improvements and experimental changes.

What has been changed
  • Our server has been updated to MTA:SA v1.6. To join our server now, you will have to install MTA:SA v1.6, which MTA itself will offer to do when attempting to join the server. Pay attention to the installer.
  • Introducing Automatic streaming memory cleanup in beta mode. It might help with the infamous recurring Out of Memory issue. For it to work you have to enable Experimental Optimisations in F11-Video-Advanced settings menu. Feedback about it is welcome, report it to our developers and in discord.
  • MatthewChow is introducing a temporary fix to the Dark Parts Bug that affected Unique cars. Feedback about it is also welcome.
  • Updated Bikernieki area - Added Jokot Arena stadium for events. Thanks, syaan.
  • Changed surface properties of all SA railroads, grass/dirt curbs off-tarmac at Bayview and BKSB URL tracks, Bikernieki RX track dirt/gravel sections. This is also an experimental change.
  • More edits by Remolit to various race maps.
  • Fixed Quick Race lagging the server when there are too many cars in lobby.
  • World fixes by MatthewChow and world mapping fixes by Remolit
  • Fixed and tweaked width of tires of several cars, including Futo (thanks Rarti)

[Image: image.png]

Special thanks to our testing team for testing.

We are working hard to bring bigger and more exciting updates in the near future.


Offline yokou

[Image: QrcLpR1.png]

Offline ivke

great job for bringing out consistent updates,it might not be a big one but still great to see


Offline edo1337

[Image: spider-sense-spiderman-tas.gif]

Offline relaxxx

[Image: BLIwOo9.gif]

Offline Raven.


Offline Xenon10

Nice update, MrBeast approves🥶🥶🥶😎😎
[Image: ddb57znlzcd51.png?width=2106&format=png&...59cc404afb]

Offline FiDeLuS

deez nuts

Offline Criticalus

nuts deez

Offline benjabrown2005

when mod

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