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Help us with vinyls!

Napisany przez bartekPL, 20-08-2015, 13:03

Help us with vinyls!

Offline bartekPL

How they should looks like?

Vinyl image can't have background - it must have fully transparent background (0 alpha)
If it's possible, image dimensions should be power of two (64,128,256,512...) e.g. 128x256, 256x256, 128x512.

We have 4 basic types of vinyls:
  • Unique - colorful vinyls without in-game colorizing mode (we don't need them many).
  • 1 Color - you can colorize whole vinyls.
  • 2 Colors - you can change 2 colors (example).
  • 3 Colors - you can change 3 colors.
If you want to create unique vinyls (like in UG1/UG2) just use template you want because we'll have to split it to our template system anyway.

How to create vinyls with coloring mode?
  • Unique - no description is need.
  • 1 Color - image can be colorful but better to make whole image in grayscale (brighter color is better).
  • 2 Colors - for #1 color use redscale (from #000 to #F00), for #2 color use greenscale (from #000 to #0F0) or just send vinyls sepearated into two layers (2 images in grayscale)
  • 3 Colors - same way like with 2 Colors but for #3 color use bluescale (from #000 to #00F)
How to send created vinyls?

Send created images in this thread or via PM to me (but then please post in this thread that you sent some vinyls via PM to make this thread "more popular"). Your images must be uploaded as album on imgur or as .zip archive on your favortie hosting.
It'll be nice, If you also tell preferable catogires for your vinyls (unique, body, side flames, stripes etc.)

What I'll get if I'll make vinyls for you?

We're not sure yet, but I'll be probalby exta money on server and/or unlocked tuning parts. And of course, if you'll send more vinyls, you'll get more bonuses Smile

P.S. If you need some inspiration for vinyls, just run your NFS game Wink

Offline Cooper

I just sent u some of em, check out

Offline Malak

Guys can u just give us an exemple of one of vinyls pls ?

For see how to make goods things (position of text, image etc...)

There is one vinyls i made say me if its good i will make some anothers :

[Image: ZXsLEEC.png]

(its in 180 dpi if you want it i made a 256x128 version)

Thanx for advance Wink

Good side vinyl. What about making for 3 colors mode? Smile // Accepted, bartekPL
[Image: WiiNgHg.jpg]

Offline bartekPL

Sure, here u have example of vinyl with 3 Colors mode: http://i.imgur.com/qgjGIYM.png

But if u want create vinyls with multiple coloring mode, instead of separated RGB colors for each color u can use grayscale.
We have two systems to detect parts to colorize in images: by RGB (as I described in first post) or by grayscale.
Here u have how grayscale works: http://imgur.com/a/3Kc1r
And here example of vinyl with it: http://i.imgur.com/5FQbShG.png (#1 color is text, second is shadow)
But I think RGB is easier but if u still think RGB or grayscale is too hard and u want to make vinyl with multiple coloring mode, just send vinyls separated into layers (e.g. vinyl with 2 colors separated into 2 images)

Edit: But anyway, these images are separated into layers by our algorithm by detecting colors, so here u have example how looks separated vinyl: http://imgur.com/a/UVSAh
So if u have more advanced vinyl and u want to make him 2 or 3 colors, I think easier is to send as separated layers, but for stripes or flames RGB or grayscale will be ok Smile

Offline Malak

I was working on a suit for this harstyle them. (hood, side and body)

There is the result :


btwn what is body vinyls i don't understand ? Big Grin

i will work on a new list of vinyls maybe only tribals, or flame or stripes
[Image: WiiNgHg.jpg]

Offline bartekPL

(21-08-2015, 16:06)Malak Wrote: btwn what is body vinyls i don't understand ? Big Grin


Offline Malak

ah i througt it was the roof.

Of course, we can have roof or trunk vinyls too // bartekPL
[Image: WiiNgHg.jpg]

Offline Malak

There is my album for :


In contain :

Some tribal effect, Flame effect, hardstyle theme, and one unique vinyl.

I hope you will like it if you want more call me Wink

Quote:EDIT : i made a little fail on this hood-vinyls7.png so there is the good :

[Image: z2wvNHT.png]

[Image: WiiNgHg.jpg]

Offline bartekPL

Ye your vinyls are good but there's a small problem with them. Can you make these black vinyls white because only then you'll can change color of them? You can also make some of them with 2 or 3 colors, just follow my instruction I wrote before. (these hardstyle vinyls would look nice with 3 colors: text, text's contour and background image Wink)

Edit: There're so many vinyls to download them from imgur and imgu doesn't keep original file names so can u apload them as .zip archive?

Offline Malak

Ofc and i will edit all, make white picture instead of black and put some vinyls as 3 colours.
[Image: WiiNgHg.jpg]

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