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Halloween 2019 + Server Update 22/07/19

Napisany przez Orbacle, 30-10-2019, 22:59
Halloween 2019 + Server Update 22/07/19

Online Orbacle

Server update 30/10/2019
Halloween 2019

Server will be closed at 22:30 server time to apply the update

Halloween 2019

[Image: 0s0NHGt.png]

On the occasion of Halloween, from October 30 until November 2:
  • For all races: 1.5x RP and money multiplier and 1.5x BodyPoint chance
  • Exclusive weather presets (Spooky Fog and Silent Hill)
  • Some thematic changes

Newbie Appeal Improvements Part 1
(noob update pt.1)

These are the first changes that are meant to improve the server’s appeal to new players. Next feature update will also focus mainly on improving overall appeal and quality of life on the server.

Garage revamp

After all these years, we finally got some fresh-looking garages:
  • Safehouse by Remolit
  • Body Shop by Angel_Ghost
  • Car Lot by Angel_Ghost
  • Paint Shop by Angel_Ghost (Remolit edit)
  • Accessories Shop by Angel_Ghost (Remolit Edit)
  • Performance Shop by Remolit
Huge thanks to Remolit and Angel_Ghost for their great job with garages!

On top of that:
  • Several new garages were added to freerun, find and visit them all!
  • Safehouse, Performance Shop and Car Lot got their blip and light colors slightly adjusted.
Note that all colors depend on the used weather preset.
Pro tip: you can change weather in safehouse in case you want to take a screen in there

[Image: JNLZW2X.png][Image: R9ENM5N.png][Image: FEQifft.png]
[Image: vyjEegE.png][Image: NIfFIvi.png][Image: jcIUBMj.png]

New Vinyls
  • 3x Camo
  • 13x Manufacturer
  • 9x Misc Side, 9x Misc Hood
  • New pack of flags with 100 country's flags both side and hood so 200 vinyl :Yikes:
  • 6x Vinyl sets
  • 5x Unique Side
  • 3x Unique Hood
  • One lonely tribal side
  • 12x New Shapes
  • 2x New Special Vinyls

Thanks to Broski for helping with the preparation of vinyls!

Other changes
  • Some issues with vinyls got fixed (Thanks Rarti)
  • New weather presets: Iced Sky, Twilight and Night #7
  • Fixed Emerald Isle and Blueberry magazine spot positions
  • Increased rewards for several legacy technical tracks from classic server
  • Lowered rewards for Ambassador Ridge circuit track

See you on the server and Happy Halloween!

Offline Szachu

Damn boi, very nice
[Image: 76561198147829452.png]

Offline takigosciu

that's some insane stuff here. Especially those garages. Finally some revolution
[Image: 20181107_234030.gif]
~ powiedział niegdyś mądry człowiek

Offline broski0909

Ah yes, vinyls..

Offline Momo90246

Well, they listened, ambassador was too much played and some peeps said its boring, they nerfed rewards of ambassafor, rip.
No, just fuck you, thanks  Cool
[Video: http://https://youtu.be/dOY6dv4_mKs][Image: 5d2e9d7b63c336cb7ad5a3064653845cb93997cf_hq.jpg]

Offline MiguelFreitas

Nice Big Grin, rip ambassador xd
[Image: 8A332532E639E8AD9C7DE6C09E8E6D3CB01AE6A0]
Im racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay.

Offline Bunny

[Image: TDCuKec.jpg]
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline KitsuneAmy

I really hope your part 2 update includes a UI and fonts that look like NFSU2. That's the thing the game needs most to look its best. That, and the menu sound effects.

Offline Herbatnik


Offline ApexSpirit

Now this what im talking about rocks!

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