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My inactivity reason / Sound pack

Napisany przez TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory, 07-12-2019, 14:28
My inactivity reason / Sound pack

Offline TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory

Hey guyz. Heckie here.
I just want to give you few reasons about my inactivity on NFS:SA server.
 Let's get this straight at First. It's not like i don't wanna play on this serwer. None of that option :3 I'm just sick… High temperaturę, headaches etc. <- that's the first reason.
Second reason is that i'm planning the sound pack for the server. It'll contain solid and true sounds of NFSMW / NFS Carbon / FlatOut 2 and maybe some other games that sound i have on spare on my laptop :3
I dunno when it'll be available, so don't ask me for it. I'll give you answer "how it goes" myself Smile

I can tell you few thins what will be in that pack:
For sure there will be fixed BMW M3 GTR sound.
I'm planning to add V8 HEMI sound for Dukes and maybe for Stallion.
There will be choice for you, few games sounds for one car. Which one you'll like, that one you'll take.

I dunno when i'll be cured, but i'm sure of that i can Begin of making sound pack like right now.

I'll keep you in touch, guyz.

I'll see ya around Smile Heckie

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