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Server Update - 2021/10/31 - 11/01 - Map Expansion

Napisany przez Orbacle, 01-11-2021, 00:41

Server Update - 2021/10/31 - 11/01 - Map Expansion

Offline Orbacle

[Image: UPDATE_31_10_21.png]

Server will be closed for some time to apply the update

After a very long wait, we are finally bringing out the update!

[Image: BIKERNIEKI.png]

Syaan has worked hard and is bringing out the largest map expansion NFS:SA has seen so far. And it is called Bikernieki. It is a forested area based on a real-life piece of NE Europe and boasts a full-fledged sports base that features a GT racing track, kart track, rallycross track; infrastructure such as parkings, garages, housing area, high-speed roads, scenic views and much more. The new expansion is connected to mainland San Andreas.

Aside from just being available in freerun, the new expansion will now host a new URL location (third after Bayview Speedway and LSAP) and is called Bikernieki Sports Base!

It also features several new maps (look below in this post), although at the moment many maps are not finished and will be released a bit later.

[Image: BAYVIEW.png]

MatthewChow went out of his retirement and revamped the looks of Bayview Speedway. It now features more details, shadows and scenery. You can change the fidelity of new effects in F11 - Video - Map and Track Settings, however, some details may not appear after changing to a higher preset, so you might need to go to the nearest garage/shop or better, reconnect.

[Image: mta-screen_2021-10-28_12-42-33.png][Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png][Image: mta-screen_2021-10-31_22-46-16.png]

New Maps

In the new expansion:
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 1 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 2 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 3 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 4 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 5 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 6 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 7 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 8 + [R]
  • [Drift] Bikernieki Drift 6 + [R]
  • [Circuit] Eastern Ridge + [R]
  • [Sprint] Motor Museum + [R]
  • [Speedtrap] Motor Museum + [R]

Other maps:
  • [Circuit] Around The Block [R]
  • [Circuit] Okie-Dock-ie + [R]
  • [Circuit] Old Venturas Strip + [R]
  • [Circuit] Parkway Drive + [R]
  • [Circuit] Peak Performance [R]
  • [Circuit] Figure 8 [R]
  • [Circuit] Redsands Niceway + [R]
  • [Circuit] Star and Crescent + [R]
  • [Circuit] Velocity + [R]
  • [Circuit] Up To Speed + [R]
  • [Sprint] Down and Under + [R]
  • [Sprint] Mid-city Pursuit + [R]
  • [Sprint] Midnight Run + [R]
  • [Sprint] Motel Checkout + [R]
  • [Drift] Highway Patrol [R]
  • [Speedtrap] Motel Checkout + [R]
  • [Offroad Circuit] Petare + [R]

Fixes to maps (thanks Tekk and Remolit):
Angel Pine, Around The Block, Baller, Black Vincent, Bridge Cruise, Construction, Crash Planes, Crossing, Derailed Train, Fastline, Figure 8, Fort Carson, Green Sabre, Highway Patrol, Long S Haul, Los Flores, Mountain Run, Ocean Docks, Palomino Creek, Palomino GP, Peak Performance, Pts of Dhrty, Road to Palomino, San Downtown, Showdown, Small Gorge, Speed Of Sound, Tigah, Venture, Verano, Weed Scented.

Thanks to Tekk (especially for URL) and Remolit for processing maps, also Rarti for adding the freeroam nodes across the new track.

Team and Other Changes
  • Changes to Challenges 1-3, 2-1, 11-2, 13-1
  • Minor fixes here and there

Staff changes:
  • Tekk joins NFS:SA Team as a map processor and event organizer
  • Broski has been promoted to Super Moderator
  • And Raven is our new Moderator


Thanks to everyone who helped in testing the update (especially bk_player)
And we are sorry to our community for making you wait this long! We will try to release updates more frequently now.

Offline Klampy

[Image: wG1HGDH.gif]

Offline FiDeLuS

Nice bike

Offline Blaze343


new revolution? pls morons JKASDJAKSDJAKDJAKJ


nfssa is dead since 2018 thanks bye gg

Offline RaiUwU

finally url is getting some love, the wait has been worth it

now you guys just need to bring players to the server kek
YOUTUBE:Rai's Trashcan

Offline zDeivid

bruh xdd
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline SamCordYT

wow a map expancion that´s nice Big Grin

Offline ivke

This looks great,cant wait to try the new maps


Offline TinkiWinki

My wet dream has come true, beatifull map gj

Offline BDragon

[Image: unknown.png?width=445&height=427]

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