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Bikernieki Street-X Layouts

Napisany przez ivke, 03-11-2021, 19:50
Bikernieki Street-X Layouts

Offline ivke

So i got bored and decided to make some layouts for the bikernieki street-x area.And yes my hand is not steady.

Track 1:                                               Track 4:
[Image: track_1.png][Image: track_4.png]
Track 2:                                              Track 5:
[Image: track_2.png][Image: track_5.png]
Track 3:                                              Track 6:
[Image: track_3.png][Image: track_6.png]

There are a couple more layouts out there but yeah,here it is.


Offline LeonSkript

Some of your layouts use a dirt path, but we will probably work on something with the karting session of the track, thanks for the suggestion.
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline ivke

(08-11-2021, 19:13)LeonSkript Wrote: Some of your layouts use a dirt path.

Yes i know,i tested these.Is it a problem for using the dirt track?


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