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Server Update - 2022/08/30 - Tollbooth

Napisany przez Orbacle, 30-08-2022, 21:08
Server Update - 2022/08/30 - Tollbooth

Online Orbacle

Server update 2022/08/30
Server will be closed for some time to apply and check the update

Tollbooth races

[Image: tollbooth.png]

Introducing a new race mode and race type - Tollbooth. Based on Tollbooth races from NFS:MW, they are finally in NFS:SA!
Currently, it sits as a sub-mode of Time-Trials, albeit with its own restrictions. It is a new daily activity like Diamond Hunt - replayable infinitely with no reward until successful completion. After that, you receive the reward and it is playable only after daily server reset. Tollbooth race mode boasts high and unusual rewards! Tollbooth difficulty is based on car score and is specified in seconds per kilometer (average speed). There is also a new 3-level progression task for winning Tollbooth races on Medium or Hard difficulty.

For now, there are only 3 Tollbooth maps available for selection, but it is planned to make more in the future. Please don't make Tollbooth maps as a request without consulting our mapper Tekk first.

[Image: mta-screen_2022-08-29_21-31-13.png]

Challenge Series changes

We are introducing 4 new challenge sets:
  • Set 15 - NFS Underground 1 Set - Unlocks a very rare Classic speedometer, only some old players have it
  • Set 19 - Points Challenge Set VI
  • Set 20 - For Whom the Booth Tolls - introducing two new challenge types
  • Set 21 - Right on Time Set I (Easy-ish set)
- Visual and not only changes to challenges: 1-3; 2-1; 2-3; 3-1; 4-2: 6-2; 9-1; 10-2; 10-3; 18-3; try those, some became much better and some interesting.
- Requirements to play certain challenge sets have been changed (mostly lowered). Please note that it is not a good way to judge set difficulty.

New Maps and Changes

  • Doherty Line + [R]
  • Out Of Sight + [R]
  • Playa Del Seville + [R]
  • Valley Raid + [R]
  • Overdue + [R]
  • Take It Easy + [R]
  • Temporal Ridge + [R]
  • Bridge 2 Bridge + [R]
  • Dock-struction + [R]
  • Freedom At A Bus Stop + [R]
  • Willowfield & Commerce + [R]
  • Grove 2 Idlewood - Raised floor level to reduce the RNG factor.
  • Half - Fixed the invisible wall sticking out that was reported by multiple people.

Team and Other changes
  • Evov777 and Reinvy have been promoted to Super Moderator
  • Timelapboard improvements (e.g. In Time-Trials it now shows time left and elapsed
  • In Speed Drift challenges it finally shows live drift ratio (you don't have to end your drift combo to see your current PpS^2 score)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Thanks to everyone who has helped in developing and testing this update! Special thanks to Neonke, belob, Raven, Evov777, bk_player, Fidelus, Remolit, ANOD1ZE, Broski, Reinvy, Whas and Syaan.

Away qrur

[Image: fumo-touhou-rule.gif]

Offline Sardyna153

[Image: fumo.gif]
[Image: list_by_kouno_b-d7hdfxh.jpg]

Offline Helomyname

alive server

Offline MatthewChow

(30-08-2022, 21:37)Helomyname Wrote: alive server

*Looks at server slots*


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