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Update 12-13.03.2016

Napisany przez bartekPL, 12-03-2016, 22:54

Update 12-13.03.2016

Offline bartekPL

Update 12-13.03.2016
Updated will be applied during night 12-13th March

RaceBans - no more bans

As you should know, leaving races is disallowed and you can be banned for few hours by this. But there were few problems and complaining players. So we decided to introduce new type of ban - RaceBan. During RaceBan you still can play normally and have fun in freerun or playing time-trials, but you won't be able to join quick races and custom races.

Due to new bans, since update all current bans for left races will be removed and all player notes about it will be cleaned Smile

Improved Vinyls
  • Vinyls has been better optimized and freerun freezes caused by them should almost gone! (first few hours they still can be because of building cache)
  • Increased a lot moving/scaling limits for many vinyls
  • Added alpha transparency in vinyl editor
[Image: w1oCyqK.png]

Other Changes
  • Improved scoring system in race lobby to make it more fair and accurate
  • Fixed and restored maps:
    • [Drag] Fierro Run
    • [Drag] Fierro Run [R]
    • [Drag] Fierro Run Construct
    • [Drag] Fierro Run Construct [R]
  • Disabled maps due to problems with railtrack:
    • [Sprint] Note to Rail
    • [Sprint] Note to Rail [R]
  • Added new maps:
    • [Circuit] Underground
    • [Circuit] Underground [R]
  • Statistics menu is now accessible while driving by pressing F7 key
  • Help menu is now accessible while driving by pressing F9 key
  • Rewards menu is now accessible while driving by pressing F10 key
  • Settingsmenu is now accessible while driving by pressing F11 key
  • Minor fixes

Offline mszano


Offline Yama

Nice one
[Image: njxzshB.gif]


Offline LisiastyLis

Very nice. <3
[Image: EhBU2S8.jpg]

Offline Skadryl

Good job (y)

Offline DeltaRon

Nice work!

I Love NfsSa!

Offline xGrondzel

Nice work, m8 !

Offline Qbiszon

Good job!

Offline Ciasteczkowy

Good job, update! Smile

Offline Diuheato

Very good job! Thanks Smile
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