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Update 10-11.08.2017 - Underground Racing League

Napisany przez bartekPL, 08-08-2017, 23:51

Update 10-11.08.2017 - Underground Racing League

Offline bartekPL

Update 10-11.08.2017
Server and website will be closed down for about an hour due to required maintenance.

Underground Racing League

URL - New type of tournament-based race, which is a bit different than casual races. First of all, URL can be up to 12 players in a single race. Second of all, URL races can be played only at specifed time, when an URL Event is active.

[Image: gbiAwYs.png]

How does it work then?

To join URL you have to travel to the stadium in your city (LS, SF or LV) in Freerun mode. There you can watch for incoming events and join active event.
Everyday there are 4 default URL events every 6 hours - at 2:00, 8:00, 14:00 and 20:00 server time. Each event always lasts 1 hour and only during this time you can join event. Administration have access to edit and create own events with different settings and at any time.

[Image: xwW78ql.png]

In every event you have to choose one of available rooms which are separated by car score.
After choosing event and room, you're moved to the automatic lobby where you have to wait for players.
To start URL tournament there must be at least 6 players in room. When tournament is found, players at first vote for maps and their directions. After that 3 races in a row finally start.
Because this is tournament, you don't need to win every race to win tournament because it depends on total points gained from races.

Different Locations

For URL races there are used special, exclusive locations and maps. Since this update at the begin only one location - Bayview Speedway - will be available
Second location - Los Santos International Airport - will be added in few weeks.
In future we will consider adding more URL locations.

Other info about URL Events
  • Lobby size - can be 8, 10 or 12 players. Default URL events are always up to 8 players in tournament. Only admins while creating custom events can enable 12-players mode.
  • Total distance (in km) - amount of laps in tournament races is calculated according to total distance. For default events it's always 40 km.
  • Additional rules - admins while creating events can allow only certain classes or cars so expect in future events like C Class Race or Infernus Race.

Leaving URL Tournaments - strictly forbidden (URL Bans)!

Because tournaments are important, leaving them is strictly forbidden. By leaving tournament player automatically gets URL Ban and won't be able to join any URL event for next 48 hours. And no matter it was normal leave or lost internet connection - next time player has to make sure he has enough time and stable connection.
Also, because of this strict rule, final rewards won't be decreased because of left players - rewards depend on total points.

Due to obvious reasons URL ban is disabled for administration.

Online Tournaments History

Every URL Event and Tournament will be archived and available here - https://www.nfssa.com/racestats.php?week=urlevents

New car - Locust 69

[Image: jUoDKr6.jpg]

Locust 69 was planned as a conversion kit for A-Type but because of it's complexity we decided to release it as new unique car which performance and stats belong to A class.
To unlock Locust 69 you have to complete task URL Champion (LEVEL 3) - Win 50 URL Tournaments.

Other changes
  • Major handling changes for A-Type
  • 6 new global tasks for URL
  • New daily task - Finish URL Tournament
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Offline JanuszProsie

YAY. Nice Job Bartek and venom
[Image: 98744.gif]

Offline takigosciu

Nice man, great job
[Image: 20181107_234030.gif]
~ powiedział niegdyś mądry człowiek

Offline L1_TRACZ

Great job.

BTW, when will be class B Tuning Update?

Offline EloRamzes

Nice work but i sad.
When add this, my pc still on the site

Offline iCrazyGamerTV

Congratulation Bro !!!
Your server is the Best !
East or West NFS SA is da best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offline SkillZ

nc job man!
[Image: ekFGzXx.png]
"They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments."

Offline Oskiinus

Nice update!
I was expecting that Locust won't be on level on A class... Come on, it's a 1960s F1 car, it must have weakness or two.

Also, on which timezone is the server operating? Greenwich or Warsaw?
[Image: H6zD1w6.png]
[Image: qHuOc0y.png]
(06-10-2016, 20:36)Venom Wrote: zkurvená zajebaná dojebaná vyjebaná pojebaná mrdka

Offline HanzoITS

(08-08-2017, 23:51)bartekPL Wrote:
And no matter it was normal leave or lost internet connection - next time player has to make sure he has enough time and stable connection.
(Don't be too rude, jeez XDDDD)

Pretty noice update!
Locust...uhhh...I want it.

About additional rules, I have only 2 cars in my garage and both of them are B class ones.
Welp, will be hard to join smtimes, my problem lel.

And ye, Locust 69? 69?!?!!??!
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline KomuH

(09-08-2017, 13:54)HanzoITS Wrote: And ye, Locust 69? 69?!?!!??!

Well, we're in the Rockstar game, so...
[Image: 230cwBj.png]


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