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W temacie: Cannot join to server

Odpowiedzi: 2

28-04-2020, 21:25

try deleting everything inside mta resources folder (Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources) and then joining again
(this will delete other server files too, so I guess if you want to delete just the nfssa files, you would have to look at the dates

W temacie: SMS Donate

Odpowiedzi: 2

29-03-2020, 13:43

unfortunately it isn't possible, but we might accept paysafecard or wm if you contact us directly

W temacie: "wrong username/password"

Odpowiedzi: 3

22-02-2020, 19:20

Check your password and username for small/capital letters and make sure it is correct

W temacie: Kicked from Netlimiter

Odpowiedzi: 3

15-01-2020, 21:20

You probably still have some netlimiter process running, look in task manager processes and stop it but better uninstall (if you find it)
Could be smth like cfosspeed but iirc mta writes it if it is the one

W temacie: NFS:SA Book of Records

Odpowiedzi: 31

28-12-2019, 12:48

Added 2 new DH records and "Fastest-growing player" category

Temat: Halloween 2019 + Server Update 22/07/19

Odpowiedzi: 9

30-10-2019, 22:59

Server update 30/10/2019
Halloween 2019

Server will be closed at 22:30 server time to apply the update

Halloween 2019

[Image: 0s0NHGt.png]

On the occasion of Halloween, from October 30 until November 2:
  • For all races: 1.5x RP and money multiplier and 1.5x BodyPoint chance
  • Exclusive weather presets (Spooky Fog and Silent Hill)
  • Some thematic changes

Newbie Appeal Improvements Part 1
(noob update pt.1)

These are the first changes that are meant to improve the server’s appeal to new players. Next feature update will also focus mainly on improving overall appeal and quality of life on the server.

Garage revamp

After all these years, we finally got some fresh-looking garages:
  • Safehouse by Remolit
  • Body Shop by Angel_Ghost
  • Car Lot by Angel_Ghost
  • Paint Shop by Angel_Ghost (Remolit edit)
  • Accessories Shop by Angel_Ghost (Remolit Edit)
  • Performance Shop by Remolit
Huge thanks to Remolit and Angel_Ghost for their great job with garages!

On top of that:
  • Several new garages were added to freerun, find and visit them all!
  • Safehouse, Performance Shop and Car Lot got their blip and light colors slightly adjusted.
Note that all colors depend on the used weather preset.
Pro tip: you can change weather in safehouse in case you want to take a screen in there

[Image: JNLZW2X.png][Image: R9ENM5N.png][Image: FEQifft.png]
[Image: vyjEegE.png][Image: NIfFIvi.png][Image: jcIUBMj.png]

New Vinyls
  • 3x Camo
  • 13x Manufacturer
  • 9x Misc Side, 9x Misc Hood
  • New pack of flags with 100 country's flags both side and hood so 200 vinyl :Yikes:
  • 6x Vinyl sets
  • 5x Unique Side
  • 3x Unique Hood
  • One lonely tribal side
  • 12x New Shapes
  • 2x New Special Vinyls

Thanks to Broski for helping with the preparation of vinyls!

Other changes
  • Some issues with vinyls got fixed (Thanks Rarti)
  • New weather presets: Iced Sky, Twilight and Night #7
  • Fixed Emerald Isle and Blueberry magazine spot positions
  • Increased rewards for several legacy technical tracks from classic server
  • Lowered rewards for Ambassador Ridge circuit track

See you on the server and Happy Halloween!

Temat: Server update - 22/07/19

Odpowiedzi: 10

22-07-2019, 19:32

Server update 22/07/2019

Server will be closed at 20:00 server time to apply the update

Airport fast travel

After several years of being a suggestion, airport fast travel has been added to the freerun mode.
To use it, go to one of plane icons marked on the map and select your desired destination:
  • Los Santos Airport
  • San Fierro Airport
  • Las Venturas Airport
  • Verdant Meadows Abandoned Airstrip
  • Mount Chiliad (one way)
  • Bayview Speedway
A single fast travel trip has a fixed price of 50$ and is unusable during magazine runs, police pursuits and duels.

[Image: unknown.png]

Bayview Speedway

With almost 2 years since the URL update, Bayview Speedway is now available for access in freerun mode via new airport fast travel feature!

[Image: bayv.png]

Map fixes
  • Some changes to Terminal Airport to reduce lags
  • Bugged fence on Seamen has been removed

Upcoming feature updates will include quality of life and race improvements.

See you on the server!

Temat: [Circuit] Pts.of.Dhrty

Odpowiedzi: 9

08-02-2019, 13:14

[Circuit] Pts.of.Dhrty
by Orbacle
Location: San Fierro
Only forwards (no reverse version)

[Image: mta-map-ptsofdhrty.png]

(starts at 0:24)

NFSU- and NFSU2-inspired circuit with a lengthy multi-route part and imo a good track flow. Tried to tighten up object count while keeping the atmosphere but still can reduce object count if needed.

Temat: Rally Event #2

Odpowiedzi: 40

27-12-2018, 02:58

[Image: 03P2b5W.png]
RALLY EVENT #2: 2018-19
Me and Tekk are hosting the second edition of Rally Event.
Please read all the rules below carefully.
All rules and times are subject to change before the event starts.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask by directly messaging me in forum PM or in discord Orbacle#4161
Every competitor has to register for the event by replying to this thread and writing their in-game name.
Please register only if you are sure that you can come.
If you want to participate just for fun and not for premium reward, we will be able to take your time during training session and you don't have to register here.
Registration deadline: Saturday, 18:59 polish time.

Achieve the fastest time which is the sum of 3 stages.

1st place gets 14 days premium code
2nd place gets 10 days premium code
3rd place gets 7 days premium code

Player with the best rally livery gets a 3 day premium code.
If that person also won a place on actual races, then livery premium is given to the next highest-rated player who has not got into top 3 of races.

Date: Saturday, December 29

Schedule (polish time, might change):
15:00 - Stage list announcement/Beginning of the training session
18:45 - Start of the meet/Parc Exposé in LV
19:00 - Event start, competitor presence checking (all participants must arrive before this time)
~19:05 - Transit to Stage 1
~19:15 - First competitor starts

There is a max limit of 32 players for the event. After all players go through Stage 1 (one by one), top 16 players are chosen and then qualified players transit to Stage 2.
Then same for Stage 3, but only top 8 players (sum of 1 and 2) are chosen.
After Stage 3, an awards ceremony will be held.

Approximate length of the event is 3-5 hours (all 3 stages), so evaluate whether you will be able to stay that long

Limitations and requirements:
  • A, B and SUV classes are banned
  • Deluxo is banned
  • Max 300 score
  • Nitrous use banned
  • All stages must be completed using the same car (dyno can be changed between the tracks)

    Car penalties:
  • Manana: +3 seconds penalty
  • Previon and Vincent: +2 seconds
  • All muscle cars: +2 seconds (attn: might change)
  1. Keep it civil, do not ram
  2. Broken prop (cone/fence): +1 second penalty
  3. Driving outside track (minor): +3 seconds penalty
  4. Major cut outside track: +5 seconds or disqualification
  5. Respawning: 3 seconds
  6. Extra rules TBA
Stage list:

Stage 1
[Image: c30hymx.png]

Stage 2
[Image: uWAvyVX.png]

Stage 3
[Image: nsSnAOn.png]

Good luck, have fun!

Disclaimer: don't blame me if you wasted money and time for this event. Play for fun and on your own risk.

Temat: Christmas 2018 Event

Odpowiedzi: 6

19-12-2018, 23:06

ADVAN crew with the help of Culture crew is hosting a Christmas livery [paintjob] event.
Rules and time are subject to change before the start.

Upd21-22: Using unique christmas vinyls acquired from 2016 christmas gives -5 score penalty.
Using crew logos for vinyls is not allowed 

Create a Christmas-themed car.

Top 3 players with the most score get a premium account reward (duration to be announced).

Saturday, December 22.

To be announced.

19:00 - start the meet and main showoff
~21:00 - end of ratings

(polish time, exact time might change)

Note that you don't have to arrive at the start [19:00]. You can arrive before the event ends and get rated.

Alternative participation:
If you are not able to attend the live meet, you can send your screens via forum PM [not in this thread] or to my discord Orbacle#4161
Sending screens instead of attending subtracts 3 points from your overall score.

Rules for screens:
- At least two screens
- ENB and other shaders have to be disabled (details allowed)
extra points are deducted if requirements are not met.

Each participant will be given a score by judges (scale of 10 with 1 decimal digit).
The player with the highest score sum wins.

The objective is to create an artistic Christmas-themed car and it is exactly what is rated.
Whole car paintjobs are now rated a bit higher than on Halloween event
(like on the door
Body styling details that compliment the paintjob are an advantage as well.
Artistry, theme relation to Christmas, details, coverage and quality of the car are the main criteria

TBA: weather choice/restriction

Disclaimer: don't blame me if you wasted time and money on this event. Play for fun and on your own risk. This event is meant to get server into Christmas mood by increasing the number of thematic cars.