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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
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New developers wanted!
We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

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W temacie: Newport

Odpowiedzi: 18

20-01-2017, 13:31

I think it's very innovative and I really like it. I would like to try it out Smile

W temacie: Swift Lanes

Odpowiedzi: 2

07-01-2017, 13:51

Well made

W temacie: What is this?

Odpowiedzi: 5

30-12-2016, 23:27


W temacie: Outta Control

Odpowiedzi: 4

30-12-2016, 23:17

(30-12-2016, 23:09)Cooper Wrote: OK but what are those ugly walls for?

They will be invisible

W temacie: LS Alleys

Odpowiedzi: 5

28-12-2016, 23:07

But I think that the "shortcut" @ 2:23 is unnecessary. It'd be easy to jump out of map there.

Temat: Police memes

Odpowiedzi: 64

14-12-2016, 16:52

Let's post some dank memes with NFSSA's police.

[Image: Tp53jMr.jpg]

Temat: Windy

Odpowiedzi: 10

16-03-2016, 22:09


[Image: MCj0cT0.png]

Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy 
It's windy.

Temat: If you thought you're lucky...

Odpowiedzi: 3

16-03-2016, 12:17

Of course everything calculated (kappa).

[Image: rdWiPbV.jpg]

Temat: [Suggestion] - New Track

Odpowiedzi: 8

05-01-2016, 21:04

Hey there Smile So I spent some of my free time in editor and I created new track which might be used in NFS:SA. I just need your opinion Big Grin If you'll think it's good enough to put it in the server I'll share it Smile If anything needs to be changed I can do it as well Smile

The track was inspired by this circuit from NFS Underground 2:
[Image: 196?cb=20140110161502&path-prefix=en]

Mostly by these splitted ways at the highway.
This is the track from the game:
[Image: 6EVhXgy.png]

Track isn't so hard, it's really easy and it's only about max speed. I don't really think there is any track in NFS:SA like this one ^^

This track has also included invisible walls so players can't escape from it.

And here are some pictures:

Temat: NFSSA Beta Community - Cars showroom

Odpowiedzi: 12

03-01-2016, 22:16

So since beta version is ending let's share our best screenshots from it! Big Grin
[Image: 9NsOCBQ.jpg]
[Image: a1lUcgt.jpg] [Image: fFLviYe.jpg] [Image: piAJQWN.png] [Image: 576aQY7.jpg] [Image: KgLGeD7.jpg]