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W temacie: Show yourself!

Odpowiedzi: 94

06-04-2020, 00:42


[Image: AIzXz4p.png]

W temacie: Either something happens or this server is going to die.

Odpowiedzi: 17

05-04-2020, 00:36

Closed. PM me whenever you find it reasonable to open.

W temacie: Alpha Anyone?

Odpowiedzi: 5

09-07-2019, 19:54

Never  Angel

W temacie: Uchiha

Odpowiedzi: 34

25-12-2018, 13:18

The recruitment is closed, isn’t it?
So is this thread.

W temacie: I hate farewells

Odpowiedzi: 18

24-12-2018, 15:56

A little change of plans, i'm back :----)

Temat: I hate farewells

Odpowiedzi: 18

30-09-2018, 14:09

Well, i still remember the time i joined the server 2 years ago. I was feeling very small among other players, didn't really bind my future with that game, it was supposed to be just another short run. Then i started making friends, in which ESRT/URT helped me a lot. As the content was slowly crawling up the ladder of progress, it was the players, that kept me playing. After one year, the real journey with NFS:SA has started, yep, the time i've joined the team as a moderator (Arunn u bitch, why mute). We've all gone through the [URT]Paula adventure XD I still shit myself of laughter how this little fuck trolled so many people. The time i was promoted to the NFS:SA team member was a freakin' breakthrough in my life. Never have i ever thought that such a game will help me develop any other skills than the "WSAD mashing champion's" one, yet i made so fucking huge progress as a 3d modeler. I realised that any opportunity, no matter how trivial, is the opportunity worth catching. Funny, huh. Simple online game gives you a lesson xd In 2017 i started mechanical engineering studies, complex shit, it has brutally taken the very part of me out of the server's hands. I had no time to play, no time to model, no time for anything, so i slowly started abandoning the NFS:SA. Today i've decided to oficially say goodbye. I know i've been a really huge dick sometimes, (sorry Ramzes xd), but i wanna thank you all for this hell of an adventure and i hope that you'll remember me as a positively malicious fucker, not a dickhead xD 

Okay, farewells.

I really wanna thank some special people, but first HUGE thanks to the real friends i made here: Nexoon & KomuH, love you guys, you're awesome.
And ofc Forkerer, time to drink again xD
Okay x2, next: NFS:SA Team/URT/Sokudo/Roofies, awesome guys, awesome fun, awesome memories.
Especially KubiX, Hellomygay, Cappy, Qociolek, Happy, Kucky, Felek, Slugler, Krazio, Mefisto, Szydi love you guys too.
Okay x3, other people (xD): 
Fox - u sneaky, little... I used to hate you, but you turned out to be really cool guy.
FeaT - u vicious, ugly, stinky, fucked up little dickhead that can drift xD Kisses
Arctic - oh boii, that guy has the best style i've ever seen, good bro and great modder.
YoWorstNightmare - another dickhead xD Still funny as fuck, cool guy
bkplayer - my favorite Vin Diesel out of here
bencxx - u little liar, love our funny conversations xD Jeżak 

And ofc bartek[PL] for letting me in and giving the possibility of developing my skills, cool guy too

Thank you all again and goodbye! I wish all of you best races, new best scores, and everything!
Sorry if i forgot about somebody, gonna edit xD
Your most ruthless team member - Arunn c:


Temat: Uszanowanko

Odpowiedzi: 8

20-08-2017, 17:13

SIEMANO! Jestem Mati, mam 19 lat, noszę czapkę wpierdolkę jak na Matiego przystało, czasami sobie slav-kucam. Nie noszę ortalionu, kiedyś chodziłem na siłkę, ale zrobiłem sobie przerwę w byciu łobuzem. Mieszkam na tym lepszym i czystszym Śląsku, tak, tym z brzegu. Od tego roku będę studiować na politechnice. Interesuję się motoryzacją, motosportem, driftingiem, gram głównie w symulatory i erpegi, ale reszta też spoko. Amatorsko sobie modeluję od jakiegoś czasu i już miałem zaszczyt widzieć jak moje modele znajdują sobie miejsce na naszym serwerze. Słucham tej samej muzyki co KomuH. Na NFS: SA trafiłem przez MówPoLucku  Angel . Życzę wszystkim miłej gry i niechowania urazy po otrzymaniu przeze mnie mute'a. Pozdrawiam  Shy


Odpowiedzi: 3

04-06-2017, 22:59

Hey, here's the another video i've made. Cheers!


Temat: Arunn

Odpowiedzi: 6

14-04-2017, 21:06

Nickname: Arunn

Age: 19

English skill (1-10): 9/10

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA: It's 240k RP and 14 days online atm.

How much free time do you have to moderate server?: 1/2 hours per day.

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages on chat?: Firstly, I warn the player and if it does not bring a desired effect I mute him.

What do you do when someone starts insulting other players?: Same as above, yet for longer periods.

Do you have any experience (if yes, describe): Yeah, I moderated a Minecraft server in the past.

Which language channels can you moderate?: Polish/English

Why do you want to join moderators team? (at least 100 words): As I've settled in the NFS: SA community and as we all know that polish language chat is full of junk, envy, agression and spite I personally think that it needs a strong-arm moderation. I'm said to be a troll by some (but not in a malign way), yet many players know that I am really serious when it comes to responsible issues. Not only have I knowledge about the server but also in some other domains so whenever a newcomer's got a problem I'm ready to offer a help. Secondly, it often happens that my presence ties in with other mods absence and by that I assume we can complement each other rather smoothly.

Temat: NFS 2015 | EDIT #1

Odpowiedzi: 2

07-04-2017, 19:51

Another edit.

((Easter Egg included))