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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
>> NFS:SA Booster <<
New developers wanted!
We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

More info here: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-10798.html



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  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Portugal
  • Bio: Hi, I'm a webcomic and car artist and a photographer as hobbies and an aircraft painter as a profession. That's a lot of "and"s.
    Anyway, came from the now deceased Need For Speed World looking for something alike, and this is just the perfect replacement.
    I'm also the newest addition to the development team, as a 3D modeler. I model okay, but I still got a lot to learn, so, I'll use and abuse my newly acquired position to pursuit that goal.
    So far, I brought you visual parts for Fortune, Cadrona, Blista C., Jester, Hermes, Uranus, Stallion, Clover, Sultan and Comet.
  • Skype: "Boo! (...)#5788" in Discord.

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  • [Image: automodellista_staffroll_fairlady_240z_t...6cl2pm.gif]
    The living proof you can drive like a madman within the speed limit.
    ... Although that sounds kinda lame.


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W temacie: A question I need answered by a nfssa team developer

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Yesterday, 04:04

There's also another thing I'm just realising that is wrong...
When you play any NFS games, the first thing the game gets you to do is to drive a fully tuned car (NFSU Integra, NFSU2 350Z, anyone?). That happens exactly as a strategy to hook the player into the game, telling him or her right away that "this" is what they're working for. A beautiful high performance car! That is what shows what the game is about!
With NFSSA, your first experience is very boring by comparision, and so is your first car. Slow and ugly, and in most cases not even tuning it will help...
I think the real NFS games have a way more exciting introduction to them, with NFSSA, I can almost say there's literally no introduction.

If we made the start a little more exciting, fun, intuitive and specially more informative, it would help retention a lot, because the player wouldn't just be there looking around trying to get a clue, it would know exactly what he was getting into, what his end goals are, and thinking to himself "Holy fuck, this is cool!".
We seriously need to work on a flashy entrance and good advertisement.

W temacie: A question I need answered by a nfssa team developer

Odpowiedzi: 12

Yesterday, 01:51

Hey, I'm from the dev team!
But I can't answer because that's not my department.

My opinion is that racebans ain't an issue at all when it comes to that... I was a noob (And my racing performance says I still am!). Most online games punish you for leaving races/battles/whatever, so I think that rule is common knowledge for any game at this point. It's not gonna stop anything.

What we truly need to get the player count up is advertisement. Good advertisement!

W temacie: Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Odpowiedzi: 87

13-11-2018, 03:14

Thank you! And I'm already getting close to fully learning NFSSA's texturing ways too!
I wanna make a custom texture for the intercooler and such parts alike, but lets see how that idea rolls with them... For now I gotta use the generic one.
[Image: uranusbk2front2_by_theportugueseplayer-dcruop0.png]
[Image: uranusbk2front3_by_theportugueseplayer-dcruook.png]
[Image: uranusbk2rear5_by_theportugueseplayer-dcruoo1.png]

W temacie: Hey all! Dimonchik is here!

Odpowiedzi: 15

11-11-2018, 01:05

Welcome and nice introduction!
Military aircraft painter here, I work on the maintenance of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules and P-3 Orion and General Dynamics F-16. Basically, I work on the shit that wrecks your ship! That's why it's funny!
I'm glad you liked the updates the server got ever since you played, and I hope you'll still have a ton of fun in it, now even more!

W temacie: Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Odpowiedzi: 87

10-11-2018, 22:08

The third bodykit, together with bonnet and both popup headlight options...
[Image: uranusbk3front4_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmjt.png]
[Image: uranusbk3side3_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnml0.png]
[Image: uranusbk3rear2_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmlg.png]
[Image: uranussleepyopen1_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmwt.png]

Temat: I Made My Own Poorly Drawn Comic!

Odpowiedzi: 25

29-04-2018, 21:54

As all of you should know, all the times I worked on a bodykit for this server, I could never deliver a finished product, as I literally don't know how to texture the models - between other more complex game related things - so I always depend on NFS:SA's developers to come up with the final product.
This said, you can imagine I get pretty excited to see one of my works at its final form for the first time! Alike everyone else, I also have to wait until the new update arrives to see the result of what the developers were working on, outside any teaser screenshots they may release.
And, as everyone else, again, I actually gotta buy the stuff ingame to have them (as if I needed to specify that, right?), if I don't, I never end up seeing it... Unless I spot a car in Freerun using one of my bodykits! But it gets pretty frustrating when I don't...

... Shit, I just spoiled the comic. *facepalm*
NEVERMIND! Here it goes:

[Image: nfssacomic01web_by_theportugueseplayer-dca6ixl.jpg]

Okay, I just did this because of the balls comic from the other guy. Just having a bit of fun, I haven't drawn in quite a while.

So, this thread doesn't serve of much now, does it?... I guess I could make this a thing then, I dunno. Any funny situation you wanna see portrayed? Any question you wanna see answered in comic form?
If yes, shoot bellow, or Tweet me something @RumfordSuppe.

Temat: Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Odpowiedzi: 87

11-06-2017, 00:13

Gonna make a little gallery with the stuff I make in Blender. I already made a few car parts, and I've been getting more used to Blender with time.
I still don't know how to do the normals and texturing part, but I'm hoping to figure it out with experience. I find modeling cars pretty fun.
Did you like this new bodykit for the Fortune that came with Tuning Update Part 2? I made that one. Helomyname edited it and put it in the server.
No, this doesn't mean the stuff I make ends up in the game, I've been repeating this part to be crystal clear. What ends up in the server is 100% their decision, but, I'm still giving out these for the developers to use freely at any moment, if it saves them time or whatnot.
... I know most people don't like walls of text, so I'll move on with it and skip to the cars.


Exhaust Tips:
  • [Image: blender_2017_03_27_22_24_05_27_by_thepor...bc92lr.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_22_22_54_by_thepor...bc92uo.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_21_52_17_by_thepor...bc9333.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_21_57_62_by_thepor...bc932p.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_22_01_36_by_thepor...bc932b.png]
  • [Image: dwm_2017_05_04_21_47_56_97_by_theportugu...bc923s.jpg]


  • Uranus (not happy with it) 
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_29_56_by_thepor...bc919l.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_23_57_by_thepor...bc919w.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_11_34_by_thepor...bc91a9.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_39_11_by_thepor...bc9197.jpg]
  • Vinyl Set (I reached the conclusion this paintjob has elements too complex for NFS:SA's current vinyl system and would probably not fit right) 
    [Image: wip1raw_by_theportugueseplayer-dbcbkvv.jpg]
    It's also not possible as a standard GTA paintjob without changing the original texture maps.
    [Image: gta_sa_2017_05_15_18_36_39_78_avi_snapsh...bcbl24.jpg]
    [Image: wip1_by_theportugueseplayer-dbcbkxj.png]
  • Flash
    (Post #34, located at page 4 of this thread.)
  • Primo
  • Clover
  • Stallion

And, well, I'll update the thread everytime I model anything new. I hope you like these!

Temat: Matthew's Stock Gameplay Footage

Odpowiedzi: 2

01-05-2017, 20:00

If you're a Youtuber, and do commentary, compilations, or whatever you're into, there might be a time you don't wanna bother setting up your screen recorder and find something interesting ingame.
Well, I happen to be an idiot who almost always has FRAPS on but then doesn't want to do anything with the footage, to the point of filling up his hard drive and being forced either to erase or send everything to Youtube as storage.
Point is, I have the videos, but don't wanna bother edit them, so, if you wanna download them and use them, be my guest. No mentions needed, no deals, no credits, no need to warn about anything, just take them and leave. May they have any use for you. Although, most of them are probably crap... But at least it's 1080p crap! ... That Youtube completely ruins the quality of. 

Car Meetings:
https://youtu.be/ChIVC1cqiZg (Santa Maria Beach)
https://youtu.be/TRs0uATWEgQ (San Fierro Run)
https://youtu.be/w-RWy3LG3sk (Big San Fierro Run To Island)
https://youtu.be/JL7oBIHowCc (Missionary Hill Horns)
https://youtu.be/pMkQRDH4OHc (Area 51)
https://youtu.be/QziCHSyDfqw (Area 51)
https://youtu.be/PbNlvzZOjQQ (Area 51)
https://youtu.be/-eRaCJh4isY (End of meeting at Angel Pine)
https://youtu.be/C1NQt65zwpg (Huge meeting and run starting in LV, ending in Angel Pine)

Potentially Funny:
https://youtu.be/FRKrDn5Ip-8 (holy crap, same once again and I even get stuck. Wait, actually, lemme move this.)
https://youtu.be/79KCecfsL5o (Can't go up an incline)
https://youtu.be/P0RHrYdxN-E (Floating wheels glitch at Doherty)
https://youtu.be/o37j5EDAOqY (Hacker who spawned a tank)
https://youtu.be/XBpdEA5Y1BI (Duel with Nyan Cat car)
https://youtu.be/apm7fBUwntw (Bunch of guys jumping in the air to get on top of a building)
https://youtu.be/KykCzcQhJXI (same)
https://youtu.be/Zm-hhtqG4fU (Broken Offline SanAndreas)

Random Gameplay:
https://youtu.be/4mUzmp_6stw (End of a meeting)
https://youtu.be/1975G_pSr4g (Bodykit I was working on)
https://youtu.be/34s1zMFMrK4 (A jump)
https://youtu.be/102SoOy4V8Y (Offroad race in island)
https://youtu.be/z0wV4TT47Hk (1 Lap Circuit Ambassador Ridge)
https://youtu.be/nptZZ3PL8xg (Sprint Las Venturas)
https://youtu.be/0GT2ZZ0MuBk (Primo 10 Lap Airport 3 Drift)
https://youtu.be/0Fjj1IVD8bA (End of losing Ambassador Ridge)
https://youtu.be/ZdWOGGi5exo (5 laps Ambassador Ridge)
https://youtu.be/CW2IuiHV5XQ (Escape From San Andreas loss)
https://youtu.be/CDNPcOg5dkE (Escape From San Andreas 2nd)
https://youtu.be/-cDBglSrN4s (5 laps Ambassador Ridge 2nd)
https://youtu.be/gS6v5ddDW3U (Bus Freerun)
https://youtu.be/NouVyrbRD7I (MTA Glitch during Drift event)
https://youtu.be/RwXDyTI7YIQ (Freerun Futo + Disconnect)
https://youtu.be/gOV-B8I7tIg (Waiting for players in drift)
https://youtu.be/iGy83yZTZdE (Escape From San Andreas 3rd)
https://youtu.be/DcMGKD_G3Jc (Bouncing Walton)
https://youtu.be/6ZME3QzErpE (Drift Cut Out Due To Lag)
https://youtu.be/zVp9Os0MGeQ (Standing around on top of a building)

https://youtu.be/lehWz0ziGxo (Freerun found Hustler lookalike)
https://youtu.be/ACOQ-Z3dahQ (Freerun found 2 Hustler lookalikes)
https://youtu.be/ryc_FuaohFw (Still Hustler lookalike...)
https://youtu.be/erNP_btSB70 (Easter Egg)
https://youtu.be/H_VgGNHYVcY (Magazine Run Vinyls)
https://youtu.be/yJwMYdiDI7s (Looking at cars in Doherty)
https://youtu.be/AniuMRQgsGk (Jump)
https://youtu.be/RYW8W5kFJrM (Jumps)
https://youtu.be/1w9NOwpl_W8 (Drag placement glitch)
https://youtu.be/T8HCbAp7OcY (same + fail)
https://youtu.be/mIIUye_Elns (same again)
https://youtu.be/_JWcPINb5HI (MTA glitch in drift event)
https://youtu.be/850wv_qUcYA (Bus freerun)
https://youtu.be/Fqv8I498SUw (Freerun camera experiments)
https://youtu.be/81odQ0zsCQU (Freerun jumps SF)
https://youtu.be/RBLD3nfbA5o (3 laps Ambassador Ridge loss)
https://youtu.be/tFYeivdZ6v0 (MTA glitch during drift again)
https://youtu.be/PhV-408pTrU (Primo drift)
https://youtu.be/VaqGlUrKxGs (Primo 3 laps Circuit Trial Of Escape)
https://youtu.be/8QLFys_R51s (3 laps Ocean Docks circuit Primo)
https://youtu.be/MxWCbQxX4hc (White flashes glitch during race)
https://youtu.be/X9AdqjTPicU (Goodbye LV sprint 2nd Primo)
https://youtu.be/ulvTOQdrN5c (3 laps Fort Carson Hustler VS Buggy)
https://youtu.be/jzpKYBk-Pfw (Vinewood Hills sprint)
https://youtu.be/SJqxXtAOrGg (3 laps drift Docks)
https://youtu.be/YLuOv71OMsA (2 laps Casino Ride circuit Hustler loss)
https://youtu.be/EUWZh4l33qs (LS sprint Primo)
https://youtu.be/k8Oij8UwrRk (3 laps Carson Sightseeing)
https://youtu.be/k8Oij8UwrRk (Who Let The Dogs Out sprint Primo)
https://youtu.be/YHrbr1Je2OU (Bridge Cruise sprint)
https://youtu.be/mGI1HHJB8yY (Tramways circuit)
https://youtu.be/3t2jZL9gZ4s (jump)
https://youtu.be/HZ09SSWYvQE (2 laps Eagle Drive)
https://youtu.be/Izm4Ho9OZr4 (The Thief sprint)
https://youtu.be/FLDbSGOTUbY (3 laps Street-X)
https://youtu.be/Zy-fkGA1w0w (Trial Of Escape sprint)
https://youtu.be/UKNb2xL0fFc (Race with Snow shader on)
https://youtu.be/Zp0UAbRV_D8 (getting A-Type)
https://youtu.be/nebAyxAwr50 (texture glitch)
https://youtu.be/tT40daP2BPE (1 lap Fierro Madness)
https://youtu.be/l8dOD6Kq1KM (stock Fortune drift)
https://youtu.be/0PVKDjumqrA (Kami Road)
https://youtu.be/0PVKDjumqrA (Sound Of The Police 2 laps)
https://youtu.be/ot7Zg3gzY58 (City Lights Drift)

I have footage of plenty of other games, even better footage, but this is a NFS:SA forum, so SanAndreas it is.
If you have footage of your own you wanna give away, you can use this thread for that too.

Temat: Hi, here's a tame MatthewChow for you.

Odpowiedzi: 6

14-03-2017, 00:32

Hi! I usually go by the name ThePortuguesePlayer in other sites and games. I came here from Need For Speed World, the game that recently went dead. For months I was trying to find a substitute up until I found one of Whitey's videos on Youtube. I had no idea of such a server in MTA, I didn't even know it was possible to change San Andreas so much this way! I went to try it, and, despite the body kit options not being great, I was extremely surprised at the NFS Carbon like vinyls. From all the features, this is one I was sure it was impossible to implement. It's impressive, and somehow all this is even stable, kudos for the developers, amazing work. It seems like I'm here to stay, even if only to recreate some of my old NFSW cars in SA.
[Image: nfs_world_forum_friday_entry_by_theportu...6ixogz.png]
Image made for a contest at NFS World's forums. Didn't win a thing, unfortunately.
Nissan 240SX || Aston Martin V12 Vantage || Nissan Fairlady 240ZG || NFS Carbon's Career Cars
To be honest, I don't like racing as much as I like creating the cars. Of course, NFS games like Underground, UG2, Carbon and ProStreet are big favorites because of their customization possibilities. After NFSW, I gave a shot at being a Youtuber for a game called Robocraft. It's one more of those cube building games. I created cars in it, and that was pretty much all I did. I hate the gameplay completely.

All this creating and designing comes from me being an graphics artist. I'm not much of a gamer, but, if the game is a good canvas for creativity, I'm all up for it. 
As a hobby, I draw some webcomics, and do photography. I also do some sketches of toony looking cars as a timewaster, as it's something I draw with ease just to relax. The name Matthew Chow comes from a character of one of those comics, I usually use the names of my characters as game nicknames, just because, so I end up swapping names often.
[Image: nokia6760sheresbarley_by_theportuguesepl...b26x2f.png]
Professionally, I'm a car painter at a small workshop. I get to work on plenty of normal cars but it's not unusual getting something more exotic once in a while.
During my experience of less than a year in that place, I've had the pleasure of working on cars like the Tesla S60, the Bentley Continental GTC, the Jaguar E-Type, the Lamborghini Huracán, Gallardo and Gallardo SuperLeggera, the Mazda RX-7 FD, the 68's Ford Mustang Fastback, the Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R and R33 GTS-t, the Toyota Corolla GT-86, and the usual classics like the Citroën Diane, Gen1 Mini Cooper and Ford Escort Mk1, and that's every fancy name that comes to memory. 
[Image: crw_0092_cm_by_theportugueseplayer-db272cs.jpg]
Despite all this, not even once I had the pleasure of working on a Volkswagen Lupo, which is a shame, because it's my dream car.
Within the first week I got on this server, I contacted Quindo, asking him if he planned on making the Moonbeam a drivable car, one of a whole "Class M", for Minivan. He said no, and I got sad...

Who can freaking resist this?!
[Image: 16657230528_a5ed181b75_o.jpg]

I would totally main that car, as I did in offline San Andreas.
However, I still aim to get something of mine into this game, specially some vinyls, I want my cars to look the best, even if I lose every race. As you may have guessed, I have experience on 2D digital drawing, but I also have basic knowledge of 3D modeling as well, so, someday, making a bodykit for one of my cars is a possibility. It would be really nice if I could get it ingame, so, it would be kind if someone would bother to explain how do things work here in that regard. In the meanwhile, if anyone needs help with any project, give me a shout and I might be able to help.
And sorry if my English goofs up once in a while, of course. I try my best in that regard, but sometimes something slips.

See you, as I fly through San Fierro!

[Image: sfair_by_theportugueseplayer-db273xf.jpg]

P.S.: This post has more spoilers than a Fast And The Furious movie...