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W temacie: [2018] Touge Racing Event.

Odpowiedzi: 10

Yesterday, 00:23

The event is over now. Sadly, it wasn't a success at all.

If anyone wants to know why, I'll try to explain (at least partly), why it went down the drain.

Personally, I didn't really want to start doing anything without Orbacle, as it seemed like fail to me. The reason I did it was because Kaja said that it's gonna happen anyways, with or without the team members being involved. I knew that it's gonna be hard and most likely  won't end succesfully, so I agreed to help. I made this forum post and agreed to co-host the event (he doesn't speak English) as I knew there won't be only russian-speaking players.

The sign up. We used the discord method, because we both expected the people who'd send a message to 100% participate. As it takes a bit more time and effort to find a specific person and send him a message, than just leaving a random reply in the thread. But it didn't work. Some people still didn't show up. I'll be honest, it just made things to be more difficult for us, as only Kaja knew who's gonna stay. (Though, Remolit contacted me a day later after he signed up, saying that he won't be able to come, so thanks Remo). But it's our fault that we used it, and if some of you will have an idea to do the same for you event - don't. Just use the forum, it's easier.

Later, when the meet has finally happened, we found that from 20 people who originally wanted to participate in, only 10 showed up and followed the schedule. Another 4 joined us later. However, they missed the competitor presence checking part.. We probably shouldn't have let them join, as it was against the rules, but I'll be honest - I just wanted to make the competition to be more interesting. This was my decision to allow them to stay and  take part, and Kajapan wasn't involved. I fucked up alone.

When the first race has finally started, we still thought that everything was under control, until the end of it. This is where we realized that  it was far from being organized. 2 of 14 participants didn't even know the rules.. One of them got kicked out later, because he started to randomly drive around the track and didn't want to listen to anyone, like if he was in a rush. I know that kicking someone out is not exactly a friendly move, but back then I couldn't really think of anything else, as it was already a waste of everyone's time.

Shortcuts on Chilliad. These were really shitty too. I should have listened to Remolit and told Kajapan to add some more, or at least exclude these. But they were left untouched. I can't really tell why. Could be it's because I thought it was Kaja's idea and I shouldn't mess with it, or because I managed to successfully use both of them when I was testing the track with different cars. I don't know, maybe both. But yeah, almost no one could use them effectively in the actual runs, and it's another fuck-up that we made.

About the slow replies/response in general: During the first stage,  my PM and discord got bombed with messages, random people were asking me if they can join, when we were already half way down with the thing. I couldn't respond to everyone and probably missed a lot of messages in /cr chat. Voice communication between me and Kaja was also really bad, so I had to ask Nhung and Jisatsu-Senpai to help me with recording the track times. That was a big mess.. Thank you guys for helping me out.

TL;DR - Most of it went wrong and we probably made a big mistake by trying to host it. Some things we didn't expect to happen at all.

This was our first attempt to host an event this big and complicated, and it was also mentioned in the beginning of the meet. Neither of us tried that before, and I apologize that we fucked up.

Still, thanks to everyone who decided to participate. Especially those who helped and stayed till the end.

[Image: vSEIslB.png]

W temacie: [2018] Touge Racing Event.

Odpowiedzi: 10

20-10-2018, 16:01

Registration is over. Thanks to everyone who decided to participate!

W temacie: [2018] Touge Racing Event.

Odpowiedzi: 10

20-10-2018, 03:23

(20-10-2018, 01:33)Manik999 Wrote: You can count me in, nickname in game: Manik_Biceps

(18-10-2018, 21:11)Yoshida Wrote: Amazing, i participate -Mizota's

Contact Kajapan @ Discord: kajapan#0383 if you wanna join. He's holding the list of participants (because I just can't do everything by myself). Thanks in advance.

W temacie: Super Moderator rank for yokou

Odpowiedzi: 15

18-10-2018, 01:51

Yes cause why not?

W temacie: [2018] Touge Racing Event.

Odpowiedzi: 10

17-10-2018, 19:44

Updated the rewards information and added better pictures for the shortcuts.

Temat: [2018] Touge Racing Event.

Odpowiedzi: 10

17-10-2018, 16:21

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Touge Racing Event 2018!

[Image: CcLMAFb.png]

So, what's a Touge?

Touge (峠, tōge) word literally meaning “pass.” It refers to a mountain pass or any of the narrow, winding roads that can be found in and around the mountains of Japan and other geographically similar areas on every part of our lovely globe.

Touge Race has two stages — an uphill and a downhill battle. One car leads the race during the uphill stage, with the second car leading the downhill.

Just as with Touge Races in Racedriver: GRID, as a leader you will need to get away from your opponent (300m, duels will be used), or if you're a chaser - pass your opponent and finish the race.

In case both cars have successfully finished uphill and downhill stages, the time gap between the cars (on the finish line, 2 runs compared) will define the winner.


Finish the race as fast as you can. Get away if you're a leader, overtake if you're a chaser.

1st place - 5 days premium code.
2nd place - 3 days premium code.
3rd place - 1 days premium code.

Saturday, October 20.

Schedule: (GMT+2).
19:00 - Start of the meet @ Missionary Hill parking lot.
19:15 - Competitor presence checking (all participants must arrive before this time).
19:25 - Transit to Stage 1.
~19:40 - First competitor starts.

The MAX amount of people for the event is 24! -> Registration is over.

After all players go through Stage 1, top 12 players are chosen and then qualified to Stage 2.


General Rules:

Don't be an ass.

Event Rules:

1) Using shortcuts is strictly forbidden, with an exception for the specific spots (see below).

2) No "Shingo Tactics". For each collision with your opponent you'll get a +1 sec. penalty to your finish time.

3) Stay on the road. Going off the track with 1-2 wheels is allowed, but:

   1. Going off with 3 wheels will add +3 sec. to your finish time.

   2. Going off the track with 4 wheels = automatically losing the race.

4) Car respawn (on track) will also add +3 sec. to your finish time.


Requirements and Limitations:

 • Max Score = 350

 • No nitrous.

 • Make your ride to look appropriate for the event. Avoid going for "drift missiles" and such.


Ban List:

 • "SUV", "Vintage" and "A" class cars.

 • Manana.

 • Vincent.

 • Deluxo.



1. Powerline, LS.
[Image: UPJEI7x.png]

2. MT Chilliad, SF.
[Image: odLp8mN.png]

Allowed Shortcuts:

1. Powerline.
[Image: HU24dZZ.png]

2. Chilliad.
[Image: wYGogTL.png]
[Image: CyICO3w.png]

Meet & Parking Spots:

1. Missionary Hill Parking
[Image: JZGAw82.png]

1. Powerline.
[Image: dj4Iny5.png]

2. Chilliad.
[Image: a1w1TKR.png]


>> For the sign up, contact Kajapan @ Discord: kajapan#0383 <<

Leave your in-game name in a message and don't forget to specify that you're going for the event.

[Image: o99g5dE.png]

Temat: Minor bugs.

Odpowiedzi: 7

10-08-2018, 02:27


Usually I prefer to report everything (bugs, fuck-ups) that I find directly to staff members. However, some of this stuff is minor. Instead of creating countless threads, I decided that I'll just make one and will be posting everything here.

If anyone feels like doing the same, be my guest.


So, this one is small and not really a bug. Helo told me on Discord it probably wasn't intentional and suggested to post it here.

[Image: INQg4nV.png]

As you can see, the icon for the Splash pack doesn't match here, and using Shapes icon instead. Should be easy to fix.

Temat: Update the ingame rules.

Odpowiedzi: 46

26-07-2018, 20:56

Hi. I'll make this quick.

Bunny is hosting a premium event (drift) today, and he got muted for 2 hours for using a single "lenny face".

Before that, a random dude that I've never seen before was saying nationalistic stuff in Global (non-English) and he just got kicked, nothing more.

I understand the consequences for the second one, but what about the first example? This isn't even specified in the rules list. I had to contact Helo on discord so he explained to me that it's considered as a flood/spam.

[Image: BGvgAcZ.png]

Anyways, how the guy was supposed to know that? Please, either fix this or unmute him, otherwise it looks like a mod abuse to me.

Thanks for your time, peace.

Temat: [S. Mod] Nhung

Odpowiedzi: 13

26-06-2018, 03:30

Good day.

There's been lack of activity from the s.mod's side lately, (especially in Ru part of the community). If there's a massive flame or flood, or people being complete dickheads to each other or everyone, start ramming et.c, sometimes I need to ask a foreign mod for help (thanks to Yokou and Rukito for being there). Can't say it works everytime though, cause some of the other mods just don't want to bother. But no, I'm not trying to say that these mods are bad. It's completely understandable that every mod has a language chat to keep an eye on, and that not every single person on this server knows English to be able to talk to them. So, here's the reason why I created this thread: Hex is not as active during daytime (IRL stuff), and Nhung just doesn't have the same mod abilities, even though he's been a lot more active and overall being a great help. I don't know if having two s. mods is too much, but the point is, that sometimes having an ability to give a 1~3 day ban is simply a necessity. The amount of braindead idiots who just can't be stopped from doing dumb shit is somewhat impressive. I've been a mod on a custom TF2 server for about 3 years, can tell I guess. Anyways, just felt like sharing this with the rest of the community. I'll leave a poll here to see what other people think.

Thanks for your time. Peace.

Temat: DC9; DC16

Odpowiedzi: 10

22-06-2018, 16:52

Hi. Can someone please explain to me how do I fix this fucking shit? Sorry for the language, but I'm simply tired of losing my time trials over and over again.

Worth to mention: It ONLY happens to me when I'm on THIS server. I don't lose my connection according to Discord and it always happens out of the sudden. Literally when it's the least expected thing.

Since May 10 I've been also playing on another big server*, and I've never seen it happening there. No pop-ups or DCs whatsoever. I once had a straight 6 hours long session, still completely fine.

Orbacle kindly provided me these two pictures, showing me the description, but I don't understand if the problem is actually on my end and/or what can be the possible cause:



Side note: My router is like only 2 months old and I'm fairly sure it doesn't overheat.

Edits: *