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W temacie: Complains About Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 29

18-01-2020, 09:21

There's lots of top times that looks suspicious af and there was also that other ex-mod guy who exploited the tops before. Which means you can never be sure if the specific guy is legit. I'm not directly accusing anyone, but this topic is never gonna change, as everyone just looks fucking shady by now. Some have magically improved their skills within months after that ex-mod guy got banned, and it was quite interesting to watch certain names appearing on the lists out of the sudden. There's also this Aroszparo/Blank vs Anod war going on, which is some sort of beef that lasts for months now. Overall, it's always the same group of people that keeps competing against each other and neither of them cares anymore if their times looks plain absurd. Not every exploit in this game is related to FPS count too. I've seen some tt videos where the car controls seemed very different from what it actually is in the game. I can't explain it in details as I'm not that experienced with the engine and stuff, but it certainly wasn't the gamepad, as I have one and I know how it works.

ps. Stop threatening each other with shit like "don't blame me next time without proof or that will hurt you", cause that crap looks ridiculous. This game is full of bugs and it's totally fair not to trust anyone.

W temacie: Let's discuss about balance

Odpowiedzi: 16

01-01-2020, 20:05

(01-01-2020, 16:39)MatthewChow Wrote: Okay, now that's your memory problems kicking in...
Tekk, lets not do this again, okay?

It's already started and it wasn't me who started it. If I'd knew how the script works, I'd already try and make my attempt on creating a proper handling line. Say what you want about my memory problem, but it has nothing to do with you accusing me in "giving up on things midway" without actually providing any examples. I'm still waiting for some. By the way, you already accused me in things I never did before. At least once, which I'm aware of. The "fury talk" case, with the "fury" part actually never been there. All I did was asking you to not waste my time, because I was annoyed by waiting for you at 3AM for over a hour, but you took it as offense. Are you that touchy or something? Later you made up a story and got away with that crap, since I didn't have a chance to reply (I wasn't in the admin channel by that moment anymore and quit the NFS:SA discord). Now you're saying that my memory is to blame and that I knew everything about the script, without having the access to it up to this day. Amazing.

(01-01-2020, 16:39)MatthewChow Wrote: The Uranus situation was bad in your view, sure, but you had the support of the whole dev team trying to fit your event in in the best way we could. Instead of working with us and trying to find a solution that could benefit us both you just ran and blamed everyone else around you, as if your friends were all out to get you all of a sudden. You killed your own event, not anyone else. Shit happens everyday, you just gotta deal with it and make it the best you can. Sure I take responsibility for once again being oblivious a game update could come in the way of an event, it could have been avoided if I knew your reasons beforehand, but you blew that way out of its true proportions.

Of course, here comes the event talk. You just couldn't hold on without it. You say that I had the support of the whole team trying to "fit my event in"? Right.. Well first of all, I didn't ask anyone for that in first place. I didn't even know the Uranus was about to get released. It was sitting on the test server for at least 2 to 3 weeks by that moment and no one was giving a shit about it. Last testing was done at the end of May. I moved the event date only once (from June 29th to July 6th) because Orbacle couldn't join me due to his final exams. I also announced that publicly, even mentioned it on this forum, without spoiling the event theme. No one minded it, not a single developer. So yeah, everyone was aware of our plans by that moment and no one had to "fit my event in", as if it was something that suddenly popped out of nowhere. Honestly, if that saturday was so freaking important to you or anyone else on the team, you guys could just tell me. I would probably move the event to the next week. But nope, I was told the update is gonna happen 3 days before the event starts, when the event theme was already spoiled and the post with the rules and stuff was already created.

Speaking of the actual support from the dev team - the only people who actually helped me with creating the thing were Quindo and Orbacle. I explained to you in details why doing the event and releasing the Uranus in the same day would not work. I did it twice. You ignored all that and just said "it's not up to me and it's gonna happen anyways". I had to move the thing again (for an unknown period of time, wasn't sure about the date by that moment anymore), because I didn't want the update to throw off people's attention from the event. I explained to you in details why the event wouldn't be the priority for people. Multiple people even confirmed that to me later. Scoob mentioned that on discord. So yeah, probably it's you who should learn to accept other people's ideas or at least listen to what others have to say. Also, if you wouldn't be making up bullshit and blaming me for "directly damaging your business" and by that provoking me even further, none of this would have even happened. Just keep telling yourself that I killed my own event because I really wanted that. Whatever, dude. I was already through this, and I didn't even want to mention it here, but you just had to do it, cause it's the way you are. By the way, I even asked Quindo to release the maps twice, first I did back in November and the second time was fairly recently. He confirmed he's gonna do it.

If any mod wants to close this thread since it's heavily derailed, it's the right time. Matt will be able to post here anyways since he has the rights, and I just can't stop replying when I see such bullshit.

W temacie: Let's discuss about balance

Odpowiedzi: 16

01-01-2020, 12:23

(01-01-2020, 01:38)MatthewChow Wrote: I explained the best I could why NFS:SA's system didn't work with the normal handling lines at the time and you know it applies equations over loose values. You can't convert a normal line into that, you know that. It's a dynamic system. Stop acting like you don't know this. I don't know the math that goes in the code to be able to translate a vanilla line into NFS:SA, I had to go by feeling alone.

And what makes you think I knew all this, again? Seriously. No one explained that to me before, in details. All I was told by the devs is that the script is completely different from hedit with the way it works. You included. We only had this talk once with you, during December 1-2, when we were testing the parts on your private server. Later I asked Quindo if it's hard to understand if you're not experienced with the code and he said "yes". That's all I know about this system.

(01-01-2020, 01:38)MatthewChow Wrote: You told me that you wanted to help this project and be useful many times before. Now that I'm giving you the chance to leave one of the biggest impacts in the game that could potentially lead way to fix many of the broken parts of it you're running away again? Why do you always give up shit midway? You don't need to go, give it at last a try. You couldn't be more useful by doing this. You may be fighting windmills, but at least have the balls to leave a proper dent on this one while you got the chance to.

But I believe I did at least something to help the place as well, and wasn't just talking "many times"? I mean yeah, I'm not not a scripter, nor a modeller. I won't be able to magically learn all this stuff in a few days. Saying things like "always give up shit midway" is big words, but you forgot to mention when and what did I give up on. Because everything that I wanted to work on was pretty much finished from my side in the end. The decision for me to quit was made months ago, and I specified the reason why I had to return in October in my previous post. So talking about "balls".. n-word, please. After the confrontation we had before, when I was trying to prove my point, and was kindly asked to shut the fuck up with the "we know better" talk. Really? I mean, my point stands still. It's just "Fighting the windmills" is a waste of time. The server requires much bigger changes than just one or two handling lines, and even if I could do something like that, it's very doubtful I'd be able to do it quickly.

W temacie: Let's discuss about balance

Odpowiedzi: 16

31-12-2019, 17:34

(31-12-2019, 03:20)MatthewChow Wrote: The favoritism didn't come from me wanting the car to be OP, the favoritism comes from my certainty that any changes to that handling coming 1-2 days before the update launching would give a bad result, specially when seeing that the first thing that kept being brought up was either "make the car understeer" or " delete this handling and just copy the handling from Bravura with some alterations here and there". That is simply not the way I work and I worked on this car for way too long to see it get a random kick to the side like that. This kind of change is to be made way sooner than that in development and I made sure there were plenty of opportunities to do it. I made every alteration and experiment I was asked to from my testers, and many were made. If you think the van is good now, you should have seen then. I tried to get you in right at the first test, but you had me blocked. At the time it did have class B performance for real, if not better.

The things you just mentioned aren't the things I originally suggested to you. After you said that the handling I made can not be used due to script working in some weird way, and showed me the new/current one, I suggested you to try and make another one from scratch. Because this one wasn't properly balanced. Gonna mention that all of this was back in November, not 1 or 2 days before the update. So I guess there was plenty of time. And I didn't have you blocked too, you should know that. On July 4th I just removed the majority of people (related to NFS:SA) from my discord and quit the server. That was made so people would stop asking me about what's going on and what was the reason behind cancelling the offroad event. You could contact me later at any moment, if you wanted to. But I doubt any of us were interested in that. More to that, I thought that I did all I could with the handling. Because I asked you I should change something about it like 4 to 5 times during the tests, but you said that it was cool and approved it. That was back in June.

(31-12-2019, 03:20)MatthewChow Wrote: And you know damn well I'm oblivious to the competitive aspect of the game as I personally don't give a crap. I don't play races. My one and only criteria from the start was simply "to make it fun to go around", and because I'm this oblivious to the competitive side and already knew from warning that you could skip performance parts with Moonbeam, I played it safe and made Moonbeam's score higher than every other class E car, equivalent to having an extra part always on, so you could not fit as many parts in Moonbeam as you could with other cars within score limits, but even then, I went to race Moonbeam against other cars after the update coming and I didn't feel like I had any advantage. The other cars kept beating me like it always happens, so... I don't know, I haven't seen anything game breaking yet. I went to check the Race Stats and I didn't see any Moonbeam stealing a top time yet, so... I'm fine for now.
I'm not knowledgeable about the topic of this thread and I don't even understand it clearly, so, I cannot add good input to it. I wouldn't be capable to even if I wanted. My job is not to make handlings, that's why I asked for your help at the time, but, you can keep doing that job, since you're by far the most knowledgeable on it I know and with the strongest most sure opinions. I can make you our handling maker and the next car we add to the game, which comes sooner than you may think, will have the handling made from start to finish by you. You are by far the most capable of doing this job and I need someone to do it for me. We'll talk in February about it. I will teach you how the handling system works.

Well, I guess you're right and your words is some sort of an explanation of why a modeler shouldn't be doing the balance related things. I mean, I do get what you're trying to say, but this car is not a "freeroam mode-only" car. None of the changes that you've made did anything significant in the final release. It's still a car that can whoop a maxed Primo by just using a "300" score build. Your example with not being able to win the race against other players isn't a valid argument too, because as you stated yourself, you don't do these very often. I would assume that it's just a lack of practice. Our skill with Orby matches quite good and during the test races I managed to get a solid time difference, and we did like 10 or 15 attempts with like only 2-3 being me losing to him cause my car spun out or I hit some random prop. I highly doubt that I can be considered a good driver on this server, so I'm sure that players like Anod, Berkayy, Aroszparo would show even better results. Speaking of the handling maker role, I appreciate that and it's surprising for me, after what was said and done during the last 7 months. But honestly, I'm not really interested in such big promotions, not anymore at least. I didn't plan to stay around and came back only to start working on the christmas/new year event. It was one of the ideas that I wanted to finish cause was asked by my teammates, I guess I did. For that role, you should probably ask Scaftz and give him a chance. I often see him giving decent suggestions and it gets ignored. Really, he's the person who even created this thread. Anyways, I'm just sorta tired of everything, "fighting the windmills" and stuff like that, and it's time for me to move further. It's been 2 great years and this community was one of the best I know. I don't regret anything and enjoyed playing here. So yeah, I apologize if I said something harsh in this post or in general. Wish you all to have a nice 2020. See you.

W temacie: Let's discuss about balance

Odpowiedzi: 16

31-12-2019, 01:42

(27-12-2019, 16:31)Bunny Wrote: There are 2-3 people that could take over the handling making of the server and will do a great job out of it, but not 1 person alone imo. Will be something like consulting with the testowankos team to achieve good results.

Actually, that is something that did not work. Let me explain. Originally I took one of the E class cars handlings as a base, and changed / tweaked it to the point where it became its own thing. Not just for the sake of being "ooh, so fancy/different", but rather to make the controls unique and enjoyable. Before all that, Matt explained to me how his IRL car reacts to high speed driving and I tried to recreate that without going nuts with the numbers. I didn't want it to be OP nor make it impossible or annoying to drive.

In the end, the three of us (me, Matt and Orby) did some testing in the actual races, at different times. (All this was like 6 to 7 months ago). The car had pretty average performance and could be placed safely in between of the Intruder and Bravura. To the person who reads this: If you've tested the E class cars before, you should know the basic performance scale/graph of this class. But yeah, it had a little fishtaily but controllable steering, decent acceleration and an acceptable top speed. At the same time, it wasn't the absolute best at anything. It was okay-ish, and as Matt originally said, "it was something that he originally wanted", a "fun to drive car" that would be "similar to his Agila".

So, I don't know what exactly happened after this, as I quit the server on July 4th and only came back on October 14th, but when I asked him about the Moonbeam's progress, he said that the handling line I made can not be used due to the gamemode's script working in a different way. So he had to use "something else" and that "something else" later showed to me that the car feels like a tuned out B class car when it comes to controls.

The only thing that was significantly nerfed in the final release was the top speed and the acceleration. But these two parameters often aren't even as crucial - really, just look at the Sentinel, it's a good example. The car is a freaking brick, and its accel and top speed are not helping it on the corners at all.

Anyways, on December 24th (2 days before the update release), we finally did some testing with Orbacle, where I wanted to show/prove to him that the current handling is plain overpowered. There he used the max score Primo against the "300", "302" and "308" score Moonbeam (different setups). Later we switched cars multiple times to see if the specific person's driving skills and the map knowledge can heavily affect the results. I guess it sorta did, but only in the beginning. Though, then it became quite obvious when in one of the final tries I managed to show the 15 seconds difference between us on the finish line, and it's not even about me being such a great driver. The freaking thing absolutely destroyed one of the best E class cars without even being maxed. That's because this van often doesn't even need the brakes to enter the corners.

You may wonder, what's the point behind this huge essay? And now we're going back to the beginning. It's because two people from your team (who's also a part of the test team) made these changes to the current handling. The only significant changes they did were the accel and the top speed. I don't blame them, no. I know that Matt insisted that nothing else should be done to it and they left it as it is now. I even have the exact line from the logs where he says it to Yokou after he mentioned the handling being OP:

[2019-12-24 17:00:59] [Output] : (G) (8) MatthewChow: Race, but the handling wont change, only aceleration and top speed stats will.

What I'm trying to say, is that this job doesn't require a "hive mind". What it actually requires is some basic knowledge about the competitive aspect, the understanding of how the renderware engine works (also the hedit and the gamemode script) and the person who's not wishing to make "every favorite car of his" to be OP. I know, following this is not gonna be easy, but it's the only way to fix the balance problems. Either that or it's gonna stay broken.


That was my point. I'm saying all this only because no one else from the dev team cares enough or wants to speak up. Previously Berkayy and Yokou commented on the handling subject, but I'm not trying to bring them to this conversation. It's just I wasn't the only one who noticed.

Temat: [Event] Grip Sessions - Vol. 1

Odpowiedzi: 34

22-12-2019, 03:05

[Image: sa7MXZ5.png]


It's been a while since the
Touge Spring Sessions, the last thing that me and Orbacle attempted to host together. The second part of it was quite fun and people gave us some positive feedback and suggestions in the end (thank you guys), and because of that I even had a plan of hosting another big event shortly after. Sadly, it didn't happen, and after about 7 months of doing absolutely nothing being busy with other stuff, I thought that the time has come and I should return to this
. I have to apologize cause it's likely going to be the shortest event description ever, but there's just not enough circuit maps being made recently, so.. since it's winter holidays and also cause the mysterious update is about to come out soon, I decided to add something to it as well and make it a little bit bigger. It's not much, but I hope you will enjoy playing these and have some fun participating in (likely) the last event of 2019.

So yeah, Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Let's make it loud for the sake of Christmas spirit!

Main Objective:
The main part of the event will consist of two stages: The first one being the qualification, and the second one being 1v1 competition.

It's quite simple: The participants will go through each new track, aiming for their personal best time. The 4/4 player scheme will be used during the qualification part, in order to speed things up. (Just so no one would get bored before they get to their turn.) Spectating will be allowed as well, so grab some food and get comfy!

qualification part is done, Top-16 fastest players (according to the sum of the best laps on each map) are going to advance to the second stage, where they are going to be seeded into a tournament bracket for the 1v1 races. In these races, you'll have to win against your opponent to be able to advance further and get to the final run!

The screenshot of the document with the track times will be posted later in this thread, after the event is over.

Side Objective:

Just as with every other event that me and Orbacle hosted together, there's gonna be a livery contest. Try your best, avoid going "rice" and complete barebones.

The judges for the contest are going to be picked from outside of the participants list.

Classes: E, D, C, Muscle, Vintage.
Max score = 300.

Blacklisted Cars:
E Class: Manana, Moonbeam.
D Class: Kuruma, Vincent.

C Class: Deluxo.
Muscle: Dukes, Phoenix.
Vintage: A-Type.

Saturday, December 28th.

Registration Deadline:
December 28th, 18:00, GMT+1.

Schedule: (GMT+1).
19:00 - Start of the meet @
19:15 - Competitor presence checking. All participants must arrive before this time.
19:25 - Start of the livery contest.
~19:55 - First competitors start to race.

1st place - 25 days premium code.
2nd place - 15 days premium code.
3rd place - 10 days premium code.
Best Livery -
7 days premium code.**

** If that person also gets to the Top-3 by the end, then the livery premium is given to the next high-rated player who hasn't got there.

Tekk, Orbacle, yokou, Broski.

Meet Location:
[Image: RfK5yaY.png]
"Area 69", Bone County, San Andreas.

For the sign-up, leave your in-game name in this thread. Be sure you don't have it changed by the time the event is about to start.

If you have any questions regarding the event, contact me @ Discord.

Shoutout to Orbacle (co-host, post-editing for the banner), Quindo (premium codes, server-side scripting, testing), Mechanic (original picture for the banner), Regtive (second driver on the picture), Kajapan (suggested me a thing and with that motivated me to work on this event), Evolution (pointed out the mistakes we made during previous events and shared some tips on how we could improve the competitive side of the future events). Also the Toishizoku, ADVAN and CultuЯe crews for being a great support through almost 2 years and many other people I know who's been good friends or simply fine dudes to hang out with.

Temat: [2019] Touge Spring Sessions

Odpowiedzi: 21

30-04-2019, 14:17

[Image: wJtHUzx.png]

Greetings, ladies and gents.

So, you probably already know what Touge is. If not, check this wikipedia link.

Basically, the first event that me and Kaja hosted back in October didn't go as smooth as we originally planned. Partly because neither of us have tried to host such a thing before, and we had pretty bad comms in the end. However, this time it's going to be different, as I took some notes from it and now going to deliver you a better system.

The event is actually going to have rooms. We're gonna be doing things legit way, instead of going with the freeroam stuff. This was requested by multiple people before, and it fits the event quite fine.

The main benefits of using rooms are:

1. An empty track with no random people on the way, so you can focus on your run.
2. Less lag and more FPS, because you won't need to load other people cars, vinyls, etc.

Now that we're done with the introduction part, let's get straight to the details:

The MAX amount of participants for this event = 16.

Main Objective:

Win the race against your opponent to get to the next stage.
Your opponent will be picked with the help of a random sequence generator.

Side Objective:

Make a suitable livery for your car.
There will be a small livery contest right before we start the main thing. The judges are gonna be picked from the side.
The most important thing is to stay original. Avoid going rice and complete barebones. Player with the best livery will be rewarded after the event is over.

Rules & Limitations:

No limitations regarding the car score. Use whatever upgrades you feel like going with. Setup changes between stages are also allowed.

However, the only car that is allowed to use this time is Super GT.

I should explain my reasons for doing this: This particular car is pretty tricky to finetune, has great controls, but at the same time requires a lot of precision from you to drive it effectively. Those who will spend a fair amount of time on their setups and practice should benefit in the end.

Another reason is that Matthew recently dropped some insanely good visual parts for it and also fixed the UVs. Gotta show some love for that.


Sunday, May 5th, 2019.

Schedule: (Polish time)
20:00 - Start of the meet @ LV, The Emerald Isle Casino parking lot.
20:15 - Competitor presence checking. All participants must arrive before this time.
20:25 - Start of the livery contest.
~20:40 - First competitors start to race.

1st place - 10 days premium code.
2nd place - 6 days premium code.
Best Livery - 3 days premium code. **

** If that person also gets to the final run, then the livery premium is given to the next high-rated player who hasn't got there.

Stages Info:

Stage #1: Powerline
Stage #2: Powerline [R]

Meet Spot:
[Image: latest?cb=20170102121038&path-prefix=ru]
Las Venturas, The Emerald Isle Casino parking lot.

It is right next to the Performance Shop, so you can quickly switch dynos if needed.

That's pretty much it.

Leave your in-game name in this thread for the sign up. Be sure you don't have it changed by the time the event is about to start. Also, be sure that you will be able to come. If something will suddenly change your plans, please tell us about it here in this thread, so other people also had a chance to participate. Thanks in advance.

I hope you all will enjoy this one. See you there!

Special thanks goes to Orbacle for making this awesome banner, and Quindo for greatly supporting the event!

Temat: [2018] Touge Racing Event.

Odpowiedzi: 10

17-10-2018, 16:21

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Touge Racing Event 2018!

[Image: CcLMAFb.png]

So, what's a Touge?

Touge (峠, tōge) word literally meaning “pass.” It refers to a mountain pass or any of the narrow, winding roads that can be found in and around the mountains of Japan and other geographically similar areas on every part of our lovely globe.

Touge Race has two stages — an uphill and a downhill battle. One car leads the race during the uphill stage, with the second car leading the downhill.

Just as with Touge Races in Racedriver: GRID, as a leader you will need to get away from your opponent (300m, duels will be used), or if you're a chaser - pass your opponent and finish the race.

In case both cars have successfully finished uphill and downhill stages, the time gap between the cars (on the finish line, 2 runs compared) will define the winner.


Finish the race as fast as you can. Get away if you're a leader, overtake if you're a chaser.

1st place - 5 days premium code.
2nd place - 3 days premium code.
3rd place - 1 days premium code.

Saturday, October 20.

Schedule: (GMT+2).
19:00 - Start of the meet @ Missionary Hill parking lot.
19:15 - Competitor presence checking (all participants must arrive before this time).
19:25 - Transit to Stage 1.
~19:40 - First competitor starts.

The MAX amount of people for the event is 24! -> Registration is over.

After all players go through Stage 1, top 12 players are chosen and then qualified to Stage 2.


General Rules:

Don't be an ass.

Event Rules:

1) Using shortcuts is strictly forbidden, with an exception for the specific spots (see below).

2) No "Shingo Tactics". For each collision with your opponent you'll get a +1 sec. penalty to your finish time.

3) Stay on the road. Going off the track with 1-2 wheels is allowed, but:

   1. Going off with 3 wheels will add +3 sec. to your finish time.

   2. Going off the track with 4 wheels = automatically losing the race.

4) Car respawn (on track) will also add +3 sec. to your finish time.


Requirements and Limitations:

 • Max Score = 350

 • No nitrous.

 • Make your ride to look appropriate for the event. Avoid going for "drift missiles" and such.


Ban List:

 • "SUV", "Vintage" and "A" class cars.

 • Manana.

 • Vincent.

 • Deluxo.



1. Powerline, LS.
[Image: UPJEI7x.png]

2. MT Chilliad, SF.
[Image: odLp8mN.png]

Allowed Shortcuts:

1. Powerline.
[Image: HU24dZZ.png]

2. Chilliad.
[Image: wYGogTL.png]
[Image: CyICO3w.png]

Meet & Parking Spots:

1. Missionary Hill Parking
[Image: JZGAw82.png]

1. Powerline.
[Image: dj4Iny5.png]

2. Chilliad.
[Image: a1w1TKR.png]


>> For the sign up, contact Kajapan @ Discord: kajapan#0383 <<

Leave your in-game name in a message and don't forget to specify that you're going for the event.

[Image: o99g5dE.png]

Temat: Minor bugs.

Odpowiedzi: 7

10-08-2018, 02:27


Usually I prefer to report everything (bugs, fuck-ups) that I find directly to staff members. However, some of this stuff is minor. Instead of creating countless threads, I decided that I'll just make one and will be posting everything here.

If anyone feels like doing the same, be my guest.


So, this one is small and not really a bug. Helo told me on Discord it probably wasn't intentional and suggested to post it here.

[Image: INQg4nV.png]

As you can see, the icon for the Splash pack doesn't match here, and using Shapes icon instead. Should be easy to fix.

Temat: Update the ingame rules.

Odpowiedzi: 46

26-07-2018, 20:56

Hi. I'll make this quick.

Bunny is hosting a premium event (drift) today, and he got muted for 2 hours for using a single "lenny face".

Before that, a random dude that I've never seen before was saying nationalistic stuff in Global (non-English) and he just got kicked, nothing more.

I understand the consequences for the second one, but what about the first example? This isn't even specified in the rules list. I had to contact Helo on discord so he explained to me that it's considered as a flood/spam.

[Image: BGvgAcZ.png]

Anyways, how the guy was supposed to know that? Please, either fix this or unmute him, otherwise it looks like a mod abuse to me.

Thanks for your time, peace.