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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
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W temacie: Nfs theories

Odpowiedzi: 10

09-12-2017, 23:03

ProStreet takes place in the "Real World", so i never considered it part of the same universe. But then Undercover which is once again set in a fictional city has a police chatter easter egg mentioning Ryan Cooper, and Payback which is set in a fictional city has the whole Noise Bomb crew which originates from ProStreet...

I guess they just had to make it complicated, didnt they.

W temacie: Nfs theories

Odpowiedzi: 10

09-12-2017, 19:34

Yeah, they are in the same universe. In UG2, you play as the same guy from UG1. Its mentioned you go to Bayview to take your mind off things or something like that. In Most Wanted, in one of the messages you receive its mentioned how people as far as Bayview are making bets on a race. And, since Carbon is a direct sequel to MW, then it's connected too. There's even a police chatter easter egg in Carbon mentioning Razor.

Olympic City, Bayview, Rockport and Palmont City are all in the same universe.

W temacie: Crew system Idea

Odpowiedzi: 10

05-12-2017, 19:48

I didnt say anything about getting free territory. New crews should be able to fight their way up just like anyone else.

W temacie: Crew system Idea

Odpowiedzi: 10

05-12-2017, 19:34

Imo any crew territory system shouldnt rely on points, because then a new team will never be able to compete with one that's been collecting points for months.

W temacie: Hello, xoxo here

Odpowiedzi: 10

15-11-2017, 09:24

Hi man, you can already do some really good stunts even with lower classes - when me and quindo started playing here, we stunted with everything we had at the time - starting from as low as D class.

Stunting is possible even with 'slow' cars.
Here are a couplw of very old pics of Sentinel and Emperor from me and Quindo, and Buggy from Quindo for example:

[Image: xu8YZ0y.jpg]
[Image: tgV4A4O.png]

In my second stunt film, i even have some Manana stunts, so stunting is not impossible with the first car you choose Smile

But the first 'real' stunt car I would aim for, is Monroe from C class - it is the unique car for that class, and it is great for stunting.


Sure, you can't do bullet-tier stunts with that car yet, but you can really do a lot! Have fun playing, and see you in the skies.

Temat: Project Roofi3s (Stunt Montage)

Odpowiedzi: 3

15-11-2017, 03:08

Temat: Buffalo Car Meet 29/05/2017

Odpowiedzi: 4

29-05-2017, 19:19

We had a little meetup of our buffalos! :Big Grin  Here are some pics:

[Image: KxF1vGV.jpg]
[Image: W0rqJtP.jpg]
[Image: VJ1dm74.jpg]
[Image: rZ0b2PM.jpg]
Sudoku-bros gatekeeping!
[Image: xURGFLS.jpg]

Thanks for the awesome meet guys!

Temat: New Parts Showcase + Bodykit suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 62

13-03-2017, 23:02

This is the new Parts showcase thread. If you want to suggest a new widebody, make sure your image is fitted within a SPOILER. A post that is not within a SPOILER will be edited/removed.

Parts Showcase:
Front Bumpers: Rear Bumpers: Sideskirts: Hoods: Rollcage: Roof: Spoilers: Widebody Kits:
E Class: D Class: A Class: Action Shots (WARNING - MASSIVE IMAGES INSIDE):

That's it for now folks, more to come! Remember, if you wanna suggest something, post the image inside of a Spoiler Smile
And remember, i'm just a beginner modeler trying to help the server move forward. Thanks!

Temat: Teaser Trailer

Odpowiedzi: 1

17-02-2017, 16:20

Temat: Minor improvement (unlock cars in carlot)

Odpowiedzi: 12

04-10-2016, 20:27

The first suggestion is to add the Magazine Star to the map legend/key when pressing M, this is fairly self explanatory. Here is a badly photoshopped visualisation:
[Image: d0QRMNn.png]

The second suggestion is a little bit more important and makes the gameplay much, much more smooth in my opinion.

When entering the Car Lot, all cars should be displayed, however the ones you haven't unlocked should have a lock symbol on them. The player's FREE RP would appear in the top right along with their cash.
After pressing enter on a car that you have enough FREE-RP and RP for, a window asking you to confirm would appear. If you did not have the required RP for the car yet, a message saying that would appear.

This is all-in-all more smooth, allows you to preview what kind of car you're unlocking and saves time.

Shitty photoshopped visualisation:
[Image: 7ARUm9F.jpg]