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  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Portugal
  • Bio: Hi, I'm one of the active modelers of this server.
    I'm currently studying animation and working as a car painter.
    I have many hobbies and skills, but working for this server is what consumes most of my free time. I would not call myself a gamer as I'm not active in that regard, but I am a creative person who genuinely enjoys the 3D modeling process and car creation in general. Same applies to characters and modeling, to a slightly lesser degree. I work towards self-improvement and economical stability.
    You can catch me easily on Discord.
  • Skype: "Port#5788" in Discord.

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    I told you it was coming!


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W temacie: My suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 7

17-10-2020, 02:06

Well, at the moment barely anyone is active with the handling rebalance testing, so, your input on it would be welcome.
If you still remember the server IPs and passwords, come by and try things out.

W temacie: My suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 7

16-10-2020, 23:09

Okay, a small update, Orb is starting to get back to active, it seems, and, regarding handlings... I mean, depends, actually active it is one person, but supposedly under the watch of all the devs and testowanker team... But I don't feel that part is making much of a difference, at least until now. I did some, fewer, handling edits and other person too, but nowhere to the scale of the main guy. Changes are decided within a group when possible.
Either way, I can say the changes are big and solve a ton of very old problems, so I believe the experience is better overall. Meta in a few classes will most probably change, as well as some dyno setups (you'll have to reconfigure a few aspects on some cars, mostly weight balance), and, if there'll be new problems, well, we can't really see without launching the thing, but we are now more open to solve them, as Tekk stated.

W temacie: The Big NFSSA Vent/Rant (for a brighter future)

Odpowiedzi: 19

11-10-2020, 16:03

Well, although it used to be true, you're a bit outdated on the second point. The situation has changed in the last few months. I've been making force so these tasks that used to be on the coders' shoulders get distributed to active community members, thus, why we are getting a handling overall and new vinyls (and more models than we can deal with). There is A LOT to test in the dev server at this very moment, like, really a lot, specially regarding the handlings since it's the most game changing aspect, the problem is that all the testers are already inactive themselves.
We as players find the whole situation frustrating, the whole no updates, devs don't reply, etc... But now imagine you are literally the only active developer in the team at one point in time and you need help with something or simply that one of your team members answers your question and you cannot get a reply from any them whatever you do to get their attention. I've been stuck with situations I've been needing help with for several months now, one of them affecting this very update. If I didn't turn to community members or if I simply quit a few months ago, I'm pretty sure this project would have already been dead today.
This is even more frustrating to me than for a normal player because I have a lot of investment in this project, and I really find it a shame to just let the server die like this... There's so much that could be done still, even if it is beating a dead horse.
As much as I can find people to make models, handlings and vinyls, things I know how to teach and can give tools for, I cannot code. I still need at least one active coder above all that can keep up a pace, so the others can get their own stuff into the game.
I want to go away myself, now that I'm in uni, but I really wanted to leave this in good hands... And it's being very hard to manage that.
I got sidetracked.
For now, I just want this update launched, the one we have now in the dev server, and for that to happen soon, I would, arguably, need the testers, else it's the players that will do the testing, and, Syaan to pick up where I left off, or, alternatively, me simply getting another vacation from uni to wrap up the parts, but that will only happen in December... I believe the update is a bit stuck at the moment. That's not all, I also need a coder to debug and solve one of the glitches that is happening at the moment with the new parts, and this is the one that truly bites my ass, because it's the only that I really cannot solve by myself with just having time.

TLDR, we have a lot of active development still but only in some areas, and we tend to get stuck by the lack of development on the other areas, and we are all very sad and demotivated people with a million frustrations in life.

W temacie: The Big NFSSA Vent/Rant (for a brighter future)

Odpowiedzi: 19

10-10-2020, 00:52

(09-10-2020, 06:20)darealarusham Wrote: tbh im surprised you didnt include the booster in the list of things that suck

Actually, if you understand how Booster works, it's actually pretty cool and useful.
It does a great job of removing micro-stutters at car loading in the game map and it improves the resolution of the vinyls while on Freerun (you can test this well with small text), if you select the "experimental" highest quality option.
But most people complain Booster doesn't work for them, and I can't quite figure out why.
I'm wondering if it's a Windows 10 or UAC thing, because on my Win7 that has UAC disabled I never had any issue. Most people that complain use Win10, from what I've seen.

W temacie: Hey there, I'm Kari

Odpowiedzi: 5

07-10-2020, 00:43

Welcome back! I hope you have a nice time, despite this being a little more empty...

Temat: Content Update - 28/03/2020

Odpowiedzi: 19

28-03-2020, 17:44

[Image: lossy4.webp]

Server Update 28/03/2020

The server will be closed for some time while we apply the update.

This update introduces a good quantity of new things into our server, of which, new parts for ZR-130, new speedometers, new challenge sets, a new language and a well deserved buff to the class E Unique Moonbeam.


With the help of the modeling work of our community members syaan, Mihkaa and Whas, ZR-130 has gotten a big update with new parts and fixes to existing ones.

The new bodykits:
- RE Amemiya #2
[Image: 14ulbhnunlwjikuzg.jpg]
Livery and model by Whas.
- MHK Customs
[Image: suw7m3wr0j0aq98zg.jpg]
Livery by Fayde, model by Mihkaa.
- MHK Customs + Diffuser
[Image: bk19xu1jkw1udqrzg.jpg]
Livery by Yokou, model by Mihkaa.
- Rocket Bunny
[Image: w3vmjuryzslgay2zg.jpg]
Livery by Fayde, model by Syaan.
- Rocket Bunny #2
[Image: ocbnusrfpwnx9e5zg.jpg]
Livery by Yokou, model by MatthewChow.
- Miata
[Image: zqjv0921dhqj9ovzg.jpg]
Livery by Yokou, model by Syaan.
- Afflux
[Image: o4nopyatrdyuc5azg.jpg]
Livery by Yokou, model by Syaan.
- Afflux + Extras
[Image: nlbhlf045aebc3ezg.jpg]
Livery by Remolit, model by Syaan.
- Time Attack
[Image: 6y0kt8g8b5tm452zg.jpg]
Livery by Whas, model by Syaan.

The new bumper sets:
- BN Sports
[Image: 8mnqwwx9wa2zcp5zg.jpg]
Livery by Fayde, model by Syaan.
- Spirit R
[Image: txrho1zxtcoi613zg.jpg]
Livery by Skript, model by Syaan.
- As well as some others taken from the wide kits.

New spoilers:
- MadMike
- Ducktail
- 326
- Downforce
- RocketBunny
- GT3

- The windshield banner
- 4 new hoods
- 3 new headlight options
- 9 new taillight options

- Some of the existing hoods got fully redone, others fixed, others stayed as it is.
- Driver position and seats were adjusted to a better position.

New Speedometers

As a part of newbie appeal improvements, we have made 4 new speedometers (thanks to Skript who made the visual part). Old stock speedometer is no longer available in Accessories Shop and is replaced by a new speedo based on NFSU2. 
New speedometers are adaptive to your car performance, which means that their appearance changes depending on which car you are using and performance parts used.

[Image: speedosnew.png]

All cars bought since this update will have the new stock speedometer. If you have a car with old stock speedometer, it will stay but you will not be able to get it back if you change it, however, old Stock colorable is still going to be available. In future it is planned to rework several existing speedometers to this new style.

New Challenges

We present you 2 new challenge sets with 2 new fun challenge types in them:
  • Money Challenge Set II: rewards $25000 on completion
  • ZR-130 Unique Parts Challenge Set: completing unlocks a multitude of unique parts for ZR-130, part of the mentioned above
[Image: unknown.png]  [Image: unknown.png]

Indonesian Localization

Due to an increasing number of players from Indonesia, it was decided to add Indonesian language translation to this server! It is translated partially now but our selected players will work hard to get it fully translated as soon as possible!

[Image: 255px-Flag_of_Indonesia.png]

We would also like to welcome our new Indonesian moderator - syaan!


  • 8 new maps and fixes to existing ones - thanks to Tekk and Rarti (these were uploaded two weeks ago)
  • Several other existing challenges got their difficulty adjusted and car visual stuff changed
  • Fixed several glitches and bugs with challenge series
  • Fixed Elegy's glitched camera position, thanks to LeXDDD and Parik whose help was essential to have this issue solved.
  • Portugal's flag finally got replaced by Brazil's in the language selector.
  • Moonbeam got a small buff to acceleration and its score lowered to make it more balanced with the other class E.

This update counted with a sponsorship and labor from Skript. Thank him for getting this ball rolling!
Many thanks to:
- The modelers MatthewChow, syaan, Mihkaa and Whas;
- The testers yokou, Fayde, Remolit, Reinvy, BrOsKi, Skript and helomyname (tell me who I am forgetting);
- And additionally Kucky, BrOsKi, Mihkaa, Arunn, bk_player and Skript for lending their own computers' resources to render that header picture!

Have fun, everyone!

Temat: Christmas Content Update - Moonbeam and Challenge Series (beta)

Odpowiedzi: 13

26-12-2019, 02:54

[Image: 1lanjjzyj436rwpzg.jpg]

The server will be closed at some point during the night while we apply the update.

This is an update that brings a couple of innovative features to NFS:SA.

The new minivan: Moonbeam!

Calling it simply a "minivan" doesn't make it justice. Moonbeam was made to be the true modular car of NFS:SA. You can keep it a minivan, turn it into a panel van, make it a pickup truck or even convert it into Burrito. Your choice. You can even make it a BMW! Track builds, Off-road builds or even Drift builds are possible. Moonbeam is the first AWD car making it to class E (as Unique). I bet you weren't expecting that one!

The parts:
Moonbeam is launching with a total of 64 parts for you to customize it with. More to come in the future, as it is far from finished.

- 7 Bumper Sets
- 4 Hoods
- 17 Headlight options (including 3 full front swaps)
- 11 Taillight option
- 5 Roof options
- 6 WideBody Kits

[Image: 77kw80opv6xehop3g.jpg] [Image: nnwpbbgsy9695kf3g.jpg] [Image: h7q6wddronhjjrx3g.jpg]

Not only Moonbeam's visuals are unique but also its engine sound, but, in case you are looking for something more "meaty", try Whas' sound pack mod, which already features an alternative engine sound for Moonbeam.

You can unlock Moonbeam by completing the Road Trip Level 3 task. If you happen to already have it completed, Moonbeam will be already unlocked for you.

The new Challenge Series!

[Image: foez23vecbu3lqg4g.jpg]

Still in Beta, the Challenge Series is a feature similar to NFS Carbon's of the same name where you complete a set of 3 challenges to receive a reward. You are given a preset car with a custom setup for every challenge.
So far there are only 5 sets of challenges of moderately easy difficulty, but, in the future there will be many more sets with much harder difficulty, various new challenge types and even cooler rewards!
At the moment, 22 new unique window tints and 17 new unique headlight colors are unlockable through Challenge Series.

[Image: 2z1pzlwn56nff3d2g.jpg] [Image: dwpxhd44b6l57sz2g.jpg] [Image: qdmqor0w5906rmp2g.jpg] [Image: was2soa31690pxj2g.jpg]

Special thanks to Klampy, Remolit, Berkayy, Yokou, Neonke, Tekk, Fayde, Broski, Whas, Skript and Scaftz for helping with these features and keeping it a secret.
Also, special thanks to Racko for modeling the interior for Moonbeam's SRT roof.

Challenge Series car visual designers:
1-1 Primo; 3-1 Vincent; 3-2 Uranus; 4-2 Jester; 4-3 Euros: Klampy
1-2 Futo; 1-3 Sentinel; 2-1 Emperor: Remolit
2-2 Cadrona; 2-3 Dukes; 3-3 Banshee: Orbacle
5-1 Moonbeam: Fidelus
5-2 Moonbeam: neonke
5-3 Moonbeam: yokou

- Fixed a bug that caused some maps to not load.
- Added a new widebody kit and two roof types to Elegy, made possible by a donation from AgileCrocodile.

[Image: l5oubzlxm63egb1zg.jpg]

And because we're on the winter holidays, everyone who logs in before the new year will have a week of premium granted. Not only, but rewards for all race types are also doubled during this time!
Have fun, everyone!

Temat: Content Update - 28/07/2019

Odpowiedzi: 17

28-07-2019, 21:56

[Image: headerrender_by_theportugueseplayer_ddcr...36z_NIGQ4Q]

Server will be closed at 22:20 server time for about ten minutes while we apply the update.

This update brings a good selection of new content!

Lets start with the new maps!

  • Crossing (reverse included), by Remolit
  • Pts.of.Dhrty, by Orbacle
  • Underside (reverse included), by Remolit
  • Baller (reverse included), by Remolit
  • Construction, by Remolit
  • Verano (reverse included), by Tekk & Scoob
  • Verano (reverse included), by Tekk & Scoob
  • Construction, by Remolit

And now... The cars!

Two of the class A cars got a complete overall:

Counthash, with a new kit made by our newest addition to the developers team, DisturbedForce, named 5000 Quattrovalvole 2!
[Image: ddcqpxf-d85a4a0f-ab5a-4757-89a3-6a1fc3cf...PWMZoy6ozI] [Image: ddcqpwy-700a321e-bf23-4708-b93e-17d683e3...nbGbCqs__8]
Screenshots by Fayde and broski

And Banshee, with two new kits by Helomyname and yours truly, MatthewChow!
- Speed12 -
[Image: ddcqpvn-b41c3ddb-f61e-46f6-8ea1-99ad2018...jeKVM2cDyM] [Image: ddcqpvh-dd728350-4bda-4a65-a15a-e29adb60...AloTSMJ7aY]
Screenshots by Angel_Ghost and Remolit

- and Custom Series -
[Image: ddcqpwc-69899eb2-5beb-497b-8ed0-c349d788...flSEM7TMas] [Image: ddcqpvy-888c63d6-ec21-4ffd-ac4b-7c3f5735...H7KLiRrzh4]
Screenshots by MatthewChow and broski

In addition to the bodykits, the following parts were added:

  • Roof extras (same as Uranus and Beamer);
  • Headlight and taillight variants to suit the new kit;
  • 2 new taillight types.
  • Windshield Banner;
  • Aerodynamic Side Wing Mirrors;
  • 5 new roofs;
  • Exhaust variants that suit each bodykit.
Bug Fixes:
- The models for the tires of aftermarket wheels were fixed to now present a smooth surface.
- Various spots in the Freerun map that present various types of issues.

And lastly, I'd like to thank Zarig, the developer of the DragonFF addon for Blender, that has been developing the only functioning Renderware DFF tools pack compatible with Blender 2.80 based on my feedback and that has been to great effort to make this addon compatible with our server, making it possible, for the very first time in this server's history, to export game-ready models directly out of Blender!
You can get the latest version of his addon for free on GitHub!

That's all.
Now, go have fun, everyone!

Temat: Content Update - Uranus 3/7/2019

Odpowiedzi: 11

03-07-2019, 18:43

[Image: uranusupdateheadercard3july_by_theportug...qffDNwTJfo]

Server will be closed at 20:00 server time for about an hour while we apply the update.

October 2018 was the month I had the pleasure of being given full permission to start fiddling with Uranus. Today, 9 months of work later, a beautiful baby is born.

The new parts:
  • 3 new Bumper Sets
  • 4 new Hoods
  • 27 new Headlight Types
  • 26 new Taillight Types
  • 5 new Roofs
  • 10 new Roof Extras (including Beamer's Police lights)
  • 3 new Wing Mirror Designs (as Sidewindow mods)
  • 15 new Spoilers
  • 6 new Exhausts
  • The Windshield Banner in Louvres
  • 4 new Bodykits:
- ProStreet
[Image: 1_by_theportugueseplayer_dd8vi27-pre.jpg...Hwol71OqOo]  [Image: 11_by_theportugueseplayer_ddat661-pre.jp...gOcwKdHMqE]

- Slanty Boy
[Image: 10_by_theportugueseplayer_ddat668-pre.jp...EJfr3DrUYU]  [Image: 2_by_theportugueseplayer_dd8vi1s-pre.jpg...JK03xP467s]

- Fatlady
[Image: 5_by_theportugueseplayer_dd8vi0v-pre.jpg...v_jedDWQio]  [Image: 4_by_theportugueseplayer_dd8vi15-pre.jpg...WjMCVJW948]

- Immortan Joe
[Image: e1_by_theportugueseplayer_ddath5r-pre.jp...6uCuNB8two]  [Image: e2_by_theportugueseplayer_ddath5f-pre.jp...v9xxFQb-IA]

Additional Notes:
- The vinyls positioning has had a small fix done to it. It is now possible to paint the spoilers separately on Uranus if you place your vinyls just below the rear wheel.

During this whole time I had the privilege of playing with Uranus all I wanted, like some greedy boy, but now it's time to share.

It's your turn to play with Uranus too, and I hope you have lots of fun doing it!

But wait! There's more...

We know that not being able to buy premium via SMS anymore sucks, so, to make things easier for you, from now on you'll have access to 8 free garage slots instead of the usual 5!

Have fun, everyone!

Temat: We shall grab n00bs with both hands!

Odpowiedzi: 17

16-11-2018, 15:55

(14-11-2018, 04:04)MatthewChow Wrote: There's also another thing I'm just realizing that is wrong...
When you play any NFS games, the first thing the game gets you to do is to drive a fully tuned car (NFSU Integra, NFSU2 350Z, anyone?). That happens exactly as a strategy to hook the player into the game, telling him or her right away that "this" is what they're working for. A beautiful high performance car! That is what shows what the game is about!
With NFSSA, your first experience is very boring by comparison, and so is your first car. Slow and ugly, and in most cases not even tuning it will help...
I think the real NFS games have a way more exciting introduction to them, with NFSSA, I can almost say there's literally no introduction.

If we made the start a little more exciting, fun, intuitive and specially more informative, it would help retention a lot, because the player wouldn't just be there looking around trying to get a clue, it would know exactly what he was getting into, what his end goals are, and thinking to himself "Holy fuck, this is cool!".
We seriously need to work on a flashy entrance and good advertisement.

A few days ago I posted this.
I've been thinking, and I think I could develop a bit more into this subject...

All Need For Speed games, at least from Porsche Unleashed up, have a brief story to place the player in the right mindset. In Underground you are in the middle of a crowded street race. You find yourself at the wheel of an iconic widebody high performance Integra. In the first two minutes you know exactly what Underground is all about! From then on, you basically work to get the experience you had in your first race, leveling up your car to be at the same stage of the one you first drove.
Underground 2 is a similar formula. Rachel lends your car to you and by doing races with her car, you get a taste of what Underground 2 is all about.
Most Wanted, once again, similar formula, but this time even better! Once again, you own this iconic widebody high performance BMW which you immediately fall in love with, you get a taste of it and you get it taken from you in a race. This works even better because the whole game is exactly about you trying to recover that exact car! The ultimate prize.
Carbon, same formula. You know where this is going.
Basically, in all games, you start with this high performance car in your hands that gives you this great feeling of power, that you lose almost immediately. The objective in all the games is to get that power back, the feeling of driving a powerful fast car back. Since the very beginning, you know what the game is about and you got your objective set. It literally tells you "You see this car? This is what you're working for! Get your power back.".
Even non car related games do this. Ever played through the intro of any Saints Row game? It's freaking epic! It's that, it's power, the beginnings have to be exciting and prepare you for what comes next.

Why doesn't NFS:SA have that?! When you start NFS:SA you're this powerless meaningless thing in a Manana who can't do shit. You don't even know what you're doing there! You stand there looking at all these guys in Freerun because you can't Duel any of them as they're at least two tiers above you, but you can't join a quick race either because there's almost no one to race with because you're literally so freaking weak! You can figure out as far as doing Diamond Hunts, but you can't do Magazine Runs because your car doesn't have the 3 star rating yet, you can't really do Time Trials because you know you're slow as fuck so you don't even try, and, you feel like this insect being thrown in the wind and it's just not a good feeling. You leave the game because it's just too much. It's everything but intuitive and you're just not having fun.

That's exactly the opposite experience we have with a good old NFS game. The antonym of exciting.

This is a server based on the Need For Speed series. Copy what makes it successful!

With this, now I start talking about what I think it could help our case...

What does this game lack? Well, for starters, and introduction to itself!
Yes, the freaking title says "Need For Speed: San Andreas", that's why you clicked it in the first place! That tells you quite directly what the server is about, but that doesn't mean that you should be thrown in it like some fart in the toilet! That is no way of presenting a toilet to a fart! Or, I mean, your new players ain't farts, and you shouldn't be throwing them anywhere, you're gotta give them your hand and ease them into your server. Mess with their mind a bit, show them how your book got a good looking cover, like a good seller does, you know what I mean? Show the best you got right away so they know what they got coming.
The way I'd do this, in this particular case, is with a very vague introduction story, like we have in the Need For Speed games. I think Underground 2 is everyone's favorite, so I'm going for something that closely resembles the intro to that one because I even think it fits well with San Andreas' map, as none of the other games had the intro scene in open world freerun.

After making your account, NFS:SA has you transported to a character selection screen where each character is leaning on a Bobcat... Now, what the fuck does a stock Bobcat have to do with the game? You can't even get the Bobcat ingame, so, why is it there? And as far as anything goes, a guy leaning on a Bobcat doesn't tell us a thing about the server! There's no message. Or, actually, there is, it tell us that Bobcat is one of the cars we can select, and it's a lie. Not a good start, in my opinion. Don't remind us of the existence of what we can't have, show us what we can have!
Lets look at Underground 2... You just came from another place, you arrive in a place at the airport and your friend has hooked you up with a car so you can get home. ... That is a good and yet vague introduction! Lets use that!
So, imagine this. You just made your account in NFS:SA. The next screen shows you an airplane approaching San Fierro's landing strip. (I'm sorry for the kindergarten drawings, but I'm in a hurry.)

[Image: dcs44ko-b4c4f66f-30e3-47e3-9a02-19f07f10bf85.jpg]

You are then transported inside the airplane, and this now is your character selection screen! Each character is sat at their respective place in each seat and your camera pans around to each character so you can select the one you want. Imagine GTA:VC's weapon store.

[Image: dcs450j-f7435077-6b55-4874-8d64-bfe2325a253a.jpg] [Image: Embraer-ERJ-145-cabin_Int-510x484.jpg]

You select your character and type in their name. You now see the airplane landing and the screen fading into dark.
(Insert loading screen here if needed)
Fade in, the camera is now point to a car next to a door, your character just outside that door (since that door can't actually be opened) walking towards and entering that car. An iconic widebody fully tuned high performance car.

[Image: dcs45ag-8aac38e1-9d29-403b-aac2-421e0ac9ca9c.jpg]

The car turns on and lets out a powerful cold start rumble, the lights turn on and the camera now rotates to its normal driving position. Your only objective shown on the screen: Reach your garage at Doherty.
Now, this will still be offline for now. There's two ways we could go with this, either make a time trial track and just put a map marker and let the player freeroam at will, experimenting with the car. Maybe the second option is best.

When you reach the Doherty garage, you are presented with a few brief animated tutorial screens explaining activities like the DH, Magazine, Time Trials, etc, and where you can start a race, made to feel similar to those short videos in the Underground games where they explain what Drift, Drag and Street-X are for the first time.

You are then asked to pick your first car.
This is maybe the opportunity to mention the reason why you got to Doherty in that car and why you can't drive it anymore. When you see Rachel, she mentioned she was just borrowing her car to get you home. We gotta come up with something alike, and a reason for you to basically get a Class E for free now.
"You can have one of my crap cars, I wasn't going to fix them anytime soon anyway. Have fun!" - Says your imaginary friend, lol.

In Need For Speed Underground, when you choose your first car, Samantha immediately comments "Outch, that is seriously weak, dude!".
That's gotta happen here too!

You are then directed to enter Freerun, and once you do, you get a message saying something along the lines of "Your car is very weak for racing. If you find out you can't compete, go to the nearest Rent-A-Car so they can hook you up a better ride until you can modify yours."

The Rent-a-car feature:
- Grinding in stock cars is not fun. -

These are pre-modified cars - complete builds - you cannot modify yourself. Their special ability is that when you race with one of these, the RP gained will be sent directly to a pre-selected car.
For example, you just bought a Manana and you can't do anything with it. Can't level up through Magazines, can't be good at pursuits, you can't find races. Instead of being limited to DH, you'd use one of these cars to do these kind of tasks and find races more easily while that whole grind would be leveling up the Manana to a playable state.
This "service" would be free until the player levels up his first car to 100%. Since after that there is no excuse for that car not being able to compete, the rental car is removed and the service gets back to being a Premium only service.
As a premium service, you can have any of the rental cars for as long as you got Premium on, however, they will only level up your selected car up to the 6th tier (just enough to reach a 2/2/2 or 0/3/3 build). 
This system is somewhat similar to when you buy a Premium tank in World Of Tanks or WarThunder, if you ever played those games. To me this is more natural as buyable premium instead of the miserable and completely unnoticed 10% extra RP and $$ we get from having premium. Because, admit it, you only buy premium for the extra garage and vinyl slots...

If you choose to enter the quick race lobby with your stock first car, all the players in the server that are either at the garage or Freerun will get notified that a first time player has entered the quick race lobby. The objective of this is that you, this new player, have the fastest queuing time possible so you don't get the perception the server is freaking deserted, and so the more experienced players that choose to join will be sensitized to go easy on you, noob, instead of murdering you right away, lol.

If and when you do choose to get a rental car, you'll have a more reduced list of cars to select from what an older player simply using premium has. A selection of very different cars that suit different needs and tastes, cars like a AWD Rally Euros or Sultan, an easy to drive FWD Blista, an SUV, a Muscle or a drift build Uranus, so that you can experiment with different styles and plan ahead on what kind of racing you want to do most of (instead of failing miserably trying to drift with a Manana...). I'm excluding Vintage cars because those can be unlocked very early on and I'm aiming at C class cars because they are the sweet spot between fun, drivability, easy match making and competitiveness.

Whatever the car chosen, the first time a new player joins the quick race lobby, the other players will get the notification to make the matching times shorter, but that will only happen in the first race. After completing the first race, that function gets disabled.

After that, it's just a matter of leveling up that first Manana - and once that happens the Rental car gets removed (showing a notification as to why and how to get it back by buying premium) - and it's normal game from then on.

And that's basically my idea to change the introduction to NFS:SA to noobs. I'm sorry for the wall, but I really GTG now, so do whatever you want with this info and see yah tonight!