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  • Title: i habe shit pc
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W temacie: [List] Static Car Models

Odpowiedzi: 13

14-01-2021, 12:41

(16-12-2020, 00:22)Tekk Wrote:
(11-12-2020, 02:01)darealarusham Wrote: well i just tryharded mamba challenge 324437 times today,it lagged less with static cars turned off


(11-12-2020, 11:59)adam11101 Wrote: static cars sometimes causes lags for me too, but not always

Hey guys. Can you describe me what do you mean by lag in this case? Like, does it add some input lag to your keys or it's the other kind of lag?

The only difference between the static models and the regular ones should be the amount of polys. Since the static ones are less detailed.

FPS lag,the game freezes

W temacie: Optimization update

Odpowiedzi: 13

08-01-2021, 00:44

(16-11-2020, 01:48)MatthewChow Wrote: Dare, NFS:SA's FPS scale directly with your CPU's single thread performance.
That means, regardless of GPU, a strong CPU is what will make your FPS stable, at least it's the one that counts for it the most.
A fast HDD/SSD is also important to kill the stuttering you experience sometimes.
In general, MTA is not taxing on the GPU much, and, for it, it's nowhere as important as the CPU.
However, it's good that you have at least 2GB of VRAM.

thanks for the info matt

W temacie: Christmas Update 2020

Odpowiedzi: 13

24-12-2020, 15:05

free prem yay

W temacie: [List] Static Car Models

Odpowiedzi: 13

11-12-2020, 02:01

well i just tryharded mamba challenge 324437 times today,it lagged less with static cars turned off


W temacie: New Challenges for Challenge Series

Odpowiedzi: 9

04-12-2020, 05:59

ok here mine

Legend of the Ghost vincent
Comet (503,no dyno)  Similar to baron porsche but with dark blue flames and manafac vinyls on hood and trunk
Track:Black Vincent 1lap
Event type:Follow the leader (basically like canyon duel in nfsc,stay close to the vincent and get 4400 points to win,you fall back you stop gaining points,remain within 80 meters of Ghost to gain points,somehow get ahead of it for 5 seconds to win)

FBI chase
Drab's Infernus,502 in whatever dyno he has
Heat level 8,Undercover cruisers,Phantom SUVs and Undercover Rhinos (undercover version of heavy rhino) chase you
Starts at Royale Casino,LV
Escape in under 10 minutes without leaving LV (barriers around where you can leave)

yes,ik FBI chase will be hard since remo blocked of all good spots in lv to hide,but it worth it since it will reward you with 7k rp.strange reward,huh?

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