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New developers wanted - scripter and modeler

Napisany przez bartekPL, 05-05-2018, 13:13
New developers wanted - scripter and modeler

Offline bartekPL

New developers wanted - scripter and modeler!

Due to situation that our team don't have much time to do anything for server like before, we decided to open special recruitment for new scripter and 3D modeler.

Scripter Recruitment

To apply for NFS:SA scripter, you have to meet requirements listed below:
  • Age: 16+
  • At least 6 months of experience with NFSSA
  • At least intermediate skills in Lua and MTA:SA and some general programming skill
  • Should be familliar with MySQL
  • Communicative English skills
  • Some free time and not expecting high revenue (which depends on amount of donates – so it’s only symbolic)
Also, you have to answer those questions:
  1. Name/nickname:
  2. Age:
  3. Country:
  4. English skills (1-10):
  5. Experience with NFSSA:
  6. Experience with programming in Lua and MTA:SA:
  7. What’s your general programming skill? Do you know any other programming language?:
  8. [Lua] What’s the difference between local and global variable? How we declare them and when/where should we use them?:
  9. [Lua] What’s the difference between passing variable to a function by a reference and by value? How are passed tables, strings and numbers?:
  10. [Lua] What are coroutines? Can we do something useful with them?:
  11. [Lua] What’s OOP? What are advantages of using it? How do we declare classes and create their objects? Show some example of your code of OOP in Lua (declaration + usage example, max 40 lines of code):
  12. Do you have some powerful MTA:SA script, made by you, that you can show to us and prove your skills?:
  13. Why do you want to become an NFS:SA scripter? What would you like to take care of and how much free time would you have to achieve this? How can we trust you to give access to files?:
  14. As an NFS:SA developer, what do you expect from us?:

And to show your skills, you have to make a following MTA script as a task:

Make a script, that draws 3D icons in front of few garages in doherty.
  • Script loads XYZ position, icon RGB color, garage name and icon file from XML database, which is client-side.
  • Each icon should be stored as own OOP class object.
  • Used OOP class should have own render function (with all required calculations for a single icon) that is called from master render function (with loop through global container).
  • You should render icon only if you are nearby it and it is on screen (also should be properly scaled according to distance to keep perspective).
  • Icon should be rendered using dxTexture, which is created from given file (you can hardocde few icons in meta.xml, icons can be random images in grayscale with alpha channel, becuase they are colorized using given RGB color, but with proper power of two resolution).
  • DxTexture format: loaded as DXT5 texture from .PNG files.
  • If you use one icon file for few garages, you have to keep only one copy of texture in memory instead of having own texture by each icon – to achieve this you may need additional utility functions with table with data or utility OOP class for managing textures.
  • If you enter an icon (you may need invisible marker for each icon), client sends message to server which outputs on chat (and additionaly saves to own log file with current date and time) name of entered icon and nickname of player who did it. After it, server sends back message to player and then this icon is destroyed on  client-side and is no longer accessible for player (until resource restart or reconnect).
  • If all icons that share same texture get destroyed, this texture should be also removed from memory – you may need additional counter for each texture in texture utility script and destroy texture when it gets down to 0.
  • Same with loading textures – only needed textures should be loaded into memory.
  • For destroying icons, icon class should have a Destroy function that releases memory used by object, removes object from global container and calls texture manager to release used dxTexture (if possible).
  • When resource stops, Destroy function should be called on all icons that exist yet to make sure that memory is cleaned properly.

If you have problem with some part of this task or understanding something, just contact and ask for help Quindo or bartekPL.

Filled application and done task script please send to bartekPL.

Modeler Recruitment
Already found


  • At least 6 months of experience with NFSSA
  • Use 3DS Max
  • Can create and edit low-poly and mid-poly models
  • Can UV map models
  • Communicative English skills
  • Some free time and not expecting high revenue (which depends on amount of donates – so it’s only symbolic)

Description of yourself, why would like to be a NFSSA modeler, your experience and some screenshots of your work please send to Venom or Helomyname.

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