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[List] Static Car Models

Napisany przez Tekk, 18-05-2020, 21:50
[List] Static Car Models

Offline Tekk

Hi. As some of you probably already know, the server has a feature called static cars. You can enable it in the [F11] menu by checking the specific box. What it does is replacing the MTA editor cars (scenery models on the maps) with their "lightweight versions", so you won't need to stress your CPU around the unnecessary crap. If you don't have it enabled, I'd suggest you to do it. It's totally worth it.

The idea behind this thread is to share the information about the replaced models. The 50-most-used cars got their replacements. The further information is probably only gonna be useful for those who finds the map creation process fun and wants to optimize their stuff yet keep the specific theme for it.

The list of vehicles that are supported by the "static cars" script:

id="403" model= Linerunner
id="404" model= Perennial
id="405" model= Sentinel
id="406" model= Dumper
id="407" model= Firetruck
id="408" model= Trashmaster
id="409" model= Stretch
id="411" model= Infernus
id="412" model= Voodoo
id="416" model= Ambulance (was replaced with Cartel Cruiser but has a static model working)
id="420" model= Taxi
id="422" model= Bobcat
id="426" model= Premier
id="427" model= Enforcer
id="431" model= Bus
id="435" model= Trailer 1
id="437" model= Coach
id="445" model= Admiral
id="455" model= Flatbed
id="457" model= Caddy
id="470" model= Patriot
id="475" model= Sabre
id="482" model= Burrito
id="486" model= Dozer
id="489" model= Rancher
id="507" model= Elegant
id="514" model= Tanker
id="515" model= Roadtrain
id="524" model= Cement Truck
id="526" model= Fortune
id="528" model= FBI Truck
id="533" model= Feltzer
id="542" model= Clover
id="549" model= Tampa
id="552" model= Utility Van
id="554" model= Yosemite
id="555" model= Windsor (was replaced with Monroe but has a static model working)
id="558" model= Uranus
id="560" model= Sultan
id="562" model= Elegy
id="569" model= Flat Freight
id="577" model= AT-400
id="578" model= DFT-30
id="579" model= Huntley
id="584" model= Petrol Trailer
id="590" model= Box Freight
id="596" model= Police LS
id="598" model= Police LV
id="599" model= Police Ranger
id="603" model= Phoenix

The rest is not supported yet, though most of them can still be spawned and successfully used for the scenery (e.g. Boxville), as they're not affected by the gamemode.

Some of the exceptions that cannot be used are gonna be mentioned below.


The cars listed below will not appear on your maps if you'll use them as a scenery. Their original models were changed so they are now a part of the gamemode. At the same time, they are not supported by the script yet. If you'll try to use these, the gamemode will pick a random "free" car off the list and replace it. That may sorta ruin your maps' scenery as instead of the Bandito (for example), a random Stafford could suddenly appear.

These are the models that you can safely ignore during the map creation process:

id="413" model= Pony - replaced with Counthash
id="419" model= Esperanto - replaced with Futo
id="434" model= Hotknife - replaced with Mamba
id="440" model= Rumpo - replaced with ZR-130
id="442" model= Romero - replaced with Turismo
id="458" model= Solair - replaced with Deluxo
id="483" model= Camper - replaced with Kuruma
id="490" model= FBI Rancher - replaced with Phantom SUV (Heat Level 6 Police Heavy Unit)
id="499" model= Benson - replaced with A-Type
id="525" model= Tow Truck - replaced with BeeJay XL
id="529" model= Willard - replaced with Beamer
id="535" model= Slamvan - replaced with Kalahari
id="568" model= Bandito - replaced with Locust 69
id="583" model= Tug - replaced with Buggy
id="597" model= Police SF - replaced with VC Banshee (Heat Level 5 & 6 Police Unit)


That's all. I hope this information was any useful to you.

Shoutouts to Quindo and Orbacle for providing me the information I needed to finish this post.

Offline RacerTR

Look at how this looks suprisingly weird and good[Image: autowp.ru_tvr_cerbera_speed_12_2.jpg]

Offline scaftz

What will appear on the map if i put an Ambulance and players play the map without static cars model enabled? Honestly i never see a Cartel Cruiser appear as decoration but i just want to be sure.
Also, if it appears just fine, why shouldn't it do the same for the non static cars that has been replaced such as towruck?

Offline Tekk

(05-06-2020, 12:15)scaftz Wrote: What will appear on the map if i put an Ambulance and players play the map without static cars model enabled?

Static models are LOD1 models of vanilla cars, which replace some interior props no one on the server can see. Quindo made this script so there would be less impact on the CPUs from maps that are filled with car models. So, if you have this option enabled, the gamemode will activate these static models for you and it may give you a performance improvement. Otherwise the gamemode is gonna switch the ex-Ambulance/Cartel Cruiser with any actual car model that's not replaced with anything at this particular moment. Be it a Stafford or Boxville, for example. Neither looks like an Ambulance or Cartel Cruiser, so that may ruin the look of your map if it has a specific theme.

To answer why there's only 50 models and not more - it's because there must be a lot of free IDs (basically interior junk that you can replace) and sadly, these aren't infinite. More to that, sometimes it may cause errors if you'll replace them. So it's better to save the working ones for something really important.

Offline darealarusham

im still wondering how too much traffic in races causes lag when they kinda standing by doing nothing except shaking a little

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