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Tuning Update - Part I

Napisany przez bartekPL, 26-03-2017, 17:42

Tuning Update - Part I

Offline FuRaSsHu

Nice. Can't w8 to play it
You can see me. But i'm GONE! [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

Offline LisiastyLis

finally lol and gz Balcer
[Image: EhBU2S8.jpg]

Offline krzysk124i

Big grats Balcer. Waiting in fire for the update.


Offline Pepsiak

Not bad.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline XtrangeHD

Congrats Balcer and im waiting for this update
[Image: giphy.gif]
                   Initial D is LOVE Initial D is LIVE

Away Hated

Long time we waited
And now bumpers added

P.s. I hope next update will be "new grass texture pack", wait for that since my first ban..

Offline E1manTas

Congratz, Balcer! And ye, can't wait for the update!
[Image: xluOOu3.png]
[Image: x2F5lCh.png]

Offline HaskeZ

Sounds good Big Grin
[Image: BfIdCfz.jpg]

Offline YoWorstNightmare

i have an suggestion:
Why not make the Targa roof $500 instead of $1000? I mean, there is almost nothing added to the car except for that metal stripe e.g. on the futo. $500 seems better, and i think more people would use it then.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: CPc65M.gif]

Offline DarkFox49

I make primo cabrio...
I want part 2 to Class D...
Vincent Cabrio... XD
[Image: 2f6c62437c20c708f10a38c3b52f0c08.gif]

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