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  Content Update - Bad weather and stuff - 19/11/2018
Napisane przez: Quindo - 1 godzinę temu - Forum: News - Odpowiedzi (13)

Content Update - Bad weather and stuff - 19/11/2018

Happy November Continued Continued!

Changes changes, maybe even some good changes:
  • 17 new weather presets (not rain)
  • Rewritten garage car selection to be more responsive
  • Added ability to rename your cars in garage, mainly to make garage management easier for players with a lot of cars
  • Added ability to flick car lights on freeroam, using K by default, ya can change it in keybind settings.
  • Rewritten car lot, you can now unlock cars in car lot instead of going through F10 menu
  • Added current shop type to scoreboard, so you can stalk your friends with even more efficiency
  • Fixed some bugs, introduced new ones, circle of life
[Obrazek: ax7T3Op.png]

[Obrazek: dKJvIrf.png]

No new car shoes for now, but hope it counts as quality-of-life improvements.

  Content Update - Counthash Tuning - 19/11/18
Napisane przez: Helomyname - Dzisiaj, 02:08 - Forum: News - Odpowiedzi (14)

Content Update - Counthash Tuning - 19/11/2018

Happy November Continued!

This time we bring additional content for Counthash, a car that has not gotten too much love in the past. The parts included are:
  • 4 New Bodykits - SV, Liberty Walk, Works, and 5000QV
  • 4 New Roof Options
  • 5 New Hood Options
  • 6 New Headlight Model Options
  • 6 New Taillight Model Options
  • 7 New Spoilers
[Obrazek: utBBNq7.jpg] [Obrazek: UlmR9By.jpg]

Additional Notes:
  • Fixed a bug in Sultan where the Wagon variant of the boot would appear alongside the regular one
  • Counthash now has a steering wheel
  • Counthash now has a working Sidewindows option
Hope you enjoy customising Counthash with these additional options! This is all we have for this update; however the next ones should also bring your cars some new shoes, as well as some quality-of-life improvements. Stay tuned!

  Content Update - Comet Tuning - 01/11/18
Napisane przez: Helomyname - 02-11-2018, 00:11 - Forum: News - Odpowiedzi (22)

Content Update - Comet Tuning - 01/11/2018
Happy November Everyone!

Another month brings another update! We bring you additional tuning exclusive to Comet:
  • 5 New Bodykits - RWB, RSR, Moby Dick, TBK, and Group C
  • 2 New Roof Options - Targa and Convertible
  • 2 New Hood options - Weissach and Fairlady
  • 7 New Headlight Model Options
  • 13 New Taillight Model Options
  • 8 New Spoilers - Including RWB!
 (Big thanks to MatthewChow for 2 of the Bodykits, and for some other tuning parts too!)

[Obrazek: IvX96z0.png] [Obrazek: foJarN7.png]

We also bring to you another Lights textures update, meaning you can have even more choice and variety in any and all of your cars!
  • 30 New Taillight Options
  • 15 New Headlight Options
(Big thanks to Rarti for working hard to provide these textures for us!)

[Obrazek: 3heunQd.png]

Additional Notes:
  • The lights selection menu has been re-organised - it is now in alphabetical order, and the lights have names.

We hope you enjoy this content update! Have fun customising your Comet, and enjoy the variety of light options on all cars!   Smile 
And yes, muscles are still coming.

  Content Update - Sultan Tuning - 15/10/2018
Napisane przez: Helomyname - 15-10-2018, 00:46 - Forum: News - Odpowiedzi (19)

Content Update - Sultan Tuning - 15/10/2018
Happy October Continued!

Today we bring you another tuning update, this time for Sultan! The parts included exclusively for Sultan are:
  • 3 new Bodykits: Citi Turbo (thanks to MatthewChow), Super Touring, and Varis
  • 11 new Spoilers, including Evolution and WRC
  • 2 new Taillight options
  • 1 new Roof option - Wagon
  • 3 new Front Bumper sets
  • 3 new Rear Bumper sets
  • 3 new Side Skirt sets
  • 3 new Hood options, including Rally Lights
[Obrazek: 7UHuIHo.png] [Obrazek: 8eHZfvs.png] [Obrazek: 3amWUR2.png]

We hope you enjoy this content update, and here's to NFSSA in the future! Smile

Additional Notes:
  • Actually fixed A-Type Spoiler Bug this time
Have fun playing!

  Content Update - Infernus Tuning - 01/10/2018
Napisane przez: Helomyname - 01-10-2018, 21:14 - Forum: News - Odpowiedzi (21)

Content Update - Infernus Tuning - 01/10/2018
Happy October Everyone!

Today we bring you a little content update, namely additional tuning exclusively for Infernus. The new parts included are:
  • 2 new Bodykits: Veilside and Kakimoto
  • 6 new Spoilers, including Kakimoto and Rocket Bunny
  • 2 Lights options: Pop-Up Lights, and Facelift
[Obrazek: RmJIeMD.png]             [Obrazek: iFRPfMl.png]

But that's not all. These little single-car tuning updates will hopefully be a more frequent occurrence, We hope you, the players, will like this direction for NFS:SA. And yes, muscle cars are still coming.

Additional Notes:
  • New Sound for Infernus
  • Fixed A-Type Spoiler Bug
Have fun playing!