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[Event] NFS:SA Classic Cup - Vol. 1

Napisany przez Tekk, 12-06-2021, 23:53

[Event] NFS:SA Classic Cup - Vol. 1

Offline Tekk

[Image: 5wpRBPS.png]

Hey! Since there wasn't anything big going on recently, me and the boys have decided to bring you something special. While we're all been waiting for the mystery update to come out, both Chec and Evov gladly offered their help with making some new activities. Today's the exact time we are going to present to you our first collaboration: the NFS:SA Classic Cup series! So what it's all about, you may ask? Long story short: The main idea of this event is to give you a fair racing competition and also to provide you the pre-dyno update experience. Ever wondered of how it was on the server years ago, before you joined? Or maybe you're an old experienced player who's tired of the same old long-living meta that lasts for years now? In any case possible, this is likely going to be your thing!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Blow the dust off your fancy rides! We are happy to announce you that the preparations for the NFS:SA Classic Cup have officially started. Enjoy your time!

Tekk, Orbacle, Evov, Chec, Bunny, Nhung, Klampy

Saturday, June 19th

Registration Deadline:
June 19th, 18:00 GMT+2

18:30 - Competitors presence checking. All participants must be online on Discord before this time.
19:30 - First competitors start to race.

Competitors Presence Checking:
Every participant must join the NFS:SA Event Hub. This step is done for the communication purpose, presence checking and providing you the rewards after the event is over.

General Rules:
Don't be a trouble.

Similar to the Grip Sessions event, this one is going to have two stages: the qualification stage and the 1v1 competition stage respectively. During the first one you're aiming for your personal best time on each track. After the qualification stage is done, the Top-16 players (according to the sum of the best lap times) are going to be transferred to the 1v1 competition stage, where they'll be racing against each other. Here you'll have to win the race in order to advance further and get to the final round.

Important: Switching cars between tracks and stages is not allowed.

Livery Contest:
This is an optional thing that happens in the NFS:SA Event Hub before the racing part. If you wanna sign up for the livery contest, you gotta follow these simple steps:

1. Take pictures of your car from each side using the F12 key. Preferably in the paintshop or any other garage that has proper lighting and a working zoom feature.

2. Use Imgur to upload your pics and join the Event Hub to post the album link in the livery channel. Specify your in-game name right next to the link so the judges could know who you are if your Discord name is different.

Important: Graphical modifications usage is forbidden. To be able to win the premium code for the contest, you must participate in the racing part of the event too. The car that you're gonna be using for the livery contest must be the exact same one you're gonna be using for races.

Important#2: You can sign the pictures at any moment (e.g. 2 hours before the livery contest deadline). Be aware that you can only sign one car at a time and that the livery channel is going to have a cooldown mode enabled to prevent the unexpected flood.

Important#3: You are allowed to re-sign your pictures in case you'll want to do some changes to your livery or switch the car - just be sure to delete the old ones.

The deadline for the livery contest is Saturday, June 19th, 18:00 GMT+2. Nothing past that deadline will be accepted and the channel will be set to read-only mode.

The maps are now available through both, Custom Race and the Challenge Series system.

Score Limitations:
Max = 330
"No dyno" feature will be used for this event.

Blacklisted Classes:
Class B
Class A

Blacklisted Cars:
Manana, Primo, Moonbeam, Vincent, Kuruma, Phoenix, Deluxo

1st place - 30 days premium code and a special prize - Assetto Corsa (Special Bundle) game.*
2nd place - 20 days premium code.
3rd place - 15 days premium code.
Best Livery - 10 days premium code.**
Everyone - The rewards from the Challenge Set.

* Provided by Bunny.

** If that person also gets to the Top-3 by the end, then the livery premium is given to the next high-rated player who hasn't got there.


For the sign-up, leave your in-game name in this thread and join the NFS:SA Event Hub to stay in touch with the rest of the participants and the hosts. If you have any specific questions regarding the event, contact the hosts @ Discord.

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here we go, Raven
[Image: 60f3483186b2471f24e326d0.jpg]

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Look at how this looks suprisingly weird and good[Image: 2000_TVR_CerberaSpeed1211.jpg]

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