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W temacie: LTRCN is here!

Odpowiedzi: 2

24-08-2021, 17:59

[Image: 5id7f5.gif]

Jokes aside, its nice to see a player from China. Have fun.

W temacie: Itasha Livery

Odpowiedzi: 27

24-05-2021, 20:28

(24-05-2021, 10:48)Iris Heart Wrote: i can't get it, i made 2 disclaimers which says that if you're hater - go away. 
i respect other people opinions about this question and can understand their hate.

and after that you're coming there, what's wrong with you

1. Elegy is the same cuz Manana was test of this kind of idea
2. i can understand your thoughts, but it wasn't the inital idea, firstly Kuruma was looking like sport shit
3. Uranus critic is constructive af

fuckin goddamit bro

You wanted critics, you got them, I don't understand your problem. I wasn't being like "hurr durr anime bad" but more like "Yeah that looks fine, for that type of livery."

W temacie: Itasha Livery

Odpowiedzi: 27

24-05-2021, 02:34

(23-05-2021, 21:39)Iris Heart Wrote:
1. Futo LoveLive

[Image: 8dc945b3035e4b8028ba939b7780c5c8-full.png]

2. Super GT LoveLive

[Image: 3c5e74772701836825e08243bb4ce842-full.png]

3. Uranus DDLC Natsuki

[Image: 0fe318c9a94750ab20aef7dcf17fa9c9-full.png]

4. Kuruma DDLC Yuri

[Image: 014bae5ff4007dc7907d9db8278fa470-full.png]

5. Manana DDLC Sayori

[Image: 9e62cafbb2d9f8d1984c1efc912a6e43-full.png]

6. Elegy DDLC Monika

[Image: 957a8f95f96e233c9cd2bfa5a18dd130-full.png]

p.s. sorry for my english language if there are any mistakes, i'm still learning this language

I HATE Anime and Itasha liveries so I'm no expert, but those look pretty good.
Few comments:
- Why is the Elegy basically the same as the Manana but with a different character?  (Or whatever that is..)
- The Kuruma reminds me of a CS:GO skin for a Glock called "Moonrise". It basically is it but with an Anime girl on it lol. The bonnet and grille look kinda shit tho.
- The Futo looks quite good, I like idea of a small "box" for the livery.
- The Uranus kinda sucks, the idea was good, execution meh. The character blends in too much.
- SGT looks fine. Though, I don't understand why would you put an underaged kid on your car..

Please don't kill me for saying that I hate Anime.

W temacie: Content Update - 30.04.21

Odpowiedzi: 10

01-05-2021, 00:35


W temacie: A Battle Pass system.

Odpowiedzi: 5

29-04-2021, 09:26

It's a pretty cool idea overall. Tho I wouldn't call it "Battle Pass", something more like "Racing Pass".

Temat: Locust 91

Odpowiedzi: 20

21-06-2019, 01:58

Hello there! It is my first suggestion on forum so be aware of some mistakes (gramatic too)

As you can see by the title of this thread i will describe "Locust 91"

First of:
How would it look like?
It would look like early 90's F1 car
[Image: McLaren_MP4-6_Honda.jpg]
2nd. How do you unlock it?
You would be able to unlock this car by winning 90 circuit races with more than 4 laps

What are visual tunning parts?
When it is stock visual it has spoiler, front wing and sidepods. (main body too)
Modable options will be:
-Spoiler (aka rear wing)
-Front wing (the aero thingies)
-Sidepods (A mod that changes car side)
-Body kit 1996
[Image: f1-bahrain-gp-2010-damon-hill-1996-f1-wo...t-fw18.jpg]

The car would have stiff suspension.

Hope you liked my idea of locust 91!